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New Titus 29er Prototypes

2011 is shaping up to be the year that 29ers took the world by storm. In the States everyone's riding big wheels and Titus, as always, are bang on the pulse. Here's a bunch of Titus 29er prototypes, snapped on their way to the Willingen MTB festival. We'd love to know what you think, get in touch below and follow the action on Facebook.

Titus Exogrid Fireline 29er Hardtail

Exogrid is the most technologically advanced tubing ever produced. Period. Fusing the incredible feel of titanium with the strength, lightness and tune-ability of carbon, Exogrid is the ultimate material. Exogrid takes laser cuts the Ti sidewalls and substitues a high modus carbon sleeve in it's place, resulting in a frame that is light, perfectly balanced and above all incredibly sexy. Imagine the smoothest, classiest titanium ride possible, and then add some, and you get somewhere close to this one. Scheduled for a small batch run of only 20 frames, you'd be advised not to miss the pre-order date....

Prototype Titus Exogrid Fireline

Prototype Titus Exogrid Fireline

Prototype Titus Exogrid Fireline


Titus Racer X 29er Full Suspension

The latest incarnation of Titus' classic cross country full sus frame is now more aggressive than ever. Updated with a tapered headtube and completely revised geometry, initial tests of this new 29er place it firmly in the pro race category: blisteringly fast. Carving it's niche alongside it's more Trail friendly Rockstar sibling, the new Racer X is the frame you need an ultra lightweight, race ready 29er thoroughbred.

Prototype Titus Racer X 29er

Prototype Titus Racer X 29er


Long Travel 29er Alloy Hardtail

Long travel specific 29ers are few and far between, but if you've ever taken one down a really rough trail at speed you will know why this one is generating so much interest. Built to be super rugged yet lightweight and fast this is the ultimate 29er hardtail. This frame mixes big trail beef with race agility in one super versatile unit- all it's missing is a name and colour scheme... Featuring hydro-formed tubing, tapered headset, CNC'd drop-outs, and the ability to take anything up to a 140mm 29er fork this one is the business, no messing.

Titus long travel aluminium 29er prototype

Titus long travel aluminium 29er prototype

Titus long travel aluminium 29er prototype


Rockstar Ti 29er (New Version) Full Suspension

Titus' legendary titanium Rockstar 29er has been on a diet and now features a slimmer profile Titanium tubing and re-worked geometry. This Lynskey made sample sports a completely different rear end, shorter wheelbase and higher bottom bracket. The first new titanium Titus frame to come out in some time, this new Rockstar could potentially be the definitive "ride everything" 29er full sus. Now, it's time to have a go... We'll keep you posted as testing gets underway.

Titus prototype Titanium 29er

Titus prototype Titanium 29er

If you're lucky enough to be at  the 2011 Sympatex Bike Festival at Willingen, Germany you'll have the chance to see these prototypes up close. To find out more about where Titus are going and what's new on the horizon come and see us on Stand 38.

Alternatively, follow the event news and further updates on all the new Titus products on On-One's Facebook page.

9 June 2011


  • AndyL

    Keep me a 16" exogrid hidden somewhere for your next sale!

  • Ed

    Assuming it's made in the US as the Titus of old, I'm really excited about the Racer X aluminum 29er!

  • kazafaza

    I'd be happy to buy the 140mm 29er in raw as it is!

  • John

    Will you be making a 'race' fully niner, i.e. a full carbon version of the racer x 29er?

  • Neil Harwood

    Will the Exogrid Fireline come in size 19 or 20". if so i'll defo have one :)

  • Mick

    So you will be putting the racer x into production ?

  • Castor/Pollux

    Why no ZS44 headtube on the Fireline or on the Rockstar Ti ? There are bunch of new forks, rigid or sus, that are about to come to the market with the tapered steerer only (your own carbon race 29er fork being one of them).

  • JonB (On-One Team)

    Philip, I'm sure we can sort you out a new front end. Could you contact On-One customer service [email protected] or tel 01709 386666 please?

  • JonB (On-One Team)

    Hi guys, will let you have prices and projected availability dates as soon as I can.

  • Clink

    make sure the 'Unnamed aluminium long travel 29er hardtail' has bags of rear tyre clearance and short chainstays


    The Alu LT 29er hardtail what's the predicted price on that??

  • Conrad

    Dibbs on the Exogrid 29er when you sell it off!

  • RositaS

    The unnamed Titanium FS 29er is the best of them all! So is the Carbon frame FS 29er missing in the list.

  • Philip

    Oops, ran over my Rockstar with the Jeep. Need a new front frame so i don't have to buy a whole new bike. Can you help?

  • Rotterdam 82

    Are you doing a full alu (ie cheaper) version of the Racer X 29er?

  • JonB (On-One Team)

    Yes, the full carbon Rockstar 29er is in testing and doing very well... Will keep you informed.

  • John

    What about the fully carbon niner?

  • JonB (On-One Team)

    Yep. Looks like a very limited batch of Exogrid Fireline 29ers will be made (around 20). We will keep you posted!

  • Neil Harwood

    Is the Fireline going to be in Ti and 29"? Drooling badly!!!