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How To Spend Your new year bonus

How to spend your Christmas Cash


We thought at this festive time we would give you a hand finding some of our standout bargains that would suit you and your particular cycling discipline. Of course you could also be very clever and use this link HERE to email this page to all your relatives, just in case they still don’t know what on earth to get you.



what are you?



so to break it down

IF your rides start early in the morning, your riding partners are cars, you can eat huge lunches every day, you have more lights and reflectors on your bike than baubles on your Christmas tree then you are a Commuter 

IF your rides are rough and often muddy, your heart rate barely dips below 180bpm you tend to ride for an hour, and think that ‘frites’ goes well with Mayonnaise and you love the smell of embrocation,  then you are a Cyclocrossist


IF you know the weight of every component on your bike, And realise the weight saving benefits of a good shave then you are a weight weenie, and we have these fantastic items for you


If it’s all about going FAST, flat out over the distance, no stopping no talking, and defiantly no cafe stops then you are a a Time Triallist, or a triathlete,  here is your section, and a couple of examples are.


Have you ever made a braap noise while riding your bike? Have you ever pinned the gnarr, does your ride take in step downs, table tops and berms, do you have hairy legs? chances are you are a mountain biker we have some amazing bargains for you 

12 December 2011