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Tim's Prototype Pompetamine

Just had an email from Tim Garrod, the proud owner of the first Pompetamine  sample, which happily came in bright fluorescent yellow... He loves the bike and has pimped it up with Avid Elixr's and Easton carbon bars...
On-One Pompetamine Prototype Yellow
In Tim's words:
"It’s a thing of great joy – it absolutely flies (and stops) and it gets a lot of admiring / ‘what the hell is that’ glances on the commute.... It’s brilliant – I reckon that I own the best commuting bike in London.

On-One Pompetamine Prototype Yellow

Hope that you’re selling a lot of Pompetamines! There are lots of single speed commuters in bike shop windows at the moment, and they really don’t look as nicely finished as On-One....
On-One Pompetamine Prototype Yellow

Cheers Tim, any other requests for some nice bright colours in future?


17 August 2010


  • ThomasH (On-One Team)

    Hi rossr, no release date yet. Maybe sign up for the email newsletter? That way you'll get up to date availability and pricing for all our new products.

  • rossr

    Any news on a release date for these forks yet?

  • Dimitri

    Forks Sweet Forks!!! Love thy neighbor's forks :o What's the A-C of these forks and when are they going to be available and at what price?

  • JonB (On One Team)

    Yes, good question Dominic. We are working on several On-One transfer kit designs and hopefully will have them available to buy within the next couple of months. Sign up to the newsletter to be kept informed!

  • DominicE

    Is it possible to get a transfer/ logo set if i were to give the Pompy a respray ?

  • dean alba

    Neil, how hard was the belt drive conversion? Where did you cut the frame? Or do you know of anywhere who could do it for me? thanks mate. ps love those forks!!

  • TimG

    I'm thinking that carbon 29er wheels will finish this off a treat. Just need the guys to do the testing, and offer me a set at a price I can afford / get past the wife... (gentle hint *AHEM) TG

  • BenS

    I owuld definitley get those forks for my Pompetamine, they look fantastic! +1 for stocking them!

  • Neil Cammish

    Please please hurry with those forks, they look so much nicer than the Kinesis DC19 (at £108 so theres a target to beat On One!!!). Have now converted the pompetamine to belt drive so want to pimp it with nice(r) forks now. Done 500 miles so far with no problems.

  • christopherk

    I'll have a pair! or two-they look like Winwood Muddy's but the cheapest I've seen them is closer to £200 (you can get them via halfords of all places).

  • JonB (On One Team)

    Stevo's on the case James. Will be at least 3 months away but it looks like we can get them and they'll be around 125 quid.

  • JamesP

    The forks look like a 'must' stock item to me. How much and when?

  • JonB (On One Team)

    A few people asking what these forks are. Well, they're a disc only wide mud clearance Carbon fork that we're considering stocking for our 700c cross and hybrid bikes. If you want us to get them in let us know, it's a definite possibility...

  • TimG

    The forks were the sweetener in the deal - they came ready fitted so I can't help you there! Someone at On One must know though. Bell and reflectors aren't cool, but are my concession to staying alive in the London traffic...

  • Don

    Aye christopherk - can we find out what make the forks are please?

  • Stu

    Very nice indeed. I've got a SS converted Scandal (White Bros forks, discs - Elixrs on my wish list!)and the Geometry looks pretty similar so I imagine it is very nice to ride. Should probably lose the bell and reflector though.