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Alfine 11 Hybrid- New!

After a frustratingly long wait (UK availability has been put back endlessly over the last few months) we are delighted to announce that Shimano's long awaited 11-speed Alfine hub gear system is finally in stock!

Eagerly anticipated since it was first announced last summer, Alfine 11 speed is billed as a direct competitor to Rohloff's legendary Speedhub but at 1/3 of the price. Alfine has been radically re-designed from the already successful 8-speed model. Featuring a wider gear ratio, oil bath mechanics, lighter weight and increased durability, Alfine 11 is set to become the industry standard hub gear.

On-One Pompetamine Alfine Urban 11-Speed is an extremely well equipped hybrid bike for road riding, commuting, touring, cross trails and light off road. Not only does it feature the exclusive new Alfine 11-speed transmission but also sports hand built wheels (including Shimano's excellent T665 6v 3.0w Dynamo Disc Hub). Components are excellent quality throughout- we even spec hydraulic disc brakes for the ultimate stopping power! This pre-order offer won't last for ever so stop thinking and get riding!

Note: Hubs are in stock but please allow at least a week for your wheels to be hand-built and then the standard bike build queue will apply- currently at about 10 days.

Click here to pre-order an On-One Pompetamine Alfine Urban 11-Speed bike

Click here to pre-order an On-One Pompetamine Alfine 11-Speed Pro bike for Only £999!

On-One Pompetamine Alfine 11 Speed Pro hybrid now available!

Click here to pre-order an On-One Pompetamine Alfine Urban 11-Speed bike for Only

13 January 2011


  • Jano

    Me2 I want one with a Gates Belt Drive as well....

  • Richard

    I want one with a Gates Belt Drive as well

  • bigasa

    I want one with a belt drive.....

  • ThomasH (On-One Team)

    Hi Nick, we don't currently have a disc compatible fork with rack mounts available, though you can get some racks that 'band around' fork legs for forks without rack mounts. Perhaps one of these front racks would allow to use a Pompetamine fork?

  • Nick Brown

    Do you have a disc compatible fork with rack mounts? The Pompetamine would make a great tourer if it could also take a front rack.

  • Evan

    Hi Jon I did email your customer services guys a week ago but have not received a response yet. Thanks Evan

  • ThomasH (On-One Team)

    Hi Gareth, get in touch with our customer service guys by emailing [email protected] or phoning 01709 386666 and they'll see what they can do.

  • ThomasH (On-One Team)

    Hi Evan, get in touch with our customer service guys by emailing [email protected] or phoning 01709 386666 and they will be happy to talk you the difference.

  • Evan

    Can anyone explain why there is a £400 price difference between the 11 and 8 speed Alfine builds? The general spec seems to be almost identical other than the hub (and shifters) which would imply a £200 difference in the models. At £999 the 11 speed would be a great buy for C2W. Evan

  • Gareth

    Hi, i bought my pompetamine frame in the Autumn thinking it would be fun to build my own Alfine 11 pomp, as you know Shimano put back the release date for the hub time and time again. eventually i now have a wheelset built around the 11 speed hub but i can't source the shifter, cassette joint and fixing kit for love nor money and it now seems i may have to wait until June for them! i want to ride my Pomp! ...are you able to supply me with what i need?

  • Nick

    Does the front fork have rack mounts as well as front guard mounts? To be a useful tourer I think it would need front as well as rear rack mounts.

  • ChristopherJ

    I'm also interested in bar choice - currently I've ordered with a flat bar, but I find myself drawn to a Fleegle Pro as an alternative - any idea of how this would feel with the handling/position? (all subjective I know - but I think the Marys would have too much sweep for me). So I'm thinking the On-One 3D Stem at 100mm with the 25.4mm Fleegle Pro - hopefully all in stock. Presumably I can just email any changes to the order I've already made (I'd also prefer a saddle that's not listed in the options)?

  • robertd

    i was kidding to divert yr attention from the extra q! now, any advice on high rise or flat bar? shame you dont have some of the oddly shaped touring bars to think about-say a cow horn?

  • JonB (On-One Team)

    Hi Robert. SLX won't make it any harder to get the wheel out! The stem in the picture is an FSA OS150 Road Stem which would be a £35 upgrade charge. I've added the extra stems as options into the build- should be refreshed by 4pm at the latest.

  • robertd

    i am going with the slx now-lol! provided no harder to get the wheel off if have to change a tyre right, what stem is that in the pici of the bike because i cannot seem to find a white stem in the options section. and what is the bar? so torn between a high riser and a flat bar-really dont know

  • JonB (On-One Team)

    The Deore brakes certainly offer enough stopping power and are well built so, yes, I would say you're probably best sticking with them :)

  • robertd

    last q-promise. this will be my run around and commuting bike and not likely to tour for a few years at least until kids old enough-worth an slx upgrade?

  • JonB (On-One Team)

    Yes, once Versa (or maybe even Shimano is they get it together) to a drop bar shifter on the market you can just swap over to it. Upgrades wise, SLX disc brakes are quite a step up from Deore M575 for an extra £50 a pair...

  • robertd

    Ta Jon, will get on with ordering. would you recommend any of the upgrades/options from a weight or comfort point of view? i presume, not having the patience to wait for the Versa levers, that once available i could easily swap the bars for road bars and fit the versa's?

  • JonB (On-One Team)

    Hi Robert, medium sounds right for you. Weight is on a par with the Versa Pro (we'll be building one up later this week so I'll be able to weigh it then). As far as the dynamo light goes, any standard 6v dynamo light should be 'plug and play.

  • robertd

    Hi Jon, Me again! i am 5 10, 30 and a half inside leg. ride an slpro medium with 100cm stem and 42 cm handlebar. feels right. seems i should go with a medium here, similar top tube length etc. do you agree? any idea of the weight of this compared to the Versa pro? is it easy to set up a dynamo driven front light too? many thanks

  • Stu

    Deal done, button clicked, one excited ex Rohloff soon to be Alfine 11 owner!!

  • JonB (On-One Team)

    Hi Stu. In fact, as long as you have the standover clearance you will be fine. As our bikes are fully customisable you can fit a longer stem to make your position more stretched out. The general consensus in the office from similarly sized guys is that an XL will be a better bet for you. Chainstay length is much the same for L and XL so pannier clearance should be fine either way.

  • Stu

    Thanks Jon Checking back on the geometry of my last three bikes there measurements seem to be nearer to the XL. In particular I'd prefer a slightly more stretched out ride, not to much sit up and beg. Would the XL help me achieve this without compromising on bike handling or damaging my crown jewels!! I would also like to use it for touring as well as day to day use so wondered if the bigger size would give me better heel clearance on panniers. Close to clicking ORDER .....!!

  • JonB (On-One Team)

    Hi Stu. I would suggest you went for a large size.

  • Stu

    I'm 6' 1" and have an inside leg of 32 and 3/4", can you confirm which frame size would suit on the Pompetamine Alfine 11 Pro.