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New Inbred Frames Out Now!

The all time classic On-One steel frame is tweaked up and back for another round. The frame that started it all, Inbred has become a cult classic, finding it's way into touring, expedition, hybrid and even bike polo use in addition to the off road cross country riding that it was originally designed for.

A short travel custom butted cro-mo frame that will never let you down, the Inbred's tried and tested geometry has also gone on to be used in our Scandal alloy and carbon Whippet frames. But the legendary ride quality of steel is still unbeatable in many ways taking the knocks with ease and giving just the right amount of stiffness, spring and damping.

We've refreshed the Inbred 26 and 29inch frames for 2010 but what is different on the new models? On-One designer Stevo Olsen gives us the low down:
New Inbred slot drop out frames
Q: Tell us about the Inbred, Stevo. What makes it so popular?
A: Inbred started life as a simple single speed and gear friendly frame and has become our most versatile frame. Our customers ran it with Rolhoff and Alfine hub gear systems. 29er Slot drop-out Inbreds were turned into Monster Cross bikes. We added disc brakes inside the rear triangle so that panniers can be run no issues. And at the end of the day the Inbred will take on any short travel steel frame on the market and pass with flying colours!

Q: How do you go about refreshing a classic?
A: The Inbred needed changing for CEN so we added some new features at the same time as changing the top tube butting. Here are the new refinements:

* Taperlock (TM) reardropouts:
No need to use chaintugs when using bolt up Singlespeed wheels. These can still be run with the QR on the inside of the frame.
New Inbred slot drop out frames
* Down tube cable run:
The Brake and the gear cables all run down the DT now. The gear cables are now split for easy maintenance and as a bonus it now has a clean look and NO cables under the top tube, so it is easier to lift over fences...

* Rear Brake mounts changed to fit more brakes:
Avid BB7's still do not fit with 160mm rotors but almost every other brake caliper now works fine.
New Inbred slot drop out frames
* Rack Mounts:
All 26ers have the rack mounts on the yoke. All 29ers have the rack mounts on the seatstays.

* Massive mud clearance:
The Rear mech cable shaves across the inside of the chainstay, giving more mud clearance.

Q: Sounds good. When can we expect the new frames?
A: Slot drop-out Inbred's in red and "Sterling Moss" green are due at the beginning of October but the pre-order offer is open now!

Click here to order a 26 inch frame and here for a 29er.

PS: Not available in pink!

26 August 2010


  • JoeFi

    Do BB7s with 185 rotor work on a 19" Inbred 29er, if so, what avid adapter do I use? Thanks.

  • JonB (On One Team)

    Hi Gordon, you can find a QR chaintug here:

  • Gordon

    > a QR chaintug will need to be used to secure the wheel position. Where do you get a QR chaintug?

  • StuartC

    Thanks for the feedback,shame the BB7's don't fit, would have been ideal(& excellent value), as for the pompetamine, its a lovely machine but I already have a Salsa fargo for the 29er rigid thing(which runs BB7's ,chainstay mounted & fits racks,you should check out those dropouts), Also the 11 speed Alfine is a new product so I'm gonna keep my eye on it for a year or so before I consider it for an expedition machine. What I'm after has to accommodate my Odur forks,26" wheels & BB7's as well as fit racks(oh.. & obviously be steel) I guess the search goes on.. cheers

  • JonB (On One Team)

    Hi Stuart. The problem with BB7's is that they're quite bulky and the arm fouls the seatstay even when the caliper is as far forward as it can go. You could use the vertical drop out Inbred with V-brakes or canti's on the rear and a BB7 on the front (where most of the stopping power comes from...). It is a shame and we will do our best to get BB7's working next time. Or what about the new Pompetamine with BB7's and Alfine hub gears- perfect expedition bike I'd have thought!

  • scott

    No 29ers in red? : (

  • StuartC

    Want to make an expedition bike based on the inbred & run it with BB7 brakes,So what's the problem with the BB7's? is it just rotor size? & if so how can I run BB7's on the inbred? thanks

  • JonB (On One Team)

    Hi Matt, No plans at the moment for extra colours of Inbreds. However, as it seems like their popularity is not waning I think it would be great to have more cool colour choices. I'll pass on the comment to Danny.

  • MattE

    Is there any plans on making these in the lime and orange colours like the 456? i'll snap one up if you are!

  • JonB (On One Team)

    The problem with the 29er Inbred pre-order page has now been fixed! We're working on getting the steel 29er fork with you as soon as possible, beginning of 2011 looks very possible. In the next revision we plan to make the Inbred with swap-outs so you can change between horizontal and vertical drop-outs., but in the meantime the 29er is slot only.

  • henry

    the 29er preorder link doenst work for me, too. when in 2011 will the 29er fork be available? early?

  • WaldoJ

    Last time when i hit the pre-order button for a 29er inbred, i got a pre-order page... now it is gone/ or won't work corect... how come??? can't you pre-order the 29er inbreds??? Are there plans for a vertical slot dropout for the inbreds 29ers...

  • JonB (On One Team)

    Expect an On-One cro-mo 29er fork next year all you steel fans! It's in the pipeline...

  • JonB (On One Team)

    Hi Clink, the 18" 29er frame weighs in at just over 5.5 lbs. The CEN advancements have added about 0.5 pounds to the weight.

  • JonB (On One Team)

    The vertical drop-out Inbred's are being manufactured now and should be in before November. They will also have the re-inforced top-tube but everything else will remain identical.

  • JonB (On One Team)

    On the subject of cabling, Simon, we reckon that bare cabling is easier to lube and clean. The tube diameters are the same apart from the top tube which has been reinforced, now allowing safe usage of 120mm travel forks (any longer and you'd be better with a 456). We are still continuing with the vertical drop-out Inbred for those who either want to run V-brakes or have no intention of going single speed ever that's a better option.

  • JonB (On One Team)

    Cheers for your comments, here are some more answers, firstly on taperlock drop-outs: This is a BMX system and allows more movement to pick up single speed chain slack. Chaintugs do not always allow the full movement to get the most popular gear ratios. This works best with solid axle hubs and though it can still be used with geared and QR hubs, a QR chaintug will need to be used to secure the wheel position.

  • SimonT

    Hurrah - the Inbred lives! The driveside dropout looks somehow simpler than the last version, but I'm not sure if bare cabling will be popular although I don't use gears myself... Are all the tube external diameters the same as before? Any headtube-to-downtube reinforcing for CEN? I presume you won't be bothering with a vertical dropout version as well - does that mean that the silly "Slot Dropout" graphic can go?!! And don't forget the Union Jack sticker this time!

  • Clink

    Any idea how much an 18" 29er frame weighs? Has CEN increased the weight?

  • JonB (On One Team)

    Thanks Simon I'll admit to a bit of photo wrongness there! You're right, the photo of the green frame is the old model, the new ones haven't arrived yet! Same for the rack mounts- go by the description not the image... Cheers guys. PS: I'll try and get some more info on the taperlock drop outs up tomorrow.

  • Simon Haslam

    Same comment on rack mounts - do I get the Black and Decker out? (18" 29er Inbred)

  • Scootash

    You say the cable guides run down the down tube, except in the picture, they don't. I assume the picture is of the old frame? Any more information on the Taperlock dropout thing?

  • SOTC

    Are you doing a 'normal' horizontal dropout 29er inbred frame? What about a steel 29er rigid fork as well?

  • SebastianI

    Rack mounts... Ohhh yes... That was a little bit of surprise for me with Inbred 29er frame. Drilling for rack/mudgards on the dropouts but nothing on seatstay or seat tube... Cheers! I.