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Titus are back :: New El Guapo frame and complete bike

Titus are back :: New El Guapo frame and complete bike

It's been brilliant to be involved in the rebirth of Titus. When me and Dave started talking again, his "do you know anyone that knows about full suspension" made me smile a lot. I've had a lot of fun over the past few years with some FS projects where I've done ground-up designs from nothing but a few ideas from a group of us around a (pub) table.

The irony is, this first revision of the El Guapo hasn't had, and doesn't need any revisions at all. I've been riding the sample around Calderdale for a while now, I've spoken to owners, bike testers and dealers around the world and we did NOTHING at all to the rate, pivot placement, squat curves, bearings or anything.

The El Guapo is a much loved platform, so all we've done on this model is to change the headtube to take our Smoothie Taper headset, made the frame have continuous cable guides rather than cable stoppers, painted the rear triangle the same colour as the main frame, and that's it!

We're making them at the same factory they always were made at. To the same standards, but the brilliant thing is, thanks to Planet X's cost-to-retail business model, thanks to our overheads, we can slash the price to be a world beating £799 including Rock Shox Monarch RT3 rear shock.

We're offering builds too - the first one we've done is an X9 and Avid packed beauty, with a Revelation RLT bolt through fork, and it's coming in at an amazing £1999. That bike is in stock here, and the frames are available here.




10 November 2011


  • Gar

    They are in and look bloody lovely. Fantastic value at two grand for the full build. Sat on it at the showroom on christmas eve....Wife was in tow and said it was a shame i,d left it too late for santa to deliver one !

  • james

    You don't mention any geometry changes to the new frame, though the new and old frame pages list different head angles for one (68deg-160mm fork-old vs. 68deg-150mm fork-new). Is the new one that little bit less steep? (If its 68deg,150mm fork) I'm really struggling to find anything wrong with this, I'm really tempted ..

  • Kieren

    Any news on when the full bike will be available. Spotted this yesterday and came back to see if its available. I must have one!!!