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Inbred 29ers through the years

It's great to see the new On-One Swapout frames back in stock - I thought I'd trawl the archives to show you some of the weird frames we've had over the years.





On-One Bikes

It says "September 2005" on the first photo I have of the white steel 29er inbred I've got here. I'm glad a got a picture of it - it was an airfreight sample that got flown in, built, tested, left outside a pub and stolen in the space of 48hrs. It featured our sliding dropout system that was lovely, but quite expensive to produce. Took a LONG time to get working, and then lasted about a season before we replaced it.

SCANDAL - 2006/2007

On-One Bikes

Making the Scandal with fixed dropouts saved a lot of weight, and this is still the basis for the frame we sell today. I ran this bike with a Reba as shown, and also a few different 29er rigid forks. Lovely bike. This sample model was made in straight 7005, not the better 7046 we use now. It's still going strong under racer Twinklydave.


On-One Bikes

This is my lovely Sand coloured slot dropout frame. I designed the slot dropouts to be a cheap frame to produce, with a disc calliper position that didn't move the rear wheel under braking. It's the basis for the position on the current Swapout dropouts and works really well. I rode this bike a lot until I started riding in Hebden Bridge which required long travel suspension, big tyres, and made us make the Summer Season 456. Last seen when I lent it to Colum Mytton a snowboarder turned plasterer from Hebden Bridge. I must find out where it is.

BENT SEAT TUBE FIXIE 29er - Mid 2007

Made as a fixie specific race bike for "Richpips" this had a slacker seat angle, though normal (not super short) chain stays. A short front centre to allow the front end to pop up. Looks amazing. Rides oddly.

MONSTA - Mid 2006

On-One Bikes

A sort of Pompino/Inbred 29er cross - the Monsta never made production but is quite a fun bike and currently built up with flat bars and a child seat. Hasn't been ridden for a while.

WIERDY BENT RACE 29er - Late 2007
On-One Bikes

Built at the same time as Richpips Fixie, this was "my" bike, now owned (I think) by my cousin. And those wheels need to come back from Twinklydave too. Was designed to have the seat in the "normal" position but with a funky looking seat tube. Looks ace. I raced it in a Duathlon in Haworth and went quite fast. It weighed about 18lb I think!

9 August 2011