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Why ride fixed?

When you consider all the benefits of riding ‘fixed’ you wonder why we all don’t do it.

‘Fixies’ make ideal off-season/winter training bikes or commuters due to their simplicity and ease of maintenance.

‘Fixies’ make bike mechanics simple in one easy step. There’s less to put together and there’s less to go wrong.

A ‘fixie’ is going to be lighter because there’s less of it … and because there’s less of it, it’s going to be easier and quicker to clean.

There are less components likely to seize up - I once rode 3 months into the winter before trying to change gear and use the back brake (not at the same time I might hasten to add) only to find that neither worked. In fact I pulled the brake lever so hard the cable snapped without so much as a millimetre of movement from the rear calliper!

Riding ‘fixed’ has its physical advantages for the rider in that it helps to develop ‘souplesse’ – which means it helps you pedal faster … which you’re going to have to if you’re unfortunate enough to live where most of the Planet X staffers do (Google Peak District!). I’m lucky (Google Fens).

One of the biggest advantages I find of riding ‘fixed’ is that it gives me a great excuse for getting dropped going downhill. It also gives me a great excuse for getting dropped going uphill! ;-)

‘Fixed’ is fun.

THE biggest advantage of riding ‘fixed’ is that you can now pick up a ‘fix n mix’ bundle HERE for only £249.99. Choose either our world renowned Pompino or the newest blingiest Macinato to create your own classic.

Fix N Mix Bundle

2 September 2011


  • tony

    Chris Hoy, Vicki Pendleton, 19th century,mmm, I'm 74 next month, a fixed wheel nut still riding the track league and having fun, manchester winter league starts next week and I'm booked in. even my shopping bike is fixed gear, I still do club runs on fixed and it's quite lumpy where I live, suits me, each to his own.

  • Mike Silva

    Bollox, single speed is 19th century. Next thing you'll be telling us that the old telephone boxes are better to hang around waiting to use on a cold winter's night than having a mobile. Get real