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Merino Baselayer 3 for £65!

New Merino Baselayers have just arrived and in true Planet X style we're doing a huge deal on them. High quality 100% merino wool 190g base layer garments normally retail at £40 each but we're doing them at 3 for £65! Merino madness!

In this bundle you get 3 100% merino 190g tops in black:

1 x Round neck long sleeved
1 x Round neck short sleeved
1 x Half Zip long sleeved

We’re extremely pleased with the quality and finish of these garments. A long time has been spent perfecting these baselayers- months of design tweaks, rider testing and searching for the highest quality manufacturers have all been worth it. We are very proud of the results.These 190gsm baselayers are the first wave of new clothing for 2011, keep your eyes peeled for new garments later in the year...

Why wear a baselayer?

Being too hot on the bike is awful; it sucks your energy and can ruin your ride. Not being able to get warm enough is just as bad.  Layering your clothing allows the rider greater flexibility and easy temperature adjustment. The baselayer is worn close to the skin to aid ‘wicking’ the transfer of moisture (sweat to you and me) away from the skin to the fabric. This keeps you nice and dry, synthetic fabrics however feel cold next to the skin when wet, during long rides this can be very uncomfortable for the rider.

Why Merino?

Merino wool has excellent wicking properties; it not only helps remove moisture from the skin, but stays warm even when wet. Which makes it the perfect choice for cycling. No matter how hard you ride you’ll never feel cold or clammy. Even in when it’s hot outside, Merino will ‘wick’ away any moisture keeping you nice and cool.

Better than smelly-ester

Another real plus to Merino is that it naturally resists odors, unlike traditional Polyester baselayers that stink after one ride. Our Merino wool jerseys will last for several rides before they start to smell.

Designed for cycling

Our baselayers have been designed specifically for cycling; the length of the sleeves has been extended to prevent them moving up the arm, when gripping the bars. Designed to fit close to the body, but they don’t feel tight as the material has excellent elasticity. The back is made longer to prevent it riding up when on the bike.


- 100% Merino wool, super-fine knit to ensure itch-free very soft-feel next to the skin.
- Excellent wicking properties
- Highly breathable
- Low odour
- Machine washable
- Designed for cycling
- Flat-locked seams ensure a great fit
- Care-labels are stitched to the bottom hem to avoid scratching at the neck.
- Perfect for all-season cycling
- Smart enough to wear off the bike
- Great value

Available in 3 styles

Currently, in the Planet X range, long sleeve round neck is available in cobalt blue only and short sleeve in white. On-One branded models are available in black (in long and short sleeved round neck and long sleeved half zip). 

Click here to buy 3 On-One Merino Baselayer tops for only £65

Click here to buy 2 Planet X Merino Baselayer tops for only £50

New On-One Merino Wool 190g Baselayer LS Round NeckNew On-One Merino Wool 190g Baselayer LS Half ZipNew On-One Merino Wool 190g Baselayer SS Round Neck

Click here to buy 3 On-One Merino Baselayer tops for only £65

Click here to buy 2 Planet X Merino Baselayer tops for only £50


20 January 2011


  • Steve Harper

    Click here to order?? !! Nope, doesn't work. Scam alert

  • StuartW

    Whoops try

  • StuartW

    This is a cracking deal... I wore merino on my 6000 mile cycle across the USA, even in the scorching heat of Kansas light weight Merino was the nicest thing to wear. Would purchase some but my Pomp Alfine 11 speed has emptied my piggy bank!!

  • JonB (On-One Team)

    Yes of course, David.

  • david

    thanks jon. Can I return for a swap if I order the wrong size?

  • JonB (On-One Team)

    Hi David. They have a small embroidered logo only, otherwise plain. Very nice material, lovely next to the skin. Medium would be figure hugging on you, large would be slim but perhaps more comfortable.

  • JonB (On-One Team)

    Hi Andy, I'm afraid you have to order one of each. At this price it's still worth it!

  • David Rockhill

    Hi, Do these have no logos on them? I'm 75kg, 6'1", 38" chest and prefer a slim fit. Should I go medium?

  • Andy

    Can I order 3 of the same? Your ordering page doesn't seem to want to let me.