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2011 Bike Specs Launched

Spring is well and truly here and to celebrate we've been tweaking the entire On-One range, re-speccing every bike with the latest components and dropping prices to the very bare minimum. Every single bike in the range has been completely re-built and we're confident this is a massive step forward- better bikes at better prices and a better deal for you!

At just £999 the Carbon Whippet SLX is really turning the market on it's head and the Carbon 456 Trail SLX is rapidly becoming a global legend, offering Rockshox Revelation forks and a full SLX groupset for only £1249! But that's not all... 2011 is billed to be the year of the 29er and while we await the immment arrival of the new Lurcher carbon frame we've dropped the price of the no-frills Scandal 29er SLX- now specced with full SLX transmission, carbon forks and Avid hydraulic disc brakes at a new groundbreaking price of just £899! The industry leading Carbon 29er Race has also been given the upgrade treatment and now features Avid XX brakes, Middleburn cranks and XT transmission throughout.
On-One Scandal 29er XT Race new and improved!
The keen will have already noticed that we've been gradually switching over to the new Shimano Dyna-Sys 10-speed system- running in 3x10 and 2x10 configurations on trail and race bikes respectively. There are also new single speed builds on our Carbon Whippet and Inbred frames, with a range of Alfine hub geared MTB's on the way in the next couple of weeks. We've also struck a deal with Middleburn to supply us with their superb UK-made single and double chainsets and these are now specced as standard on the Whippet XT and the award winning Scandal 29er XT Race, upgradable on the brand new Whippet Single Speed.

An incredible new range of Rockshox forks are arriving tomorrow (available to buy or spec on your bike now!) and of course you are able to customise your build at no extra cost.... Ti456 XT Pro and Carbon 456 Xt Pro bikes now come with 20mm Maxle Rockshox Revelation RLT Ti forks and On-One Max 32h bolt through wheels as standard, meaning better handling at speed and increased torsional stiffness.
New Rockshox range includes these Revelation World Cup XX

Even the legendary Pompino fixies have been re-specced from the ground up, still the best value single speed bikes on the market, fully customisable and now available with improved kit as standard.

If this all isn't tempting enough our super flexible Cycle to Work schemes make it even easier to bag the bike of your dreams. We'll keep you informed as
the new specs keep coming.

Any questions, comments or suggestions always gratefully received, please feel free to leave a comment below and happy browsing! More photos coming soon!

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24 March 2011


  • JonB (On-One Team)

    Hi John, yes, you're right, the Ti 29ers have been a project that took longer than planned. But we didn't want to release a bike that was any less than perfect... Still in testing, off the drawing board but no production date as yet I'm afraid.

  • John

    The Ti 29ers were promised in April. I want one with a 11speed hub gear. How long do I have wait? It's killing me!

  • JonB (On-One Team)

    Hi Ciaran. I could do a Scandal 29er single speed if you'd like? As the frames are vertical drop-out only it would need to use a chain tensioner like the On-One Doofer. Inbred 29ers will come with swap-outs in the next delivery which is due end of May. Colours TBC...

  • Ciaran Patrick

    Any inbred or scandel 29ers singlespeed coming through, would they comein either purple or pink.

  • ThomasH (On-One Team)

    Hi Tom, they are still being tested I'm afraid. We've never produced Van Nicholas made Ti 29ers before, so we want to make sure they are absolutely spot on before they go into production.

  • Tom

    Looking good, but i'm missing the Ti 29'ers?