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Inbred 29er Bikes Available

It was an absolute joy to get the new Inbred 29er bikes out on the trail the other evening. Swap-Out equipped for geared or single speed future proofing, these new builds take our carbon fork and add trail worthy single speed or XT kit in a no nonsense approach. Exactly what you need for responsive, 29er shredding at a genuine, direct price.

Wessenden head, on the Dark Peak just off the Pennine Way seemed a fitting spot for the first ride of the new Inbred 29er. Half way down the hill I stopped and got out my much loved Polaroid camera to pay tribute to the new wave of the original On-One. In between squally showers under threatening skies it dawned on me that the Inbred is more than a capable, affordable cro-mo 29er. It's a Yorkshire born legend that just keeps getting better- at home on rocky trails, city streets and rough country roads the Inbred is the embodiment of mountain bike simplicity and the new Swap-Out version may well be the best ever...
New Inbred 29er Swap-Out Bikes Now Available!

The New Inbred 29er Frame with Swap-Outs:

On-One's Inbred 29er blew the scene apart when it debuted 5yrs ago. It's still a key product in our range today, updated with it's new EN-test rated tubeset, multi purpose swa-pout dropouts offering more than ever before. Big wheels roll faster over lumpy ground, that's a scientific fact. Our Inbred 29er gives the steel hardtail a new turn of speed and an extra dose of comfort and fun! Ride it rigid with our carbon fork for the ultimate precision trail weapon. Ride it with suspension for a plush magic carpet ride with hardtail kick and power.

And don't forget, with both singles peed and geared dropouts included in the price, it's the one for you whichever way you roll.

Two builds are available now- a single speed minimalist monster at £749 and a fully fledged XT trail king at just £999. We've cut our margins down to the bone to get these prices and have turned the customise button back on to allow you to tailor the exact spec to your own personal taste. After all- that's what On-One has always been about!

Note: Pictures show the previous SLX model. Geared version is FULL SHIMANO XT due to a recent spec upgrade! Even better value!

Click here for more info on the Single Speed model at £749
New Inbred Swap-Out single Speed Only £749
Click here for more info on the 10 speed Shimano XT Geared model at £999.
New Inbred Swap-Out SLX Only £899

Inbred 29er Swap-Out features:

Aircraft grade double butted 4130 cro-mo frame
Lightweight yet strong 470mm A-to-C carbon fork
No cut corners specs that are FULLY CUSTOMISABLE!
Supplied with 2 sets of CNC machined swap-outs
Ride standard gears, single speed or hub gear.
Huge tyre clearance
Proven geometry
Frame has full rack mounts! Perfect tourer!

New Inbred 29er Swap-Out Bikes Now Available!New Inbred 29er Swap-Out Bikes Now Available!New Inbred 29er Swap-Out Bikes Now Available!

Click here for more info on the Single Speed model at £749
Click here for more info on the SLX Geared model at £899.

5 August 2011



  • Andy N

    Are these going to be available again soon? Want one!

  • Dmitry

    Hi there, I'd like to order 29er frame, I'm 175 cm tall, what frame height shall I choose? Thanks!

  • JonB (On-One Team)

    Well, we cannot custom build the frame, but anything else is possible. When the frames come back into stock you could start of with an Inbred Monster Cross bundle: That comes with drop bars and a good selection of kit for a great price! Otherwise, get in touch for custom build options: [email protected]

  • Willy BA

    Okay, nice! Would it even be possible to order a custom made inbred? For example a SS 29'er with vbrakes and a dropbar? Or can you only order the standard inbred and alter the changes yourself?

  • JonB (On-One Team)

    Absolutely Willy. Just the job... New batch of Inbred 29er frames arriving mid October.

  • Willy BA

    is it possible to use rohloff/alfine, v-brakes and a dropbar on the 29'er inbred for cycling the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route?

  • JonB (On-One Team)

    You're right, Andy. Apologies, blink and you miss them. More coming in October, along with swap out Scandals, will make sure you can pre-order before then. And from now on, we're ordering more :)

  • Andy Oi

    Well they didn't last long...any idea when the next lot will arrive? Either that or a Scandal 29er...

  • Paul Arnaudy

    its a shame that the price has RISEN by 8% in 11 days from £749-£799 & £899-£999