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Guerciotti Cyclocross Anyone?

Guerciotti Cyclocross Anyone?

Our sister company Planet X just built this up for a customer and we thought it was pretty darn cool. The "Xcrow" is a custom specced full carbon cyclocross bike from Italian artisans Guerciotti, with Campag Athena components and a hand picked choice of kit. It's not very often you see a cross bike with such good looks and performance, a definite head turner.

Guerciotti make a full range of Race, Cross and Fixie bikes and Planet X have an ever growing selection. If cyclocross is something you've been thinking about this bike is pretty hard to beat. Check out the range of frames here- all can built into custom builds to your specifiaction.

Let us know what you reckon to this bike and to On-One getting involved in in cyclocross generally it's something we're thinking about.

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8 September 2010


  • Richard Allen

    The replies here illustrate part of the problem with cyclocross; do you want an all-round 'mtb light' type machine suitable for touring etc as JJ suggests (big tyres, rack & mudguard bosses, discs, high front end and probably slacker geometry) or do you want a machine specifically for racing 'cross where the clearance needs to be good for the UK races (especially if sans pit crew) but only for 32mm tyres/tubs and geometry otherwise needs to be racier? So Ti, big clearance for 32mm, one set of bottle bosses on the seat tube, 130mm rear spacing, canti bosses (no discs), oh and an external headset, none of that internal nonsense ;->

  • JJ

    I have built up a Kaffenback so would be happy with Steel, just need more clearance to run 40C or 44C. Ideal spec would be, disc mounts (to run BB7s), good clearance to run 40-44C, steel and Ti (might even pay the $$$ for Ti), sliding drop out (to run SS or geared), cable and rack mounts (for the touring boys) and a longish head tube (so I didn't need a stack of spacers to get the bars level with the seat). Ideally, I would run a Carbon Fork up front, just to give a bit of plush travel, without the fuss of sus-fork.

  • Richard Allen

    One problem with the Uncle John (I've got a pair for racing and love them especially clearance wise) is the rear spacing as it is a fiddle for fast wheel changes. Personally if I was to get a Ti cross frame I'd want it to be a 'pure' race frame, but with bottle bosses on the seat tube for the 3Peaks, no rack or mudguard mounts. Stick with cantis as don't think discs are neccessary/worth it for cross especially if I have to build up a whole new quiver of wheels ;-)

  • Greg

    How about just making a no nonsense cross frame without the faff? People do want just cross frames, no over glorified touring frames. Not that i dont love my UJC...dont get me wrong

  • JonB (On One Team)

    Cheers for the comments, Richard. There is a good amount of clearance on the Xcrow but it's difficult to get the right camera angle.. The Uncle John is 132.5mm at the rear- it will take MTB or road wheels. I agree about a Ti cross frame being a winner. How about a Ti cross / touring / Audax frame with bigger mud and mudguard clearance, proper rack mounts front and rear, maybe disc or canti mounts...???

  • Richard Allen

    Bring back the ti cross frame or an updated version of the Uncle John with 130 rear spacing! Not sure about the heaps of clearance on the Guerciotti around the chainstays - maybe its the angle but it looks a bit 'euro' to me ;-)