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10 reasons to buy a Whippet...

We know your other half would demand a damn good reason why you need a new bike. So here's ten...

1. Designed from the ground up after extensive research and development

We've really taken our time to achieve our goal of creating the very best race bike around. Every curve has been contemplated and every design decision debated in order to sculpt and hone the Whippet into an efficient lean mean racing machine. We invested significant time and money into developing our own tooling to develop a frame exclusive to us. This is not a cheapo generic open mould design.

2. True racing pedigree

Based on our tried and tested, award winning Scandal geometry, this Whippet knows its way round a race track. A long top-tube and low front end create an out-and-out XC 'head down and arse up' riding position. What's more the Whippet's race tested in real world conditions and has even won World Cup points!

3. State of the art carbon fibre frame construction

We've really tried to take tube shaping to the next level on this frame. The Whippet uses high modulus unidirectional 3 piece Monocoque Carbon construction. By making a single lay-up for the entire front triangle, the bonding of lugs and tubes is eliminated resulting in increased strength and stiffness. What's more the carbon can be layered in key areas to 'tune' the ride and feel. For example the heat-tube and chain-stay aren't just styled, but shaped for front end stiffness and rear end compliance.

It's Carbon tha noz!

4. Generous mud clearance

Generous mud clearance allows plenty of room for fat tyres and the Whippet's smooth flowing lines create less 'shelves' for mud to cling to. All leaving you sludge free to sprint to the finish line. No-nonsense UK specific design features are a hallmark of all our bikes and the Whippet is no different. Like most dogs it's more than happy having a good old roll about in the dirt!

5. Featherlight - weighing in at only 1300g

One of the key benefits of Carbon construction is the ability to avoid redundant overlapping structures that put unneeded material and weight in the wrong places. Using Carbon meant we could keep things light but durable, giving a much better stiffness to weight ratio than using alloy.

6. Wider, stiffer BB92 bottom bracket

By using a BB92 press-fit bottom bracket we were able to make the BB area both Wider and stiffer giving more efficient power transfer. This is ideal for those new-fangled 2x10 Chainsets, don’t worry though, it'll still be just as happy with good old 3x9.

7. Direct mount front mech mounts

We know you wouldn't want to damage that beautiful frame by sticking a big old front mech clamp onto it. With that in mind we made sure you can fit both high and low direct mount front mechs in either Shimano or SRAM flavour, whatever you prefer. We recommend high mount to give the best mud clearance, increased adjustability and best choice of chainrings.

Direct mount front mech

8. Swapouts for versatility

Fancy switching to singlespeed for the winter? Not a problem with a Whippet. Run vertical dropouts for gears or horizontal for singlespeed and hub-gears, the choice is yours.

9. Power-bulge chainstays

The Whippet's advanced chainstay profile is shaped to include a power bulge to increase stiffness and compliance in the rear end. All useful to keep things tight yet comfortable during your next 24-hour endurance event.

10. 31.6mm seat-tube

We went for 31.6mm seat-tube in homage to the old Klein race bikes we loved back in the day. Plus an oversized seatpost helps to keep things stiff and responsive and we absolutely hate it when you have to sniff about for ages to find a seatpost that finally fits.

31.6mm seat tube

Convinced? Click here to buy a Whippet frame, or click here to buy a complete Whippet bike, now in stock in all sizes.

3 February 2011


  • CASH

    Howdy! I've got an "old" Whippet with a standard 2*10 drivetrain. Is it theoreticallay possible to convert it to an Alfine (8 or 11) hub?

