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Fat Bike Proto in Testing

Breaking news this week is that the new On-One Fat bike prototype is here. It's currently being ridden into the ground by all-round seasoned adventure biker John "Shaggy" Ross from, who shares his thoughts on why fat bikes are so absolutely ace and why it's a fat bike NOT a snow bike…. 

Out of all the bikes I’ve ridden, it’s the Fat Bikes that have drawn the most attention. In fact they’ve probably drawn more attention than all the other bikes put together, and that includes a lot of other nice ones. I’d venture to say that the cartoonish looks are a double edged sword. To a minority of riders they are a selling point, but too many riders have more negative thoughts. “There goes some attention seeker on a snow bike.” While I concede that the attention seeking bit may well be true, it’s in fact the “snow bike” bit that bothers me.
When is a Fat bike a Snow bike and vice versa?
True it was extreme sand and snow riding that drove the development of the early fat bikes, but since those days, riders have found new uses for them. Turns out that you can, shock horror, ride normal mountain bike trails on them! In fact it turns out they are a lot of fun. The obvious benefits of the tyres are the huge amounts of traction and flotation they provide. This, after all, was the main purpose of the design. I wouldn’t want to ride the Iditarod Trail or a long beach tour on a regular mountain bike.
The New On-One Fat Bike Prototype...
Closer to home, this means that seemingly bottomless mud holes are now rideable and, if you’ve got the legs, so is pretty much any climb. It’s quite a buzz. An unplanned benefit of the tyres size is their ability to roll over trail obstacles. The best thing about this is that they don’t roll like a suspension bike, they roll like a monster truck. Small bumps are soaked up but large hits become somewhat unpredictable. And that’s where the fun starts.  Bounce through a nasty rock garden, land sideways, the tyres stick to the wet roots and you roll over the nasty pinch of a climb. Your friends watch as they drag their lighter, full suspension bikes up behind you.
There's Shaggy in his natural environment....

Are they a performance bike? Will you win races on one? In Alaska or the Sahara, perhaps. Elsewhere, probably no. But is that a bad thing? Hell no. Have a go on one and I’m sure you’ll end up with a smile on your face. That’s what it should be about at the end of the day.
There's Shaggy in his natural environment....

And so, without further a do, to the new On-One Fat Bike. It's a killer frame design that does exactly what it should. All initial signs are really positive, gonna run it as single speed for a bit and see how that goes too. Check out the photos below- abd let us know what you think. Production of complete, off the peg fat bikes from On-One could be with you much sooner than you might think...
The New On-One Fat Bike Prototype in all it's glory...
The New On-One Fat Bike Prototype in all it's glory...The New On-One Fat Bike Prototype in all it's glory...

More news on the On-One fat bike development coming your way soon….

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9 September 2011


  • Bob

    Gone a little quiet on the Fat Bike front - any further developments?

  • Reed McFarland

    Watson Cycles ( already did this.

  • Francois

    Just played with it at Octoberfest and I am in love with the damn thing, might have to move closer to a beach just to justify it! It's a lot lighter and faster out of the blocks than you'd expect!

  • Richard

    looks good, were do we form a queue ? what the uk wants

  • JonB (On-One Team)

    Seb, c'est pas pres a ce monent- en teste... vers 6 mois jusque un an au production

  • seb

    bonjour,super!en vente quand?et complet ou en kit cadre? combien?javais en vue un mukluk (prix elevé)ou surly!!dans l'attente d'un bon rapport qualité prix!comptant sur vous...

  • Dean

    i saw this in action at ssuk this weekend,but couldnt get a go....cant wait to it in production

  • Floyd

    I too rode it at SSUK and fell in love with it. I want one!

  • Pete

    I too blagged a ride at SSUK. I did about 1/4 of the race circuit. I own a Pugsley and a non disc SS Inbred, so was interested to see how it would compare. In a word, fab...make a ss one and I'll buy it..

  • Karlos

    Had a ride on it at SSUK this weekend (as did nearly everyone else there by the look of things) I have to admit that I was a little sceptical at first and thought it would be quite cumbersome, but it's surprisingly agile and great fun, definitely interested in getting one.

  • Smallfurry

    I like the look of this so far. Maybe I've built too many SS/fixed wheelsets. But the reduced dish of a 170/135 hub set-up, certainly appeals to me. There is a internal geared hub from Sturmey-archer thats fits the 170mm rear. Probably very difficult to source though. Frame bags are readily available made to measure via the internet. Questions: Will On-one be having a run of frame bags made up to fit this frame? Will the frame have the typical Fatbike braze-ons (as in loads)? What fatty specific components do you hope to bring to the UK? When can I buy/pre-order a frame? I realise you cant answer most of those yet. Great work folks.

  • Paul

    Looks cool but more importantly, where did shaggy get the massive triangular frame bag on the 4th picture up? I saw something similar on Jeff Jones website but have never been able to track one down - want that one!

  • JonB (On-One Team)

    Al- The current sample uses 170mm rear and 135mm front.

  • Shaggy

    Geometery is a lot more trail orientated than any other stock Fat bike out there. 29er wheels will fit but hopefully the fat wheels will be enough fun that you won't want them :-)

  • martin

    How is it going to work with 29er wheels? having two bikes in one sounds interesting.. :)

  • Shedbrewed

    Loving this, as said by others, any thoughts on Alfine hub?

  • Si

    Is the geometery more trail orientated than the pugsley? does it have a higher BB than pugs and other snow bikes? Would there be any chance of a slight custom offset 135mm rear to take a Rohloff ( at an extra cost obviously)

  • LarryTheGecko

    i'm with LaurenceA - a Fat Alfine 11 would be fab! i'm saving my pennies as we speak just in case !

  • Al

    Are front & rear swappable as for the Pugsley? Presuming 100mm BB, I realise the dabate of offset dishing that results from a 135 front & rear, but to my mind the inability to swap front & rear in an emergency that results from a 170mm rear means 170mm rear is A Bad Thing - as with the Salsa Mukluk.

  • Brian MacLeod

    I'm looking forward to this. Good to get a UK sourced fat wheel bike. I'll definitely buy one.

  • shaggy

    The plan is to use Swap-outs spaced at 170mm. SS is easily do able. 135 hubs/12x142... Perhaps. I don't think it's a good idea though, the rear wheel dishing isn't great with narrow hubs.

  • Pete

    If you make a SS version I may even sell the Pugsley to get one...

  • Sadoldsamurai

    Think you could get Jeff Jones to let you put a set of forks like his on it?..make it in TI and then it really would be the ultimate machine...

  • LaurenceA

    A Fat Alfine perhaps? Time to start saving up again!

  • Craig

    That would be super comfy for my wee girl when she's in her co-pilot taxi. Please fit rack mounts and I'll bend the rack around that fat tyre.

  • steve ed

    wicked looking machine... ive been waiting for a mud/snow bike i'll be in the que

  • JonB (On-One Team)

    Early days yet Christian but eventually, definitely, all our own kit.

  • Christian

    Nice... Will you be getting your own tyres or use the surly ones?

  • olliemh

    could an alfine or rohloff hub be fitted to this, making it the ulitmate winter mile muncher!! bike look gr8 by the way:-) what will the price for theses bikes be?

  • MatteoB

    Great news. I like the strange looks of the frame, but I don't like that fork (for that frame). However, if you make a fork like that, I'll buy an inbred 29er with that fork up front.

  • MarkJ

    great to see it coming along. Out of interest what are the BB and OLN widths planned? Definitely going QR on the front and back or are some of the new bolt thru rear hub standards going to get a look in, say 12mm x 142mm?