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Pompetamine Versa drop bar sneak preview

Pompetamine Versa drop bar sneak preview

The wait is almost over... We've managed to secure supply of the excellent Versa VRS-8 Alfine compatible drop bar levers for the new Pompetamine drop bar bike.

Offering the best of all worlds this is truly one of the most versatile bikes imaginable, perfect for hassle free fast commuting, touring, light trail riding and with the change in regulation now a UCI certifiable cyclocross bike too!

The Versa shifters are designed exclusively to work with Shimano's 8 speed Alfine hub gear system and work brilliantly well. A bit of an unknown gem they are hard to get find but extremely effective. Well made, precise and wonderfully ergonomic. Partnering the Avid BB7 disc brakes perfectly this is a fast, classy and robust build.

We love this bike, and going by the amount of requests we've had during the past months you will too. Stand by for the build be available very soon- sign up for the newsletter here to find out when.

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

Let us know what you think, this bike really is a result of your comments and emails so keep them coming!

30 July 2010


  • LeeviM

    Sussex emailed me today, that the VRS-11 for alfine 11-speed is available. Now waiting for the Pompetamine equipped with it.

  • ThomasH (On-One Team)

    Hi Jed, we have been told Versa are developing them at the moment. We don't yet have a date when they will be with us though. Perhaps sign up for our email newsletter to get the latest pricing and availability?

  • Jed

    Have you got any of the versa 11 shifters yet? Any plans? Thanks, Jed

  • JonB (On One Team)

    Hi Evan. Fork is drilled from behind, and stay bridges also drilled to take mudguards. Very mudguard friendly frame this one!

  • Evan

    I see there are rack and fender mounts, but are the fork and stay bridges drilled? Dealbreaker if they aren't.

  • JonB (On One Team)

    Hi Steve. You can retrofit the 11 speed hub and shifter at any time. But I'd think that after the expense of the hub itself, plus wheel building, you'd be better off choosing which version to go for and stay with that one.

  • Steve Wheeler

    Can you tell me if I buy one of these now will I be able to retrofit the 11 speed hub and shifter once they are available? Or should I wait untill next year for the complete 11 speed version? Thanks Steve

  • JonB (On One Team)

    Hi Stephen. 11 Speed Alfine is currently unavailable but it will be soon. However, availability is limited and it looks like demand may outstrip supply initially. You could potentially use a rear derailleur to tension the frame with a front mech that would give you a HUGE range of gears but to be honest its probably a bit over the top. Alfine 11 already has a very wide range, if I were you I'd stick with that, with a 32T chainring up front if you are touring.

  • stephen burch

    Hi, i'm looking to go touring on a grand scale throughout the UK and was looking at the Dawes Galaxy but would prefer discs and hub gears. I realise that there are bikes with discs and bikes with hub gears but I haven't found any with both of these. Is the 11 speed Alfine available now and would it be possible to fit a double or triple crankset to give me more gear choice. Obviously it would need some sort of chain tensioner that "floats" with the chain as it shifts on the front rings. I don't know whether these are available already but if the bike was kitted out with racks front and rear along with hub dynamo it would then have the potential for a good low maintenance tourer. Any prices on the base bike with this set up would be appreciated? Thanks.

  • Brian Mead

    I was on the verge of ordering a croix de fer, but now I am going to hold off and see what happens here. One minor criticism (i'm sure your already aware of this)is that for cyclocross use the gear cable would be better routed along the top of the top tube.

  • JonB (On One Team)

    Yes, Scampbell, it does have full mudguard and rack mounts. Ta.

  • Scampbell

    Looks like my search for my perfect commuter bike is over. One question - can it take mudguards and rack? After that the most difficult choice of all - blue or white!

  • Caesar

    I put an Alfine wheel and Versa levers in / on my Pomp last November and it works a treat. Just wish I had been able/arsed to do the long commute more often since then instead of resorting to the Brompton and train. Had to stretch the Pomp from 120mm to 135 after my original plan to respace the hub turned out to be a lot more difficult than I thought. Now I am very tempted by this frame (would like a BB7 on the back too - already have one on the front on a Schmidt dyanmo hub) and matching fork (have a black Project 2 at the mo). One question - I routed the shift cable down the seat stay at first but the chain rubbed on the arm thing on the hub with a 20T sprocket. I moved to chain stay routing and there is no rub. The frame guides on the Pompetamine are for seat stay routing. How do you stop the chain rubbing on the hub arm? There is a wet-weather specific arm that gives more clearance ( Are you using that or does it just work with teh normal one?

  • JonB (On One Team)

    Hi Farlane, yes in answer to your questions. We will be releasing too models and the cheaper one will be considerably lower priced than the Cyclescheme limit. Due to be launched in this Thursday's newsletter- sign up to be one of the first to reserve one.

  • Farlane

    I really, really want one. But can we have one slightly lower range, cheaper spec, not too expensive for cycle scheme please?!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Matt, interesting question, main problem being that it's impossible to run a flip flop hub with a disc (for obvious reasons). We would suggest a fixed Pompino with a Pompetamine disc fork... Thats not to say that you couldn't have a single speed Pompetamine- On-One 135mm hubs are due in anytime. Contact Danny Holroyd ([email protected]) if you'd like a custom build.

  • matt

    love it , l have just been looking for a new winter training bike and this is just so nice , spot on , would it it be poss to spec this bike with out the 8 speed hub and just run a flip flop instead ?

  • JonB (On One Team)

    Hello Waxyt. You could fit a front mech but as this bike is designed for hub gears there are no cable guides...

  • Waxyt

    White is fine, but will I be able to fit a front mech at some point? That will make it a do-it-all bike

  • JonB (On One Team)

    Hi Paul, we're looking at around the grand mark on the Versa bike as the levers are expensive. The price is TBC though at this point- you can always pay the extra if you wish to order a bike over the £1000 threshold.

  • PaulS

    What is the price point going to be? Cyclescheme only allows up to £1000.

  • JamesC

    Very nice. Any chance of getting a Mungo bar'd version? And keep the white... I for one think it looks brilliant

  • JonB (On One Team)

    Hi Leo, We are planning to stock the Alfine dynamo front wheels. However, the UK Shimano distributors have been out of stock of them for some weeks and we are waiting for the wheels to become available.

  • LeoW

    Are you going to get in some matching Alfine front hubs (dynamo) as an option?

  • MichaelS

    One of the most interesting projects at the moment. But please! please! not in white! I think most of the people are tired of these white frames and components. ;)