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Top Designer Joins On-One

Introducing Owen Phillips- our newly hired in-house graphic designer. Working with a proper designer in the office should mean more choice and cooler designs coming your way in the near future. Check out the slideshows below to see how future On-One frames may end up...

We're very excited about having a professional on hand 24/7 to work on fresh ideas, logos, colour schemes and graphics. Owen may look like a psycho hippy but he's actually a very good designer too and he's already come up a whole bunch of saucy ideas even before officially starting work. Now that's keen...

Here are a selection of his initial design ideas for forthcoming revisions of our Inbred, 456, 456 Summer Season and Pompino frames, plus the forthcoming Carbon Lurcher 29er, Maccinato (meat mincer) retro track frame and a one-off limited yellow edition of the Carbon Whippet.

So, now it's feedback time... Have a browse and let us know what you think. It may make all the difference!

On-One 456 and Inbred Colour Schemes:

Saucy themed designs for the crisp eaters among you...

Get the flash player here:

On-One Lurcher 29er and Whippet Designs:

From the stealth to the outlandish, we'd love to know what you think...

Get the flash player here:

On-One Machinato and Pompino:

Initial ideas on the forthcoming On-One Maccinato (meat mincer) track frame, plus a proposed colour scheme for the next batch of Pompino's...

Get the flash player here:

Owen Philips New On-One In House Designer

Let us know what you think to these design ideas using the comments below.

25 February 2011


  • Niki

    Lurcher dog graphic every time for me, otherwise it wouldn't be a lurcher just like the whippet.

  • JonB (On-One Team)

    Thanks very much EliskaJ!Great to hear positive comments. Owen is very pleased! Cheers.

  • EliskaJ

    I think the direction you're going in is fantastic. I particularly like the high contrast schemes. However I don't understand what all the other negativity around the dog decals is, they're great? I think decals like the dog silhouettes and Union Jack give your brand an edge and identity that others don't have and keeps it true to your roots. They're quirky and that appeals to me. For those that don't want dog decals they should choose another frame decal design, so offering a choice between muted and more expressive schemes could be a good compromise. It's strange though to hear riders who are into what can be an extreme activity wanting something designed to be 'muted', I'd prefer something that yells look at me I ride a kick as machine because I'm On-One.

  • Bruce Forman

    I think you should offer the plain black weave for those that prefer that understated style giving them the option to pimp with anodised seat clamp and headset etc. Personally I like the molten orange and black and would probably order that if available.

  • Jules

    Can't wait to be able to order a Lurcher - but as with may of the others, please remove the dog graphic. Aside from a matt/carbon finish one (I love the original 456 carbon), my preferences are 02-17-600, 02-12-600 and 02-19-600. Horseradish Inbred is nice too.

  • ThomasH (On-One Team)

    Hi Kevin, Lurchers should be with us by the end of April.

  • Kevin

    Could I (and the rest of us!) have an approx date when we can buy a lurcher?! either frame, frame and fork, or full build? Since my last on-one got nicked i'm in the market for new wheels, but if you guys can't supply bikes....Orbea and Gary Fisher are looking more and more tempting!

  • Brad

    The smaller the Label the better. Current 29er carbon is cool but the logo on the down tube must go, seat tube is also too much. Understated is much more stylish, to me large logos are a bit tacky. I also dont care for the dog. The frame sells itself, it doesnt loud graphics. 02-15-600 is nice but I would like a stealth carbon or black with minimal flowing highlights. Would you buy a Ferrari with a giant logo on the bonnet?

  • Kevin

    02-12-600 looks good, maybe if it was done in red stripes too. What's the ETA on the Lurchers? On the site to buy early April?

  • Oli

    Just one other thing, please no more silhouettes of dogs.

  • Oli

    Either of the white and blue Lurchers look terrific. If I had to pick one it would be 02-17-600.

  • G

    i'd like to see a Pompino, with the retro white from the Pompetamine. So you can run rim brakes. Thanks

  • epicyclo

    Pompino - I still prefer the original blue. Kind of defines the bike IMO. Other colours are ok, but keep the original. Biggest change I'd like to see is to widen the rear end to take Big Apple tyres - turn it into a 29er for the road. It would make it even more versatile. Discs not necessary. Put me down for one.

  • Lee

    Can we have the 02-12 and 02-19 Lurcher frames in navy blue and silver please .More traditional colours aswell ,there"s no need to copy niners colour schemes. Im not defecting from them to you to get the same colour choices. O and please drop the dog design . Sorry you wantd feedback you got it.

  • Kevin

    I always loved the visible weave, gloss finish and white decals of the old style stealth pro carbon, If you do a Lurcher similar to that, you can have my money.

  • Oddlaw

    Cream cheese & Chive, can't wait to hear from you guys at on-one that we can order such a nice inbred!!!

  • kirk

    I love that horseradish inbred!!! The green on one logo on the downtube really goes good with that frame color. I would definitely buy one if it becomes available.

  • dmx

    for the Inbred the Cream Cheese & Chive looks awesome, if matching forks were available.... for the Lurcher I like 2-15-60 and 2-12-600

  • ThomasH (On-One Team)

    Hi Kevin, we are still yet to decide on colours, that's why Owen's here to help!

  • BjørnT

    The Lurcher star 02-12(or 11)-600 is a bold and unique design. It is defenitely cool, but I have to make it "grow" a little. For my self I think I would choose the more subtle blue or maybe an even more subtle one (in danger of missing the point) The orange one 02-19 is too similar to Niner's Air Carbon (but nice). The red 02-18 is also a fresh new design. I think I like it a lot. The dog design does not speak to me (maybe due to the lack of refference for a non-Brit) Maybe one bold design and one more stelthy color of the 02-15 scheme could be a good option.

  • plumber

    yes to the yellow whippet if you can put noo yoik taxi check on it too

  • SimonT

    Bring back the Union flag onto your designs :-) Isn't "Maccinato" a little close to one of your rival company's names?

  • Tom Sugden

    A Pompino brought to you by Ikea? - not sure yet, will need to see the complete bike - will you be providing n+3 screws for the self-build option so we can all worry we've forgotten to bolt something on? To be honest, I just want my "Trigger's mum's bathroom blue" back.

  • jb

    I am all for a muted lurcher. Sporting a carbon fiber 29er is loud enough for me. But... tht orange one is rediculously awesome.

  • Miko

    I think Swap-outs for a do everything frame, should be on every model, at least on mtb's.

  • Kevin

    Will you be doing a Lurcher in transparent gloss black carbon finish, to show the weave? with white decals, or decals seperate to add ourselves?