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2012 - the future is NOW


The next 12 months are set to be massive, with loads of new bikes and gear from Planet X, On-One and Titus. Here’s Head of Design Brant Richards with some highlights that you can expect to see in the next few months.

It’s an exciting time over the next few months here at Planet X global headquarters. We’ve started to get a grip on new product with new designs, old designs and the continued supply of current designs. 

On-One mountain bike fans will be delighted to hear that there are a bunch of new frames coming in mid-February. We’ve abandoned Swap-Out dropouts on the steel models, replacing one Swap-Out frame with three specific frames with ‘normal’ dropouts. We’ve done this across the 26in and 29in models, so that we now have a geared-only, vertical-dropout frame; a slot dropout, geared/singlespeed frame; and also, harking back to our roots, a singlespeed-only frame. In white. 

We’ve also got a brand new version of the 456 coming, with a new, progressive geometry, but the same tubing specifications and ride quality as before; an ISCG tab; improved chainstay clearance and better cable routing.

Cable routing, that’s a point. We’re back using top-routed, fully-enclosed cables, rather than the under the bottom bracket ones that appeared briefly. That’s all I’m saying on the matter.

Also, frames are now DISC ONLY. No more V brakes. It’s 2012 and disc brakes on mountain bikes make so much sense. People freaked out by hydraulics (and you shouldn’t be) can use mechanical discs, and people freaked out by them shouldn’t be riding. V brakes were great, but really. It’s time to leave rim braking to road bikes. And even some of those are going disc braked!

And yes – the Lurcher – our carbon fibre trail 29er – it’s really coming. Really! Should be with us in mid-March, with pre-orders opening in mid-February when they’re actually on the water, floating towards us.

Planet X riders, well, we’ve got something for mountain bike fans too, who think On-One’s a bit crazy and a bit too ‘trail’ for them. There’s a brand new carbon fibre 29er race frame coming, called Dirty Harry in honour of our favourite naughty triathlete. He’s not naughty really, just misunderstood. 

The RT-57 road bike range will be expanding with a couple of new builds, at ridiculous prices. Think Force. Think of a number. Then take a few hundred quid off. Bargain.

The Exocet 2 time trial frame is on schedule to land at the end of February, whence upon we shall be offering amazing value complete builds to get you all flying along for the new season.

The N2A pro road model is scheduled for the end of March, and similarly, we’ll have amazing builds on offer. Our project with amazing Italian carbon fibre framebuilder Sarto is picking up the pace again and we hope to have more news on that in February.

Titus? We have some new samples arriving very soon: the El Guapo platform, but with 29in wheels. Long travel, all mountain, big wheeler, full suspension is here. We’re pushing on with the waves of new technology such as Rock Shox 140mm Revelation 29er fork and 142mm through-axle rear.

And there’s new stuff too that we haven’t even talked about yet. A new parts and accessories brand, a new pump brand… There’s lots there and lots more to come. And lots of socks and clothing.

Hope this gives you a taste of what’s on offer, and what we’re going to deliver in the first few months of the year. Thanks for riding with us and we’re looking forward to what we can write this time next year as we extend our ranges and increase the models available. Have a great year!



31 December 2011


  • fantozzi

    Will be the 456 EVO available in new colors?

  • MattW (On-One Team)

    james i couldn't comment weather you should be selling your old frame or not. but evolution is good m'kay

  • James

    So. The 456 Evo. Saw it on Posterous. Should I be selling the Blue Pig?

  • dan

    New or modified carbon 456 26" coming soon, or new graphics on current model?

  • MattW (On-One Team)

    We still have a stock of Kaffenback bikes with the swap out dropouts, so that design will remain for a while. cargo bike is under development still. best place for white touch up paint is an auto outfitters and the fat bike.... well that's arriving in midsummer and it's awesome

  • mario

    will kaffenback remain with swap out system or you going back to standard drop outs?

  • thelonegroover

    Where can i get touch up paint from (white inbred)

  • fmackay

    Any news on your cargo bike frame? I'd be very interested to know ETA and projected price-point for this.

  • paula

    I'm with stuartc ... Titanium 29er please please please :)

  • Brigadier

    Nice to read good news. I am sorry to annoy you one more time. But what about the Titanium Pompetamine ? Has this project been put in the trash ? Or is it still in development ? Thanks a lot

  • htrider

    Tell us more about the fat bike!

  • nadeshda

    whether new arrivals or new colors On-One Scandal 26er Vertical Dropout Frame?

  • Arnold

    What about 456 dropouts, any chance of 142x12 support? And will 456 Carbon get the refresh too?

  • BrantR (On-One Team)

    Matthew. We are dropping the swap outs because of the large COST of the dropout on the steel frame. It'll still be supported on our higher priced frames.

  • BrantR (On-One Team)

    Dan - nothing up with the current whippet surely? Gordie - Vertical dropout frames get mounts on the seat stay. Slot Dropouts on the chain stay.

  • Gordie

    Good to see that you are going back to fully enclosed, top tube cable routing. On-Ones - disc brake tabs, seat or chainstay?

  • Dan

    Brantr new frame model

  • karsten

    I look forward to the new 456 in Ti!

  • Matthew

    Why are you leaving swap-put system?

  • Tim

    Good to hear you've reversed some backward design steps - hate the v-brake bosses and I couldn't see the point of the swap-out. Could we have less flowery decals please?

  • chunk

    where do i sign up for the fat bike? anybody,anybody!!!!!!

  • BrantR (On-One Team)

    Bretc, Stuart... have patience... Dan... what sort of "new" are you looking for? Stonking good value complete bikes? Or a new model?

  • Dan

    what about any new whippets

  • bretc

    Looking forward to what 2012 brings! Disc only at last, how about 44mm head-tubes or dropper compatible seat-tubes or longer steel forks?? Fingers crossed

  • JonathanM

    @Lurchers: I believe it, when I see them. Been waiting for quite a while now for a Lurcher Frame in the correct size.

  • stuartc

    All sounds great(especially the cable routing..woohoo) But...Titanium 29er anyone??

  • RonaldP

    Is Brant taking the piss out of the woman standing to the right of him lol