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Macinato Minces Opposition

From the mind of our On–One singlespeed and fixie brand manager Stevo comes the newest arrival in the On-One stable of bikes you never knew you needed. Prepare to meet On-One's brand new fixed wheel model- Macinato!

Update: Macinato Urban Fixie Bikes Available Now!

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Built to take abuse from hard street-riding and even Bike Polo, Macinato can be ridden with road calliper brakes (or of course brakeless) with drop or flat bars. Taking it's front end fit and steering geometry from our classic Pompino fixed wheel model with a super tough tubeset that comes from our 456 long travel mountain bike frame, we ensure fast handling by speccing 405mm chainstays which fit tyres up to 28mm section. Topping off the frame are simple-to-use Taperlock rear dropouts that don't need tugs.

In a market of wimpy wannabees, Macinato minces the opposition...
The NEW On-One Macinato- Coming Soon...

The NEW On-One Macinato- Coming Soon...The NEW On-One Macinato- Coming Soon...

We’re working on complete builds to bring this new frame to the market as a complete bike you’ll love – and are currently jostling positions in the warehouse with flat bars, short stems, odd bars, silver bar tape and large spanners.
The NEW On-One Macinato- Coming Soon...

The NEW On-One Macinato- Coming Soon...

Drop back next week to see what we’re ready to announce to the world or follow our progress on Facebook.

Click here to buy- from just £499!

24 June 2011


  • Marco

    Greetings from Germany! very Beautiful! what is the name of the Bar? Or is it possible to buy this Bike complete? I can not found this configuration in your store. Can you send me a mail? If it is to buy?

  • Simon B (On-One Team)

    2.0 kgs for a Medium

  • Mark

    How much does the frame weigh? Much lighter than the Pompy? Is it made from the same type of steel?

  • Derrick

    Any chance of a flip flop option?

  • JonB (On-One Team)

    Yep, will be priced similar to the Pompino... More info this week.

  • Keith

    This looks awesome. There's been at least a dozen times I've hovered over the 'buy' button on a Pompino, and although it's such an iconic bike with great pedigree and reviews, I'm just not a fat tyre and mudguard kinda guy. This though... Mmmmmm. I'm having one of these for sure. Will it be priced similar to the Pompino?

  • Marcin

    Thank you, that explains it nicely.

  • JonB (On-One Team)

    Yes! The Macinato has the same geometry as the Pompino but with shorter 405mm chainstays to fit 28mm tyres. It's made from 456 tubing to exceed CEN and will take urban abuse and trick riding. It comes with road forks but trick forks can be fitted and can be run brakeless with clean lines.

  • Marcin

    Could you highlight how it is different from Pompino?

  • ANDY

    smart looking,but would have liked mudguard eyes

  • JonB (On-One Team)


  • Alan

    Not just as a frame as well?