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2012 Titus Rockstars are nearly landed!

2012 Titus Rockstars are nearly landed!

Exactly a year ago we took over famed US bike maker Titus after they'd got into a bit of trouble. Today we're excited to announce that the first new edition Rockstar full suspension 29ers have arrived in our US warehouse and will be in Sheffield early next month!

We got loads of feedback from riders about the 2011 Rockstar and we've taken it on board. The 2012 edition has a slightly higher bottom bracket for more pedal clearance and a shorter top tube so you can get more weight over the front end. We've also sorted out the seat tube shape so there's more clearance for the rear triangle and wheel.

Rockstar main frames are made in Portland Oregon by our mates at SAPA Extrusions, one of the world's most advanced aluminium-manipulating companies. After they have been powder-coated they go through a final quality check by SAPA before our US arm fits the shocks and all-carbon rear subframes and ships them to sunny Sheffield.

Because we're buying direct, you get a US-made, ultra-high quality frame for a brilliant price.

And as well as handling like it's on rails thanks to the tapered steerer and tight-tracking 100mm travel carbon fibre back end. Bargain. Get in!

Pricing is just £999 in the UK here later today, or $1299 in the USA from next week.


25 November 2011


  • marx

    Waht will the rear end do? 132 , 142?

  • Alastair

    Another +1 for XL frames :)

  • SebastianI

    Hi, Quick question. Would it be possible to fit 120mm travel forks into this frame without spoiling it too much? Cheers! Seb

  • Marc

    I was intrested but then I saw you put in a plastic rear end, have to think about that. Another nice feature would be a direct mount derailleur. In what sizes do they come, I need a small one ? Kind regards, Marc.

  • Wayne

    Any chance of you making an XL frame, else I'll be forced to used down the Spearfish / Anthem X route?

  • michael

    Always liked Titus but couldn't go there because no XL frame sizes. Come on On-One, man up.

  • Giuseppe Cattivelli

    Good morning, Rockstars 29er Titus interesting, Geometry devoted to fit a 29er or 26''to 29''wheels? I have a Niner MCR but I'm very tempted by this full, thanks for any response regards Giuseppe Cattivelli

  • MattW (On-One Team)

    The seat tube is 30.9 so will fit a reverb.

  • Fraser

    Why aren't you making these in full carbon? Looks like the Moto-lite but in a 29'er. If the seat tube is still 27.2mm you need to change it so that you can use a reverb.