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Brant Back For Good

I'm back, and it's great to be back. Having started on-one with Dave from a sample frame hung on a wall in the Planet X warehouse, grown the brand from the shed in my garden, seen World Champion X-Terra racers win on our bikes, and then left to persue my own thing for a while, it's great to be back and see the brand doing so well.

Things have changed massively in those last couple of years - having the Titus brand sitting alongside Planet X and On-One is a huge step up, and I'm really excited about the potential and the fun we're going to have moving that forward, in association with our US manufacturers that we're inking deals with right now.

I've got a new El Guapo and have, even this evening, been hammering around the trails of Calderdale, even missing out on a pint (or two) to charge on with developments stateside that are going to continue to turn up the heat on Titus, On-One and Planet X.

There's plans flying around for evolutions of current on-one product, tweaks and twists and tricks I've been thinking about for ages, but we're not going to see any mad product culls or anything ridiculous happening. Well, probably not.

What I want On-One to carry on doing is offering the most amazing riding bikes possible at the most amazing price. That's what we wanted when we started this, and it's what we're going to carry on doing. The products that have arrived since I left - the Carbon 456, the Whippet, and the ones really close to production like the Lurcher Carbon 29er - they're amazing testaments to the drive and passion this company has, and we're going to carry on in that vein, offering our customers the very best in the world, but with an engagement with the manufacturer, a speed to market, and price to performance ratio that nobody else can compete with. 

Titus we are treating with respect. We are clear that we want to keep it's US roots, it's design style, it's performance edge, it's use of cool materials and construction techniques. Titus will never had a slack angled steel hardtail, because that's not what Titus is about. We're working with established contractors, legacy designs and processes and that will continue. 

We live and breathe this sport every waking, and sleeping moment at Planet X, On-One and Titus, and we're on a great journey to bring those developments, in business, in product, to you customers. We'll see you out there on the trails, as that's one thing we're going to be doing a lot more. It's ALL about the ride. Come along with us. 



Brant Richards back for good!

3 August 2011


  • col

    Welcome back dude, thank god customer service will improve, bought a scandel day before price reduced even through I asked and bought carbon frame,sent wrong size and never got fork with my italian frame. Happy days....

  • Twisty

    Woo, welcome back. I don't care if service is irascible - I care more if staff know their own products. Like when I called a few months ago nobody could tell me the lengths of spokes for planet-x wheels so I had to cycle an extra 10 miles on a buckled wheel to a 2nd bike shop which had the right length replacement spoke.

  • AVS

    Wow! Just when I was about to replace my 456 with a Piglet since I love how well my PigX handles. In the very least, I was going to "Ragley-fy" my 456 with cockpit tweaks to make it ride like the Pig. Oh well, it was a nice experiment (Ragley bikes) I guess. I hope Brant brings over the farm animals to On One. Let's admit it, On one could use some color and cool quirkiness in their stable. Did I mention that the Ragley geo rocks?

  • carlhutch

    Even when you were Ragley you were on-One.Good to know you are back and i will start reading the on-One emails again.Nice move On-one.

  • gwillis

    have you got any cunning plans for cyclecross ?

  • Ed Wilson

    Fantastic news Mr R.. Keen to see what further developments you can mastermind in 29er land. Not wanting to do a disservice to the team since you left but there was a hint of main stream commercialism, bowing to the masses slipping in rather than the quirky individualism and damn fine frames of old. Although having said that I’ve just read review of forthcoming frames.. time to eat my words I think!

  • AndyM

    Welcome back. But please keep someone less irascible answering the emails.

  • Don

    Fantastic news, Mr. R. I love my O-O 456 S-S 69er rigid and salivated over the Blue Pig. I'm excited to see what's next. I continue to enjoy watching your career and seeing you turn things on their head, to great effect. Cheers.

  • dan cave

    welcome back fella.. and happy birthday for yesterday!!

  • Mark

    I knew that buying an On-One was a good choice...I was just looking at my carbon 456 the other day and wondering what a full suspension 456 would ride like, I came to the conclusion it'd be an awesome bike. Maybe, just maybe your the man for the job!?!

  • BrantR (On-One Team)

    >Any chance of bringing back some of the old decent customer service? It'd probably better now I've stopped drinking quite so much, but I think our CS Team do a much better job than I ever did on my own. We're hoping to back up CS with a lot more tech info on the site too, explaining why stuff is, and what stuff isn't. Kinda.

  • Martin

    Any chance of bringing back some of the old decent customer service?

  • Paul Drury

    Welcome back sir.

  • PhilM

    On One Bagger equivalent maybe?

  • Bob

    17" frames please!

  • Mindless

    What about Ragley? Damn. And just as Nukeproof was starting to become one of my favorite brands..

  • Luke

    Great news,can't wait to see what new projects come from this. But it also raises the question does this mean Ragley is going away or are you just handing the reins over to someone else?

  • Chris kay

    Welcome home Mr R.

  • BrantR (On-One Team)

    Well spotted :-)

  • Benji Haworth

    Midget's Pit? Nice orange colour btw.