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Pompetamine Versa 11 Out Now!

The Pompetamine Versa 11 Pro is the world's first Alfine 11 equipped drop bar bike. It's a top level, highly versatile urban commuter, tourer, expedition or multi purpose cross bike offering the very best in performance, durability and style at a great value price.

Versa VRS-11 drop bar Alfine 11 speed specific shifters are finally now available, allowing Shimano's breakthrough hub gear system to be used on bikes with road bars. This Pompetamine Versa 11 Speed Pro hybrid bike ticks all the boxes if you need a fast, durable and reliable workhorse machine that's equally as happy on rough tracks and green lanes as it is on smooth city streets...

Available to buy now with £100 off RRP
On-One Pompetamine Versa 11-Speed Pro Hybrid Bike

On-One Pompetamine Versa 11-Speed Pro Hybrid BikeContact us if you'd like to purchase this bike through any Cycle to Work scheme: [email protected]

On-One Pompetamine Versa 11-Speed Pro Hybrid Bike

Shimano Alfine 11 Hub Gear System

Alfine 11 is finally here! A serious challenger to Rohloff's ubiquitous but super pricey Speedhub the new system really does offer huge improvements. Perfect for zero-maintenance commuting, 11 speed Alfine hub features oil bath mechanics for super long life and easy maintenance. It also offers wider gear ratios, smoother shifting and reduced weight.

Eliminate that: eeeeeeerrh! I'm in the wrong gear! feeling when you set off from the traffic lights or passing through a gate. Alfine hub gears allows you to shift even when at a complete stop. So you'll never have to hear that cassette-crunch again.

Available to buy now with £100 off RRP

On-One Pompetamine Versa 11-Speed Pro Hybrid BikeOn-One Pompetamine Cro-Mo Hybrid Frame


The Pompino's newest cousin takes 700c wheels, disc brakes and is compatible with Shimano Alfine hub gears for the ultimate commuter / touring / do it all bike. It's fast, comfortable and adaptable- whether you need it for commuting, long day rides, cyclo cross or touring it won't let you down. The complete bike weighs in at: 11.8kg

Key Features:

11-Speed Shimano Alfine hub gears

Avid BB7 disc brakes

Quality, lightweight components

Handbuilt wheels

Please note that any of our bikes may be purchased on a Cycle to Work scheme, saving you money and reducing your tax bill in the process! Click here for more info

Available to buy now with £100 off RRP

12 August 2011


  • Colin

    Any plans to re- introduce a similar spec bike..... 11 speed hub, disc braked road bike.......this must be ideal for my commuting needs!

  • John A.J.Preece

    Hi will your bike be avalible with the Hope hydraulic disc brakes if so at what price

  • James

    Why is the bike currnetly unavailble? I was just waiting for some insurance money to come through before pulling the trigger! Will it be avaiable again, and if so when? Thanks

  • Andrew

    Just what I am after for my 42m commute. Questions: 1) My current bikes run 172.5mm cranks, is there a reason why the Alfine 11 doesn't have this as an option? ie could I fit bigger cranks? 2) What is the smallest clincher tyre these wheels will take? I've been running Conti Gatorskin Ultra 23x700 which have been bullet proof, so I'd like to stay with them if possible. 3) What sprocket options would I need for the Alfine 11 lowest gear to equate to 25/39? 4) Is a Dirty Disco carbon frame an option? 5) 5ft 10in average build; so med or large frame? I live in Sevenoaks, Kent but I gather you have contact with bike-shop in Croydon (forgotten name); could I try frame sizes/sample bikes there? Thanks Andrew

  • freezombi

    Hi, what is the bigest (fattiest) tire fits in the frame ? thx

  • Lara

    This is very nearly my perfect winter bike, finger hovering over the buy button! I notice the wheels are handbuilt, but there are no alternative hub options for the front. Is there any chance you could build it with a front dynamo hub? It would be a shame (and waste of money) to have to rip apart and rebuild the front wheel the day it arrives, because I see dynohubs as an essential part of my bikes!

  • JonB (On-One Team)

    Hi Jack, there are one set of eyelets front and rear. No problem to mount rack and guard onto the same eyelet though.

  • jack

    Has this got eyelets on the front fork for 'guards? How many sets of eyelets at the back -- has it got separate ones for 'guards and a rack?

  • Matt Taylor

    belt drive would make it even better... ;)

  • DoH (On-One Team)

    Hi Phil. 11-28 on a 50-34 crankiest has a gear range of 31.9 to 119.5 inches on a road bike with 170mm cranks. Using Sheldon Brown's gear calculator we find: Alfine 11 with 45-18 gives a range of 35 to 142 inches. Alfine 11 with 45-20 gives a range of 31 to 128 inches. Alfine 11 with 39-18 gives a range of 30 to 123 inches. Alfine 11 with 39-20 gives a range of 27 to 111 inches. We've only built up this bike in black, so far, but you can see what the glow in the dark white would look like here: Hope that helps!”

  • Phil

    Could you advise how the gearing is compared to say a compact with 12-28 cassette say? I'm looking for an all round workhorse but want to be able to do the serious hills on this as well. Also could you post pics of the full bike in all colours? It's quite hard to visualise. Cheers.

  • Jon

    I've had mine fully loaded - bike weighed 32kgs! I must say I'm impressed with the brakes. I'd like to fit cross-top levers but wasn't sure if they would work properly with the disc brakes. I may to give it a try now...

  • DoH (On-One Team)

    Hi Marc, you could fit cross top levers but they're not something we have in stock so you wouldn't be able to do it using the customise function.

  • Marc

    Been waiting quite a while for this one to come out, shame I just bought a new bike weeks ago though, it's the very next one on the list though ... Question; is there any way to make it an option to add cross-top brake levers ? Thanks a lot and congratulations either way, it's a great product.

  • DoH (On-One Team)

    Aha! Then maybe you were the first, Jon. I looked extensively online earlier and couldn't find any off-the-peg drop bar Alfine 11 bikes. Glad you're enjoying yours though!

  • Jon

    This isn't the world's first - I've had my Afline 11 Versa since March ;-) OK, I will admit I didn't get it 'off the shelf' like that but your customised specification was a big help in helping me. See 'Readers Bikes' for details of it.