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New Carbon 29er Wheels

Look what just landed in the office today… Two lovely sets of On-One carbon 29er wheels! These beauties are going to be tested to death over the coming weeks. We have 2 sets to test.

On-One Carbon 29er Wheels

The first set is a tubeless compatible version which can run standard tyres and tubeless and Stans no tubes. The rims are laced onto a 28h sealed bearing super drive hub with an amazing 120 tooth pick up system. The system allows instant pick up for the rider giving less fatigue and sounds awesome too. They will come with Sapim double butted spokes and will come in 9mm QR version for the pre built and 9mm, 15mm and 20mm for the hand built versions.

On-One Carbon 29er Wheels

The second set is a more standard rim for normal tyres. We will be offering hand built wheels as an option for these rims so wanted to see how well they fair up against the tubeless version.

The rims will be having some lovely graphics and paint jobs for the finished version and the hubs will be coming in various anodized colour options to give a really nice finishing look. They will be available to buy around the end of October for around the £500-£600 mark and will also be coming on the new carbon 29er full build bikes.

On-One Carbon 29er Wheels
I can’t wait to get out and test them and will keep you all posted over the next few weeks. Watch this space and lest us know what you think to them….


25 August 2010


  • Robert

    How about a 29er SS specific set?

  • JonB (On One Team)

    Hey Ben, check here for full details on the new range of 29ers: Cheers.

  • Ben

    Lovely wheelset,I do have the Edge design set on my bike and really super.By the way,what happened with that beautifull 29" carbon frame you had(mtb) Was really looking forward for a large size?

  • JonB (On One Team)

    Hi Timmy. The carbon wheels are still in testing and graphics are still to be finalised. We currently don't have an availability date or retail price but don't expect them before 2011. Should be worth the wait though, we are absolutely loving them...

  • Vito

    The tubeless version would be perfect for a superlight cx/monstercross build, even better with a 130mm flip flop fixed/free hub ;-)

  • TimmyG

    So when can we buy some then? And how many kidneys will I have to sell to get a set?

  • JonB (On One Team)

    Wheels are holding up great, Tim. Very solid wheel and feel really nice. not too stiff and not too flexy. Hubs sounds great and the instant pick up really helps on the trails. Danny.

  • TimmyG

    So Danny, how are these wheels holding up? Any news on a date when they'll go on sale? Cheers TG

  • Matteo

    20mm internally? Mmmm not bad but I prefer more wider rims...

  • Pete

    Any idea of weight?

  • JonB (On One Team)

    Hi milkywaye. I think that's pushing it to be honest. When we are satisfied with testing and happy to go into production there's at least a 2 month delay, usually more like 3. So we're probably looking at nearer to Christmas I'm afraid.

  • milkywaye

    wow.. sexy! what is the 'real' reality of getting the rims only (28h UST) purchased before the end of October? (Have a big race I need them for shortly after that) I am just building up a race wheelset and was gonna go for the Notubes Crest 29ers, but this looks too sexy to pass up. But can't purchase the DT240s hubs until I know which rim (as the Crests are 32h)

  • JonB (On One Team)

    We are planning to do them in 26 inch as well, Paul. Probably in a non UST version in the first instance. These are a while off yet though.

  • JonB (On One Team)

    Regarding the whole tubeless issue, Simon, this is what our designer, Stevo Olsen has to say on it: "We wanted to develop a future proof rim and it is easier to design a UST version and work backwards. The main reason is weight. A UST carbon rim does not have the rim bridge drilled and therefore can be made with less carbon and therefore can weigh less. UST rims can be run with Stans or similar sealant systems but without the need for rim tape. "Getto UST" saves weight by using lighter tyres which get blocked up with the sealant. You can still use inner tubes with UST rims". Hope that helps.

  • JonB (On One Team)

    Hi Ninko, we are now getting the rims and wheels into LAB and "real world" testing and looking at a sub 370g for the 28H UST rim versions. We are doing 32H non-UST rims which will be slightly heavier, but more versatile... Carbon Fixie and 11 speed Alfines may make there way onto our bikes... Watch this space!

  • paulh

    These look awesome, any plans for 26" versions? will finish off my carbon 456 nicely!

  • Simon Haslam

    Danny, these look magic. What about tubeless tyres for the tubeless compatible version - don't think there's much around at the moment?

  • Ninko

    Any weight on them? Separate rims?

  • JonB (On One Team)

    Hi Chris et al. Yes we will be doing a build on a single speed hub. Rims and hubs will be available separately. The UST rims are in 28 hole whereas the standard tubed rims are in 32 hole. First batch of Carbon 29er frame and rigid forks due October (18 inch) with other sizes to follow by the end of the year. Finally, good idea Ojos, a new Inbred 29er with swap outs is on our to do list but it won't be in this next coming batch.

  • Ojos Azules

    Why not 32h ? Are you going to sell hubs and rims separately ? Front hubs - replaceable end-cups for different T/A standards yes/no ? Give us some news on 29er progress. What's the word with new steel Inbred 29er - will it have swappable drop-outs like carbon and Ti 29ers ?

  • ian

    these look ace and exactly what 29ers need.

  • SebastianI

    Ohhhh yesss!!! Carbon x2 (or should it be x3, frame and two wheels xD ? ) 20mm internal is healthy. Got WTBs now and they are 21mm internaly. Were is my credit limit calculator ? Cheers! I.

  • Chris N

    Wow they look amazing, will there be a single speed version? also does this mean the carbon 29er is ready soon?

  • JonB (On One Team)

    Cheers for that Sebastien. The internal width of the rims is 20mm and we're riding 2.3 inch tyres with no problems.

  • SebastianI

    Looks interesting :) What is internal width of the rims? Are they going to support really fat tyres? Cheers! I.