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Slacksets Landed

Slacksets Landed

I originally designed the 456 frame years ago. Years and years ago. It's had a few tweaks over the years, but geometrically, it hit it pretty well. Clearly when an reviewer of such repute as Guy Kesteven gets all gushy and awards things 10/10/10, then we're pretty pleased - that was the original Lynskey Ti 456, which still featured the same geometry as the original.

The Summer Season was a fun fast fix to bring "new" geometry to the 456. I instructed the factory to make "a frame like that, but knock 2degs off the head angle". Which they did, and it rocked. It worked well with shorter forks to give a lower rider, but with the same headangle you got from a longer fork. Which was fine, except we all just fitted long forks to them and rode them however. We even made a FOUR degree slacker one once, two version, one of which is in Calderdale somewhere, dead in a cellar, and the other got sold.

Slacker head angles are fun. They make you ride your bike in a different way. More standing and weighting the front. Pinning the front wheel. With the head angle slacker you can put more weight through the front without the risk on being thrown over the bars. The slacker angle means the front of the bike is lower, the BB is lower to improve stability, the seat angle is steeper which helps climbing. Slacker is better for a lot of things.

It's not great for everything, but if you want to ride fun punchy fast trails, with a long fork and big tyres, then it's great. If you're more seat up, stiff forks, sat down, it's going to feel a bit odd and might not be for you.

So - what's all this about? Well - the Slacksets land today - the straight steerer versions. We've just had a proto taper steerered version land which is going on my 29er shortly, to kick that out by 1.5deg and get some fun into the front end.

These headsets aren't a "fix" for the 456, they're a feature that allows even more adaptability to the frame - thanks to that future proofing that Stevo gave us with the tapered Smoothie Mixer standard - it's the same headset standard we're rolling out onto the Titus models too, so our Slacksets will allow adaptability on those frames too.

Slacksets give you "summer season" geometry on a standard 456 Carbon or Ti 456 frame - meaning that as far as I can see, these are the now the most progressive geometry, highest performance, lightweight, thrashable frames around!

Lots to come!

Slacksets will be on sale here now. Some development pics here. Instructions for fitting here.




31 October 2011


  • Andrew Cunningham

    Got the 2 degree Works headset in mine, very nice it is too... Does make the bike pretty long but that's a small tradeoff for the benefits. Even made sense with my rigid forks in it yesterday round Drumlanrig black. Well worth checking out.