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Carbon 29er Poses for Photos

Carbon 29er Poses for Photos

On-One intrepid lensman Ian Nutt has been getting busy with our What Mountain Bike test-winning Carbon 29er XT Race bike. Ian was recently seen furtively leaving his Leicestershire home on Friday with his latest object of desire...

This bike is an absolute stunner, with a frame specifically designed for XC racing, X terra and fast technical trail riding. 3K High Modulus Carbon with cutting edge Smoothwall technology ensures the frame soaks up niggly trail buzz without compromising on stiffness and strength. Award winning Scandal geometry keeps handling tight when things get twisty and inspires confidence to let rip on the descents...

Ian was clearly in awe of those sexy carbon curves, draped in classy finishing kit. Have a look at the images below and let us know what you think of the pics- it's always nice to get feedback!

Pre-orders for this bike for delivery end of March in 18" only. Other sizes are due in April.

At only £1999 it features a 2x10 Shimano XT groupset, Middleburn cranks, top-of-the-range Avid XX brakes, carbon bars, Thomson Elite post and stem and the awesome new On-One XC QR 29er wheelset... A clear no brainer.

Click here to buy an On-One Carbon 29er XT Race now!

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7 February 2011


  • IanC

    Any news on Lurcher delivery dates? Thanks!

  • NealH

    Thanks Thomas. I really appreciate the info. Any news on the Carbon UST wheelset availablility? I am wanting to get the Carbon 29er FRM build and upgrade the wheels to the new carbon wheelset.

  • ThomasH (On-One Team)

    Hi Neal, yeah they're the same. The only difference will be the top tube and head tube measurements.

  • NealH

    Thanks for the info Thomas. Can you tell me what the geometry specs are for the 20"? Are they the same specs as the Large specs listed on the pages for the frame, frame/fork combo and full FRM build pages?

  • ThomasH (On-One Team)

    Hi Neal, we will be doing 16", 18" and 20" in the Carbon 29er Race. We will be doing 16", 18", 19.5" and 21" in the Carbon Lurcher however.

  • NealH

    Is it going to be a 20 or a 19.5? The geo specs say small, medium, large, etc and the sizing guide says 16, 18, 19.5, 21. From the geo specs, I am in need of the Large and am just waiting for the pre-order to become available for the FRM race build. Also, will the 29er UST carbon wheelset be available around the same time, end of April? Neal

  • ThomasH (On-One Team)

    Hi Jerome, unfortunately there won't be a 19" size, the next one up after the 18" will be 20".

  • Jerome

    Love it !!!! But to small as a 18" frame. When will the 19" size frame be available ????

  • IanW

    Please stop posting pictures like this when you only make the bike in one size!

  • SamB

    "Please stop posting these kind of obscene pictures as long as my bike is in backorder. This is inhumane, sheer torture..." I know how you feel!!

  • æling

    When will the on-one 29 UST wheelset be ready for sale?

  • RichardC

    Nice indeed! - how much extra are the carbon wheels going to be?

  • SebastianI

    Cracking session :D I start to belive that some part of my biking-soul is hiden XC racer xD Cheers! I.

  • Marcel

    Please stop posting these kind of obscene pictures as long as my bike is in backorder. This is inhumane, sheer torture...