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29 Inches of On-One

29 Inches of On-One

There's been a bit of a excitement at On-One towers this week as we've been out testing the swap-out prototype of the brand new Carbon 29er. Like you, we've been getting itchy feet about exactly when the new Carbon, Ti, Scandal and Inbred 29ers will be coming out, how good they will be, how much travel, design changes, cost etc and to be honest it's been a long wait.

But as the mist surrounding On-One chief designer Stevo desk begins to clear we are starting to see the light....

And now c_g, the European correspondent from, the global online authority on all things big wheeled, is coming to visit us this weekend to check out and test ride our new range of 29er bikes. He's already started stirring up some interest on the website, and we are looking forward to giving him the full lowdown on the full new range, and getting down and dirty too.

We'll keep you updated on how we get on, and fingers crossed there'll be details of the full new range of 29ers coming your way next week!

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3 November 2010


  • Keith

    C'mon, c'mon, c'mon. The suspense is killing me. Want to see what the deal is with the Inbred 29er. I've got money burning a hole in my pocket. Please tell me I won't have to wait to long till I can buy one?

  • RogerW

    the suspense is killing me...................

  • Zen Turtle

    Is it next week already?

  • Dugz

    Oh yeah! Any preorder discounts ;-)

  • Gorodn

    Grief, about time! :) I'm desperate for a Ti 29er with an Alfine 11spd, should suit my 6'4"...

  • Andrew

    You bloody beauty, been waiting for few months now chhers!