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Ti 456s have arrived

Time stood still in the On One office this afternoon. Nothing could be heard except the rustling of boxes and the electric sense of anticipation whilst a new batch of Titanium 456 bling was unpacked for the first time.

This is the latest version of our 5 out of 5 frame, but this time made by the famous Van Nicholas. We love these frames in a way that some people may call improper..... and we hope that you do too.

For those that have already ordered and been waiting patiently, rest assured we’ll be dispatching these as soon as possible. You can see our man in the workshop below building the first one. We'll start shipping these tomorrow.

For those that want one, get a wiggle on. We've sold almost half of this batch already on pre order.

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7 October 2010


  • Rich Smith

    Hi do you have a set of drop outs (swapouts) that allow a 142 x 12 shimano bolt through rear axle ?

  • Maxime

    Are you planning about making a titanium version of the Pompetamine ?

  • SimonM

    Jon, please pass my thanks on to Ben for the freebie which has made the small weight increase on the Ti456 frame MUCH easier to forget! The bike is riding very nicely around Surrey Hills and Mychett - can't wait for a weekend in Wales to start seeing how it handles something slightly rougher!

  • JonB (On One Team)

    Hi Nick. We use top mount front mechs on our frames apart from on the smallest sizes where bottom mount works better.

  • NickJ

    Hi guys, I'm looking to build up a Ti456 frame with XO but not sure whether to go with a low or high clamp front derailleur. Any advice?

  • JonB (On One Team)

    Hi John. A 456 geometry bike is as good as any for 69er duty. Rigid carbon 29er forks, or rigid 26er forks with a 29er wheel's an option too... Have fun!

  • John

    Would this be suitable to fit a 29" front fork and wheel to make a 69er?

  • Chris

    No disrespect, well, not too much, but I find the obsession with weight a rather neurotic mountain biking affliction. Each splash though a muddy puddle probably adds 50g. Then that big wedge of cake at the trail centre, bang! Another 200g. I'm saving up for one of these frames and having tried a standard 456, I can't wait to order one.

  • JonB (On One Team)

    Hi Simon. Just weighed the Smoothie Mixer at 170g. The Ti 456 frame is a little heavier than we'd expected but when you ride it you'll realise that it's not that crucial as it is such a great feeling bike on the trail... Ti skewers are a good idea though, I'll pass it on to the team. Happy riding!

  • SimonM

    Well at least it's not just mine! Anyway, perhaps it turns out the Smoothie Mixer headset is lighter than advertised as I weighed the frame at 2075g with headset fitted, making the headset nearer 150g... I'd really like to stick with the Ti - I'm sure that the acclaim it has received points to a bike which is well worth it. It's just going to be more expensive to keep the overall weight down. Any chance of an On One Ti rear skewer to help with that (bolt-through forks)? Cheers, Simon

  • JonB (On One Team)

    Hi Simon. I've just weighed an 18" here. It's come in a 1925g including swap-outs. Now, although the weight we were originally given was excluding swap-outs this still makes it slightly overweight. I will of course update the product description and if you are unhappy with the frame please feel free to return it for a full refund. The last thing I want to do is mislead customers- unfortunately this is a case of our suppliers providing us with inaccurate figures. Apologies, Jon.

  • SimonM

    Hi Jon, just got my shiny new 18" Ti456 frame today with a smoothie mixer headset. It looks great but I am a bit disappointed by the weight. I remember asking you for confirmation in the Carbon vs Titanium thread and you said the Ti456 came in at 1700g. I measured mine at 1866g once the 209g you quote for the headset has been subtracted. I know you could call me a weight-weenie but we're talking 10% heavier here. Have I got a duff model or are there significant differences between pre and post production batch weights? Thanks

  • JonB (On One Team)

    Hi Roger, congratulations on the self discipline! We do have 2 very temping Ti 29ers coming your way, but not until Spring 2011. There will be a long and short travel Ti 29er- the LT version is currently our designer Stevo's favourite bike. The 26er Ti 456 is available NOW though, and very nice it is too!...

  • RogerW

    Been saving for ages - money's burning a big hole in my pocket - any plans for a titanium 29er. Should I wait or should I blow it all now?

  • AnthonyC

    Frame arrived today.... Need spare time to build it up, all new XO kit for it and shiny new Crank Brother Iodine wheels. Hooray!!!!

  • SteveN

    Just been around Llandegla - fantastic fun, brilliant bike. Many thanks. Steve

  • SteveN

    A huge thank you to the guys at On One for building my 456Ti yesterday. Picked up my beautiful new bike last night, spent a fun couple of hours fiddling last night and off to llandegla to ride the black run this afternoon. Weight with XT Pedals and Schwalbe tyres sub 25Lb. - Can't wait!!


    They look the nuts!!! i have to have one!!!

  • Axel

    YES - I can't wait...........;-)