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Carbon 456 Bike Mag Review

Bike Magazine, Europe's biggest MTB publication, have just published a glowing review of the new On-One Carbon 456 X9 bike. Here's the full lowdown, translated from the German. Test Special: Hardtail Contenders: Salsa El Mariachi. Transition Transam. Niner Air 9. Canyon Overnighter. Idworx Rockn Rohler. On-One Carbon 456

Mainstream can also be a synonym for boring. Every one of our test candidates interprets mountain bikes in a very individual form- real individual solutions. We have searched for alternatives in the hard tail market to the big brands. And found some. From Alpine traverse on a multi day tour, to a trail bike- the on one is understood to be a real All Mounatin Hardtail.

"All Mountain" is perhaps the buzz word/ word of the year in the Mountain Bike scene. Meant for full suspension all rounders with a travel of between 140 and 160mm it could be strange to think of/ recognise a hard tail as an all mountain bike.

The On-One Carbon 456:

On-One has been known for years for great value steel bikes, and now has a Carbon version too… The bike loves blocky trails and snakes through the curves. Steep descents and steps can be mastered without huge surges of adrenalin (good!!) Climbing, the front wheel remains long on the ground, and powering away works well thanks to a sporty position (seating position). The source behind this good all round performance of the 456 Carbon lies at the front. The 66 degree head angle, was a no go with a hard tail a few years ago. To one one is passed like the devil to their eyes. It provides secure/ safe handling in steep terrain. The 140mm travel Rock Shox Revelation RLT forks and the really wide bars help this further.

These parameters, which would make an All Mountain Full Suspension, mean you can forget that the back end is rigid (good!!). Also good for the eyes, the English have not ruined the whole set up, with lots of colours. The carbon frame, a debut project for on one, its built in a nice organic form to the eyes for high tech lovers. The house brand headset, customised saddle and own brand parts work well together. For shifting and braking, one does not need to make compromises. The SRAM X9 group and Avid Elixir brakes fit really well to this bike.


With flat angles, exchangeable drop outs and good travel up front the On-One Carbon 456 is a marvellous, extravagant set up. For alpine tours, marathons or simply to shred the trails the it has the true "All Mountain Feeling".

You can buy the On-One Carbon 456 X9 Bike here
On-One Carbon 456 X9 Gets Great Review in Bike Magazine

27 September 2011


  • Stoner

    ""All Mountain" is perhaps the buzz word/ word of the year in the Mountain Bike scene" is it 2008 all over again? ;)

  • Paul2

    Huh! Would a German mag really put the price in Great British pounds? (With the queens head on it)

  • Paul

    Well done chaps ... onwards and upwards :)