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New Titanium Tourer

Here’s the first ever spy shots of our brand new uber-bling titanium workhorse touring frame during testing in the best of British winter. In fact it’s so new that we don’t even have a name for it yet...

Built from premium titanium selected for its durability and superior ride quality, this frame is more than happy built up in a wealth of different configurations.  Designed to take you as far as you want to go with utility and versatility in mind. Build it with flat or drop bars, cantis, discs, V-brakes, a rack, hub gears… Whatever!

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New Titanium Tourer

New Titanium Tourer

New Titanium Tourer

New Titanium Tourer

New Titanium Tourer


Your Interests

25 January 2011


  • RobinC

    Any update or is the idea now officially dead? It's been a couple of years now.

  • Brigadier

    What about news concerning a titanium tourer ? I know people are really hassling you about this frame, but this would be a real block buster !!! We all want titanium and disc brakes !

  • Dan

    Any news on this? the Ti/hub combo is too rare...

  • John

    Hi Anything on the horizon? Otherwise Spa Cycles will beat a steal

  • DH (On-One Team)

    Hi John. Sorry to say that the Ti Pompetamine, at this guise at least, has been axed for the time being, though we are working on an all new titanium tourer design. It's a fair way off yet though.

  • John Bibby

    Hi On June 28th you said expected arrival date of Mid Oct, any update? Very interested in a hub geared (Rohloff) belt driven flat bar disc Ti tourer version. John

  • JonB (On-One Team)

    Interest noted, David. This bike is still in development... more news when we have it!

  • David Austin

    Please note my interest in a titanium frame tourer bike, thanks, David

  • Sam

    Remember: Mudguard and lowrider rack mounts on the fork, disc mounts the dont interfere with the racks, 11-speed Versa shifters and a belt drive. Thanks :-)

  • JonB (On-One Team)

    Hi Frere, these are due to go into production with an expected arrival date of mid October. I'll keep you posted.

  • Frere

    Any further news since the last update on 17 May? Very interested in a hub geared (either Alfine 11 or Rohloff) belt driven flat bar disc Ti tourer version. Thanks

  • ThomasH (On-One Team)

    Hi Mike, we're awaiting a new sample after we made a few tweaks. We wan't to be able to run both Alfine and standard gears on this frame, and while the Alfine worked a treat (as you can see from Ian's video above) we had a couple of minor issues running gears. These things take time, particularly as we really want this frame to be absolutely perfect before release.

  • Mikek

    Hi, is there any news about it? When will it be available for purchase?

  • ThomasH (On-One Team)

    Hi John, pricing hasn't been finalised as yet.

  • John Mickael BRIGADIER

    Any idea about a price for the moment ? Will it be for sale under 1000€ ?

  • Raybould

    Hi Jon On-One, Is there an update timing and the fork?

  • Yvar

    Make it! I'm currently drawing up my own ti frame to have it built in China. This would save me a lot of hassle. Maybe make it beltable? That would make it even better. Make it!

  • Oskar

    Sweet! Looking forward to more details.

  • Toni V.

    Hi there, any news about it? We're expectorantes. :)

  • AngusR

    I think you have just shown me my perfect frame - seriously, I've spent hours on Google looking for this and the closest I've come is the Amazon, but those outboard disc mounts make fitting a rack tricky. Just keep the versatility there - it needs to retain as many options as possible because this frame is going to last a really long time. So: swapouts, rack mounts, guard mounts, pump peg, v's, discs, tyre clearance... Don't forget those mudguards - you haven't mentioned them in the description!

  • ThomasS

    Man why didnt I save my money for this instead of my new pompetamine frame :)

  • SteveT

    Ive just gone over the Ti Van Nicholas frames. And this frame here seems to be shaping up to be a much better option for SS or IGH (provided its not too pricy). I hope yous will have plenty of tyre clearance (I think it will if yous are speccing it close to pompetamine frame geometry as stated in an earlier post) and a disc compatible fork. Im hoping the fork will have a calipar brake hole so I can use it to mount a dynamo light. My guess is yous won't. But I hope you's do :) Im also guessing yous will spec it with a carbon fork. Time will tell. Its looking good so far though. And I think it will look even better with a titanium seat post. If not, then my black Thompson Master piece and black X4 stem will fit on it nicely, along with some black Mavic 29er wheels laced with black Sapim CX Ray spokes to a Chris King rear SS hub and a Schmidt son deluxe dynamo front hub thanks. The imagination is running wild. I think ive said enough.

