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Ti 456 back in business!

There can be few bikes that have enjoyed such critical acclaim as the original Ti 456.  Amongst a whole host of complimentary pundits were Bike Radar who gave it 5/5 calling it the 'best hardtail ever' (here) and What Mountain Bike (page1 and page 2) who awarded their first and only perfect 10/10 to 'the hard riders perfect hardtail'.


So what did we do?

Firstly there were a few features that we felt would make a valid upgrade to the frame and bring it up to date with current riding trends. These are the main new features:

Mix Tapered Headtube: = Large Bottom bearing = Less head set flex. Semi-Intergrated 11/8 top cup and External 1.5 bottom cup

Swap-outs for a do everything frame (Replacement hanger and Singlespeed upgrade)
allowing the use of Alfine, Singlespeed or 10 speed

73mm bottom bracket shell & ISCGO5 chainguide mount. Run 9 or 10 speed or Hammerschmit, or fit a bash guard.

Huge mud clearance for super-wide 2.4"+ tyres. Chainstays are profiled for extra stiffness and mud clearance

31.6mm seatpost for those height adjustable seatposts.

Small refinements, but important ones all the same...

So, we have a new version of a classic that thorough testing has proven to be possibily even better than the original! We have moved production to Van Nicholas, the Dutch titanium bike specialists as we felt that their overall quality and consistency of manufacture was excellent.

We're very happy with how the new titanium bike has turned out, and extremely satisfied that the new price is actually lower than the original too.

In fact from today you will be able to pre-order both the frame and complete XT bike build for delivery at the end of September. All sizes from 14" to 20" will be available in a classy decalled satin finish. Click here for more info on the frames and here to read more about the complete bike.

We'd love to know what you think of this new bike... Please do leave a comment- it's always great to get feedback!

20 July 2010


  • pwd81

    Agree with CS645. I'm in the same boat.

  • CS645

    Is there any chance you guys will design a 456 specifaclly for 650B if that wheel size finally will get more mainstream? Just need to lower BB a bit and make the head angle slightly steeper. I'm on the brink of buying a 456, but I'm still holding out to see if 650B will catch on. I know they fit in current 456's already, but like said, I'd like a dedicated 650B geometry.

  • franz

    thank you for the info! i'm excited about the new version.

  • JonB (On-One Team)

    Looking at at least 6 months from now- sorry I can't be any more precise right now.

  • franz

    great! i do hope we can have the 142x12 option, as for the shipping date, will it be this year or what month for the 2012?

  • JonB (On-One Team)

    Hi Franz. The Ti 456 is currently undergoing a re-design and I don't have a shipping date as yet. Will pass on your desire for a 142-12 rear to Brant.

  • franz

    hi, any idea when this frame will be available? does it come with a 142x12 rear?

  • JonB (On-One Team)

    Yes, Heste, just order the horizontal swap-outs separately: (Type C and D) and you'll be well equipped for hub gear usage. Just be aware that certain disc calipers (eg Avid BB7 MTB) are too bulky to mount on these swap-outs and if you wanted to run hub gears with these you'd need to use vertical drop-outs (Type A and B2) and use a chain tensionner such as the On-One Doofer: We have 100 of these arriving on Friday :) Happy travels

  • Heste Berentz

    Hi, I would love to build this up as world tour go everywhere machine with a rohloff hub and disc brakes. Is this possible in standard specification? Cheers, Heste

  • Nick

    Matt probably meant a steel frame with titanium finish ;) Are there still 18" frames left for pre-ordering the end of march-batch? Thanks!

