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Inbred Swap-Out First Look

Swap-Outs are getting put onto the Inbred 26er and 29er Frames and here's the first sample for your delectation. The all time classic On-One XC steel frame is becoming more versatile in it's 3rd generation, with a replaceable gear hanger and drop-outs to run geared or single speed without a chain tensioner. We're planning an 11 speed Alfine Inbred which is completely gonna rock....

Both the 26 and 29 are getting V-Brakes and Disc compatibility.  They will also have full rack mounts and split down tube cable runs for easy cleaning.

Note- Frames available now! Click here to buy.

We've also been working on some other swap-outs for 10mm Maxle, Taperlock, X12 (DT 12mm Maxle). These swap-outs and the new range of Inbreds are expected for delivery in April. Colours are yet TBC, but we're looking at 3 or 4 plain colours. Any ideas gratefully appreciated, answers on an email postcard using the comments below please....

Note- Frames available now! Click here to buy.


On-One Inbred Swap-Out First LookOn-One Inbred Swap-Out First Look

13 January 2011


  • kris

    versatility, so many possibilities to customise your own bike, great!

  • etcliment

    When the Inbred 29er Swap-out (size 16") will be back in stock?

  • Roman

    Now it would be a crime not to make some slider vertical dropouts! Would you?

  • Vinson

    it looks like there may be some new colors on the way? & maybe new dropouts too? Are you going to stay with the swap out? Is their going to be a SS specific inbreed steel 29er? Saw some of Shed fire's designs,....

  • JanezA

    'bee' ---> 'be'

  • JanezA

    And what will the colours bee?

  • BrantR (On-One Team)

    Inbred 29ers back in stock in about 5 weeks.

  • Chris

    Any word when the Inbred 29er will be back in stock? Are you expecting to be able to offer the same prices?

  • YiqiangC

    I feel the same with Darren 'coz seems I cannot build my BB7 on both the 2 sets of swapouts supplied by on-one. Wondering if any other swapout can match with BB7, or any other solution

  • Darren S

    Hi JonB, I'm wondering if the horizontal dropouts with chaintugs will work ok with my Rohloff with Quick Release skewers + Speedbone + BB7 brakes? Better still, is there another swapout available similar to a paragon slider with vertical dropouts for the above combination? Also, is the Inbred 29er frame able to be ordered in either the Glow In The Dark Lime or Sterling Moss colours?

  • Andy

    Thanks JonB, keep up the good work! Good to know someone is on hand to help us clueless types!

  • JonB (On-One Team)

    Hi Andy, thanks for your comments. We recommend using one chaintug on the drive side when using horizontal swap-outs.

  • Andy

    Hey guys, would like to start by saying thanks for doing what you do! Love my Summer Season to bits,and riding it singlspeed with an On One carbon fork and Mary bars sure makes the trails more giggly! I am planning on swapping the frame for a new Gen 3 Inbred but am unsure of the chain tug issue. I will be running singlespeed with a Hope Pro 2 hub and Hope skewer. I notice that your description and photos of the Inbred ss full build does not include chain tugs. Does this mean it I can get away with not using them?

  • DoH (On-One Team)

    Yes Dan, the Alfine Inbreds will use the (supplied) horizontal drop-outs.

  • Dan

    Hi Is the planned Alfine version of the 29er Inbred just a different set of dropouts that could be retrofitted to the current Inbred frame?

  • DoH (On-One Team)

    Hi Tim, the Swap-Out Inbreds now take BB7's- so that's good news! 20 inch has a 120mm head tube- will update geometry tables now...

  • TIm

    Hi Guys New frames look sweet, and shipping with both sets of dropouts = awesome! Do you do a disc side, horizontal dropout that will allow for a BB7? Also, whats the headtube length for the 20"? Cheers :)

  • DH (On-One Team)

    Apologies Danny- the rack mounts are non removable, though you can always blank them off with a standard bottle cage bolt.

  • Danny

    Was looking forward to see and get a new Inbred 29er frame ... love the geo, love the colours ... but hate the ugly rack mounts. Cant I get one without? Greetz, Danny

  • JonB (On-One Team)

    Hi Sebastien. The 26er Inbred swap-out frames are £199 which does actually reflect the cost increase to us- swap-outs are great but they do hike up the cost price. Also, our prices are at the mercy of rising production costs- we are doing our best!

  • SebastianI

    Hi, I understand that everything all arount the world is getting more and more expensive, but 225 quid for Inbred frame start to push the limits... Remember when I bought my first 26" wheels Inbred frame they were 100 quid. 125% hike over 4 years... I was thinking about new frame but looks like by trusty sand coloured Inbred will stay... Cheers! I.

  • JonB (On-One Team)

    Hi Johnny. No pics of complete bike as yet but it is high on the agenda this week so expect something soon.

  • Xavier

    Guys, still waiting for the 11 speed Alfine Inbred as a complete bike... I saw the dirty dozen offer but I'm really after the Alfine setup. Is the complete bike coming anytime soon or should I start thinking of getting the components and doing this myself?...

  • Zie Chon

    1st day - Inbred delivered; 2nd day - built-up by local bike store; 3rd day - caught bike store manager and mechanic browsing On-One site; 5th day (Tomorrow) - helping them with online order since they can't read English. Inbred Infection Indeed!