  • Steve

    Hi, I have a really old On-One Inbred, had it from new but forget how long ago that was, anyway it's long enough to justify an upgrade. What I really want is the same but light. I've done lots of reading and it seems geometry has changed but the Whippet looks closest over the 456 from what I can tell, happy to be corrected? My Inbred frame has the 29mm diameter top tube and serial number PY42902etc if that helps identify it. Anyway that inbred measures as 18" and is spot in every way running a 100mm travel (488mm length) fork so which size Whippet or 456, 18" again - top tube looks longer on the Whippet. Also this would be a mixed use XC smooth stuff one day black runs at Coed y brenin the next, will the whippet be up to that sort of (ab)use, the Inbreds been fine? I'd want to transplant my components as the inbreds a triggers broom, can you do deals on bits to make it easy that won't fit, seat post, clamp, headset, bb, 2x10 crankset & front mech I guess I'd need..? Thanks Steve

  • sassa

    Hi, I'm interested to change my old frame with carbon Whippet or 456. I do more xc, less paths. My fork is 100mm. What do you suggest? Also, some more questions: -will my crankset Fsa afterburner 3x10 with megaexo bottom bracket fits? -My height is 182cm, my inseam is 86cm, so the frame size is 18'' or 20''?? Thanks!

  • TomasD

    Hi folks, I´m thinkink of buying the Whippet carbon frame. I´m 172 cm (about 5 feet, 8 inches) tall with 81 cm (32 inches) inseam, so, according to your sizing guide, with my body height, 16 inch frame should suit me perfectly, but if considering my inseam, I´m on the border line between 16 and 18 inch frame. Which size would you recommend me?

  • Miles

    Hi, I'm only 5'5" - would a 16" be ok? Regards

  • ???????

    ????????????, ? ???? ? ??????. ???? ???????? ???? On-One Whippet XC Carbon 16". ???????? ?? ??? ??? 3?9? ???? ????????, ?? ????? ??????? ??????? ????? ?????? ???????? ???? ?

  • Matt

    Hi, I'm looking for a good strong all rounder. Cycle to work, take off road on the muddy south downs and also equally important be able to take on long rides. The MTB I buy will be used to cycle from John-o-groats to landsend so it has to be comfortable over long distances too and able to have panniers. Appreciate a lot of factors in there. Would such a bike be suitable please? I'm just a touch under 5'8. Many thanks in advance Matt

  • Rob

    2 questions: a) have 33.5" inside length what size do you recommend b) do you do fitting of headsets I live in DOncaster and feel fine with rest but not headset?

  • ThomasH (On-One Team)

    Steven, I'd recommend an 18". Put it this way, I'm pretty much the same size as you and I'd be buying an 18".

  • Steven Bowman

    Just wondering what size frame you'd recommend for me, I'm a smidge under 5'11" with a 32.5" inside leg. My mates 16" inbred feels tiny. Thanks

  • ThomasH (On-One Team)

    Hi darren, we certainly are able to offer bikes on the Cycle to Work Scheme, perhaps give our customer service guys a call on 01709 386666 for more details? With regards to the sizing, I'd probably recommend a 16" for your height.

  • darren

    are you registered for the cycle to work scheme? I'm in N.Ireland and woould be interested in one of these through the scheme. Also im 5ft9" - 5ft10" what size do you recommend?

  • ThomasH (On-One Team)

    Hi Paul, we reckon you'd probably be best with a 16".

  • Paul Ellis

    Hi i currently ride a 17inch framed gt and am around 5,8. what size whippet would u suggest? and would this be the same for the 456 carbon? thanks keep up the good work

  • JonB (On-One Team)

    Hi Mick. Best we can do on the system is an upgrade to FSA XC300 wheels for an extra £100. We do have XT wheels in stock, but as these are centrelock and the brakes come with 6-bolt rotors you'd need to give us a ring to work out the upgrade price. To be honest the Deore hubs are actually pretty good IMHO.

  • mick

    im thinking of ordering one of these in the next few weeks. only thing thats bugging me is the hubs, why only deore and not slx or xt?

  • ThomasH (On-One Team)

    Hi dave, 2x10 builds are in the pipeline, we are sourcing componentry at the moment. Perhaps sign up for our email newsletter for the latest availability and pricing info?

  • Dave Rodgers

    I'm really tempted by this at the moment. Any plans for a 2x10 build being made available, the frame seems ideal for it.