  • JohnB

    Alfine 11, versa shifters and belt drive please = PERFECT

  • MatthewL

    This looks really great, very excited about bikes like this with the 11 speed. As with the Pompetamine, nu-Scandal & nu-Inbred, I'm really belt-curious and if there is a simple way to allow a belt in there I'd be made up.

  • DavidR

    Yes please with big tyre clearances, a slopey top tube and bigger head tube

  • Rik

    Must have. Will look lovely next to my Ti456 :0) just hopefully it will be out by the summer when I am going to do the Fred Whitton route, just a shame it won't be out for spring for my 2 week Scotland tour!

  • KevinA

    Looks fantastic, especially in minimalist grey - I sincerely hope you can restrain yourselves and keep the branding on the final product as subtle as the prototype! If so this is likely to be my next frame. Especially if you address the following, as then it would be 100% perfect for me : Just one trick missing on this frame - a split drop-out for a belt drive. The bolt-on drop-out looks beefy enough to brace a split, if it was remodeled slightly to take 4 bolts instead of two on the drive side to increase rigidity. Any plans for this? If not, why not?! :-)

  • Sam

    I was going to write a comment, then read Nick Bown's, which said exactly what I wanted to. So, please spec with a disc fork with rack low-rider mounts AND mudguard mounts. Also hassle Versa to bring out the 11 speed brifters asap. Thanks!

  • MercTom

    Is that a pump peg on the head tube - that has to stay - no pump peg no sale !! Seriously I am liking that a lot - sick of fettling derailleurs on my winter hack - that on-one for winter/touring/knocking about on with the kids plus a summer race bike - job done.

  • david A

    The Wedding Present!

  • Jani

    As many stated, a dream bike come true! Waiting to push the BUY button on april... ;) Dedicated SS dropouts coming with the frame??? X

  • Nick Brown

    I'd love this with an Alfine 11 hub, drop bars, thus hopefully Versa 11 levers will be available soon. Disks would be essential. And the final must would be front rack mounts as well as the usual rear rack mounts and front and rear guard mounts. At which point I think I'd have my dream bike :-)

  • John Mickaël BRIGADIER

    Oh f**k !!!! You guys at On-One rock ! I was telling me a titanium Pompetamine would be satanic and you heard my prays. Whenever you decide to open a joint-venture in France, contact me ! Thanks a lot for making so nice bicycles frames. I now need to contact my banker to explain him why is titanium not very cheap

  • epicyclo

    I'll definitely buy one if it will take Big Apple tyres - ie 29er clearances. (If you check my buying record with you, you'll see I'm serious)

  • Stu

    Now that looks gorgeous... looks like I'll be chucking my pomp Alfine 11 kit onto that frame later in the summer!!... Haven't got my Pomp yet and I'm already planning on pulling it to bits!!

  • JonB (On-One Team)

    Hi there. Production of these bikes is at least 4 months off, which makes a workable eta of mid-Summer. Geometry is similar to our Pompetamine. Forks are yet to be confirmed.

  • Raybould

    Assuming the geometry is sensible I'll have one too. Which fork will it have in production?

  • Till Stukenberg

    A dream come true? If the frame has room for 1,7" rubber, is strong enough for racks and panniers, has longer TT than Pomp and will be availiable in the end of May/june (bitte bitte!).

  • Paulo

    When? When, when, when?

  • AdamL

    I'm having me one of these!!!! Assuming it passes the financial controller of course...

  • HarriM

    Sweet, hope it's not too far into the future, and that the price is right!

  • OlovS

    Why not a namecontest, first price, a frame ;)

  • MarkW

    Can you make it with enough clearance for 29er tyres and I'll buy one. There is demand for a bike like this, it would take sales away from the salsa fargo and others like it. My kona sutra is getting towards needing replacement and this would be a worthy successor.