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Fat Bike getting out there

Our prototype fatbike is getting a thorough and different testing, though hasn't actually seen any snow yet. This is OK, as we are really enjoying riding it in a variety of different conditions. Having been ridden by new team rider Shaggy, who unexpectedly came up to Calderdale to see us, we took the opportunity to take him for lunch in Mooch in Hebden Bridge and nick his bike when it was parked outside. Sort of. Well not really, but he didn't seem keen to let it go.

Brant took it out first and had a heap of fun riding it down some of Hebden's most stupidly steep technical stuff - things that we've only seen ridden on bikes with suspension forks, including the not-legendary-unless-you've-heard-of-them "Mmmbop steps". 

mmmbop steps

Ed didn't believe it was possible, but the truth was in the tyre tracks. Big fat tyres can be a replacement for suspension, but only if  you're careful.

Next time out was a Thursday night ride with new starter Matt Wild, who made short work of some other local trails on it, before Ed wrestled it off him and went and did some more local riding on it...


Testing will continue! More soon!


2 November 2011


  • Piotr

    Very nice frame. Will it match new Surly 82mm (Rolling Darryl) rims with 4.7"(Big Fat Larry) tires?

  • Smallfurry

    Understandable if your not committed on this yet. But what axle to crown fork length is this frame designed around? 450mm ish, or 470 ish for suspension corrected? Looking great by the way!

  • al

    was this bike around at the Bristol OctoberFest ride? If not, saw a similar one there... Looks like fun!

  • BrantR (On-One Team)

    We don't have normal mud in Calderdale.

  • Guitar Ted

    @ian: Those tires are Surly Larrys. They are not the best for this mud available. Those would be Surly Nates. Both are 3.8"ers.

  • Andy L

    Excited.....When are you going into production

  • ian

    Hi, what tyres do you have on this?