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New On-One Bars Preview

More of Fleegles Banana Split bar friends are coming your way soon so here's a sneaky look into Stevo's secret world....

Snorky is a super wide 54cm sit up and beg back sweep or track width 42cm bull horn bar designed for maximum riding comfort or speed depending on which way you schwing. A throwback from the clubman cruisers of days gone by or a fast bullhorn. 23.8mm bar diameter (road standard). Can also be used with a road bar end shifter or brake lever for the ultimate fixie commuter.

On-One Snorky Short

On-One Snorky Long
New On-One Snorky Bars

Drooper is a track drop bar currently in 42cm being tested on the Manchester Velodrome by Ryan Mullen in Anger. Also gonna be available in 38cm for the nippy traffic dodgers.

On-One Drooper

New On-One Drooper Bars
Bingo is a Flip Flop Street "bull-horn" bar for MTB sized levers (22.2mm bar diameter), ideal for the Pompino or any fast street bike.

On-One Bingo
New On-One Bingo Bars
All are cold formed in 6061 alloy and are serious bars with silly names.
They are getting the logos done soon and are expected for delivery to the UK in March
Colours are TBC but will probably be white, black and "posh silver". Unless anyone has any burning requests???

13 January 2011


  • Richard

    are these buyable in the states yet? love'em r.

  • Chris

    Hi - liking the Bingo bar, but I'm confused... would standard MTB levers (like my Avid FR-5's) fit around the bend (section R60)?? If so, I'd love these...

  • ThomasH (On-One Team)

    Hi James, we're looking at about 8 weeks.

  • JamesG

    Do you have an eta? I'm desperate for a pair of these for my Pompetamine tourer build.

  • ThomasH (On-One Team)

    Hi bendy, the bars are 'made', we're just waiting for the graphics to be signed off, then it's go go go!

  • bendy

    Any news on when the Bingo's are gonna be in?

  • Myles

    Bingo! Fantastic - just what we've been waiting for. All my road-bikes/fixies use Profile Airwing bullhorn base-bars but I'd like to use something similar on my commuter.