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Pompino- Your N+1 Bike

The Pompino is On-One's original super versatile do-it-all fixie. It's a classic Italian lines, simple functionality and unbeatable value have made it a worldwide legend with a dedicated fan base. Whether your thing is touring, commuting  or just riding around the Pompino may be the N+1 bike you never knew you couldn't live without...

Here's some of our favourite Pompino correspondants. As you will no doubt already know, N+1 is the correct number of bikes to have in your possession at any one time. If you've got one and want to be included here, put yours up on the Readers Rides pages and then drop us a line at Facebook HQ

Click here to see the Pompino range. Available now from just £499.

Ruben Lightfoot's lightweight urban fixie Pompino:
Ruben's super lightweight Pompino urban

I bought my pompino about 6 months ago off a friend who hasn't heard that N+1 is the correct amount of bikes to own (where n is number currently owned). Since I got it I've sprayed it blue, added a VNT Carbon fork and seat tube plus glow in the dark pedals. It's not really about the tinkering and the swish kit, though, it's about the bike and having fun on the ride. I love bombing the bluejob (pun intended) around town. Maybe it's enough to stop me thinking I need any more bikes (...for a while).

Colin Richardson's rock solid utiliarian Pompino:
Colin's no frills go anywhere do anything Pompino

A gleaming white track bike is all well and good for thrashing around on the two days of sunshine we have each year, but it doesn't like getting dirty. And it just wouldn't do to muddy the road bike over winter either. So time for n+1, next on the wish list was the Pompino I was lusting after ever since seeing one shackled to a Sheffield stand. Chocolate brown looks surprisingly attractive. Finishing kit in black to avoid showing dirt, silver where parts were cheap. Mudguards are something of a novelty too, I almost miss the line of filth up my back.

First outing was to a BMX track to meet a friend who pretends he's still youthful enough to ride BMX. Il Pompino had a go and as a firm believer in bikes that stay attached to the ground, taking off on drops was interesting to say the least, the bike handled it better than my nerves. But an absolute pleasure to blast round the city, light and super responsive without being twitchy. Also the first time I've had clearance for something bigger than 23mm tyres, such comfort! It'll keep n+1 at bay for a few months yet.

The many beautiful faces of Ian Nutt's growing collection of Pompino's:
Ian's new cargo carrying PompinoAnother of Ians flying through city streets

The Pompino range of bikes is available to buy now from just £499. It's fully customisable- which means you can make yours stand out from the crowd with an original touch.

Click here to see the Pompino range. Available now from just £499.

13 October 2011


  • Matt

    It can't be used with gears as it has a horizontal dropout, you need a vertical dropout frame to use gearing. You can however use a geared hub on the rear wheel such as the Shimano Alfine rear wheel hub.

  • Asahail Ligeralde

    Good day, just want to ask if the Pompino can be used with gears, like a road bike? I appreciate your reply. Thank you.