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Best Schwalbe Race Tyres

In the second of our impartial guides we're taking a look at Schwalbe's leading three XC Race tyres and giving you the lowdown on their strengths, weaknesses and suggested usage. Take advantage of our huge offers on all Schwalbe tyres and read on...


Schwalbe Rocket Ron tread pattern

Schwalbe Rocket Ron:

Schwalbe realise that when it comes to race tyres, we want it all. More specifically light weight and fast rolling, with excellent grip. In this respect the Rocket Ron delivers in spades. Schwalbe's Triple Nano Compound hooks up well when cornering and maximises traction on the climbs. Plus the Evo 2.25" version weighs in at only 525g. A word of caution though, Ron's super-light Evolution Carcass means it's slimmed down sidewalls certainly don't like rocks! Schwalbe state on theirwebsite that these are an out-and-out competition tyre so puncture protection and durability are limited.

Ideal for: Short, full-on XC races on relatively rock-free circuits.

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Schwalbe Little Albert tread pattern

Schwalbe Little Albert:

The baby brother of Schwalbe's 'Fat Albert' trail tyre, Little Albert retains all of Fatty's benefits without the high volume and lardy weight. Where Rocket Ron is best avoiding rocky trails Little Albert is more than happy to stomp right through them. Much of this is down to Schwalbe's robust Snakeskin sidewalls giving increased puncture protection that surprisingly only adds 25g over the weight of the Rocket Ron. While they don't roll quite as fast as other race tyres, particularly when full-on sprinting, the increased puncture protection and improved durability are worth the trade-off.

Ideal for: Endurance races where reliability is as important as speed.

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Schwalbe Racing Ralph tread pattern

Schwalbe Racing Ralph:

The Racing Ralph is Schwalbe's most successful race tyre, so it must be doing something right. Created to be the fastest cross-country and marathon tyre about, the tread pattern, compound and tire structure are specifically designed so you don’t have to worry about control when things get fast. Specially shaped "sharks-tooth" U-Blocks grip aggressively, particularly when cornering. This combines with Schwalbe's Triple Nano Compound to create extra grip and traction without adding resistance, making for a super fast race tire. An awesome alrounder.

Ideal for: Turning up at a race blind and relying on your tyres regardless of conditions.

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10 March 2011