  • JonnyA

    Just wondering if you have any pics of the swap-out inbreds built up yet? Cheers

  • JonB (On-One Team)

    Hey Rob, price for the Inbred 29er Swap-Out is still TBC but we're looking certainly at a pre-order price that matches the 26er.

  • JonB (On-One Team)

    Hi David. Not entirely sure what you mean there, but I'd say clearance for a 50t big ring would be very tight on an Inbred frame, fine on a Kaffenback.

  • david

    hi, can i also use a triple crankset (50/42/30) on that swap-out-like kaffenback from mid aug.? :)

  • Chris

    Both sets of swap-outs included? Awesome!

  • Rob

    Is the 29er Inbred with swapouts going to be the same price as the 26er?

  • JonB (On-One Team)

    Sorry, Sean, a few teething problems on the new frames there... You'll be pleased to know I have sorted it now so that you get the extra horizontal swap-outs free of charge with every Inbred Swap-Out frame or bike build. Yey!!!

  • sean

    Fair point Garry. The new Inbred frames come with vertical drop-outs installed in the factory so we have to supply these unfortunately. The slot drop-outs are £14.99 each, but we are planning to offer them as a pair for £19.99 when you buy a frame. Does this sound reasonable? hiya Jonb as per your comment copy and pasted above? i have tried twice to order a frame today but nobody knows anything about what your have this deal for everyone????? do know why it's so hard to buy something from yourselves?

  • JonB (On-One Team)

    Hi Jens. Yes, Kaffenback is getting Swap-Outs too, available mid August. Colours will be black and bronze.

  • Jens

    Will the Kaffenback also be available with swapouts? When?

  • JonB (On-One Team)

    Hi Chris. Inbred 29ers are due end of July. Coming soon...

  • Chris

    When will the 29er Inbreds be available? Thanks!

  • JonB (On-One Team)

    Hi Simon, yes, the new CNC machined horizontal swap-outs work fine with our regular chain-tug.

  • SimonT

    Does your normal chaintug work with the track-end swapouts on this frame? I'm hoping this issue will be fully resolved in time for the new ScandAl. I'm glad that you've remembered to include full rack mounts, and well out of the way of the dropouts this time!

  • Zie Chon

    Yes Jon, amazing what you guys at On One come up with. Also the brake placement on the swap outs make more and more sense to me now. I can't wait, tomorrow is the 30th and it just can't be shipped soon enough! Can someone become a fan without ever having seen must less ridden an On One bike in person? Yes! I am already waiting for the Scandal 29ers so I hope the September deadline can be met!

  • JonB (On-One Team)

    Yes Zie Chon the M595 brakes fit fine. Nice one on buying the bundle, it's an incredible deal, will be wonderful when you unwrap your package and start to assemble the bits!

  • Zie Chon

    Hey Jon thanks for the reply. I've ordered the Dirty Dozen bundle which includes a set of swap-outs, I wonder if the Deore M595 hydraulic disc brake/160mm rear disc fit, for both geared and singlespeed? If not, which ones would I need? Thanks in advance.

  • JonB (On-One Team)

    Hey Zie. The I.S disc mounts are mounted on the Swap-Out... This system works very well, tucking the disc caliper in behind the seat stay. If you have a bulky disc caliper (like Avid BB7 for example) we sell an alternative disc side Swap-Out- model [email protected] here: to get around the clearance problem.

  • Zie Chon

    Hi, I'm probably being daft but I can't see the rear disc brake mounts on the seatstays, is the inbred not disc compatible? The vertical drop out 'swap out' has what appears to be IS mounts but how would it work at the chainstay location? or what are they? Thanks!

  • MattL

    Actually just enough bits to build a 29er Alfine 11 speed disc-braked bike (perchance with a touch of carbon up front) would be fine! you can even send the spokes in a bag...

  • Garry

    Jon, you make a good sales man. One more order coming your way

  • JonB (On-One Team)

    Fair point Garry. The new Inbred frames come with vertical drop-outs installed in the factory so we have to supply these unfortunately. The slot drop-outs are £14.99 each, but we are planning to offer them as a pair for £19.99 when you buy a frame. Does this sound reasonable?

  • Garry

    Hi Jon, finally, great news the inbred 3rd gen is here. I was just about to place my pre-order when I saw that they come with just vetical drop-outs. I am going to build this with a rohloff hub and so only need horizontal drops outs. I know it is hard to keep us all happy, but do I realy need to pay an extra £39.98?

  • JonB (On-One Team)

    Hey Jakob, frames are supplied with vertical drop-outs fitted. Horizontal drop-outs available separately here (new CNC design, arriving next week)

  • Jakob

    HI. Looks great with new inbreds with swopout and V-brake bosses. Seems that frames are supplied with horizontal dropouts and I will need to order vertical dropouts separately - is this correct? Do I also need to order V-brake bosses separately? PS: white colour is great but "pearl necklace" :-O

  • JonB (On-One Team)

    Yes, I think so, if the current offer is successful then certainly. It's a new concept- a bike in bits with a shed load of extra bits...