  • ThomasH (On-One Team)

    Hi Matt, we do a Steel 456 which you can find at

  • Matt

    Is it possible to have this frame made in steel instead of titanium at a better price ? Thx

  • LaurenceA

    Hi again and thanks for the email reply to my message below, however 6 days on and I am still non the wiser as to where the bike is. I have contacted the local TNT office myself today and they have confirmed that the bike has not arrived there yet, however as I suspected they cannot give me any further information without the Tracking Number. With this number TNT could tell me exactly where the package is, and also what the hold-up is with delivery (and indeed I could then track it online myself). So could I again ask for the tracking number, and also if you have managed to find out anything yourselves in the meantime. 7 weeks and counting :(

  • LaurenceA

    Hi on-one, where's my bike? I ordered it on the 12 Oct and all bits were in stock. Elsewhere on the web site you advertise a 10 to 14 day build time, however for what ever reason mine wasn't shipped until a month later. I emailed you 2 days ago asking for a tracking code for TNT, since it has now supposedly been with the courier for almost 2 weeks, I'm a bit concerned that it's gone missing as although I live abroad couriers don't normally take this long to deliver from the uk (for instance the pedals I ordered took 6 days to arrive). However you haven't replied to the email I thought I'd try this way. Presumably you have no objection to passing tracking numbers on to your customers?

  • JonB (On One Team)

    Hi there Chaser. I'm afraid you can't fit an external top cup- the frame diameter is 44mm- designed to take a zero stack integrated race. We've been very happy with the On-One Smoothie Mixers though, if you want to go for something cheaper?

  • Chaser

    Hi, On One. I decided to fit ann blue parts to my soon to arrive Ti 456. I tried to get the King mixed tapered inset top/external bottom cup headset in blue but not available in blue unless I buy two headsets - a tapered external headset and an 1 18th inset headset [which is expensive] My question - is it ok to fit an external 1 1/8th cup at the top of the tub? I know its designed for a semi integrated but will the only effect be to make the stack height of the headset increase? Maybe there is another technical reason. Can't wait to get my frame! Thanks, Ian.

  • JonB (On One Team)

    Hi Murray, we're waiting for the geometry tables to update to clarify the figures are for a compressed 140mm or non-compressed 120mm fork. Head angle is 67.5mm with 140mm forks uncompressed, which is pretty normal. At the end of the day, whatever the figures, the 456 has proven over the years to have pretty much the ideal do-it-all trail centre geometry for 120-160mm forks and we really love it!

  • MurrayM

    Can I clarify please - head angle is 67.5 deg and seat angle 71 deg with an uncompressed 140mm fork? I thought 69.5 deg was very steep for a "long forked" hard tail.

  • BillB

    Ti456 arrived last Friday and the office ground to a halt, looks sooo sweet everyone wanted to take it home. It's been proped up in the lounge by the TV this week while I round up the last few bits for the build. Now then where's my spanners and the big hammer, I want to go riding this weekend!

  • JonB (On One Team)

    Hi Rasklabnoy. You're absolutely correct, our mistake. The geometry table is actually based on a compressed 140mm (or fully extended 120mm) fork. Head angle slackens by 2 deg for every 20mm of extra fork travel and seat angle is always 3.5 deg more than head angle. Hope that helps.

  • Rasklabnoy

    Quote: "the 456 geometry calculated with a fully extended 140mm travel fork." How come the seat angle is "73 with fully extended 140mm fork" if it is a bit less than 72 on first picture (where the fork is obviously less than 140) ???

  • JonB (On One Team)

    Hi guys a free t-shirt can indeed be yours! All you need to do is put your new Ti456 up on the Readers Rides section. Normally you'd get a t-shirt free with your next order but email [email protected] and Ben will send you one out gratis!

  • RayC

    Yay!!!! The wait is nearly over...... I like the T-Shirt idea. I'll have a Large please. We can all wear them when we unpack our frames. We can photo it and send the pics of happy customers in to you guys!

  • Víctor955i

    UFFFF!!!!! i lovely this bike!!!! and the horrizontal drop outs to Rohloff????

  • BillB

    @Axel: 48 hours and counting. I feel a 'Facebook campaign' coming on!

  • Axel

    @BillB: Good idea! A Large one for me please.......;-) Are you still looking at shipping them this week?

  • BillB

    Go on, keep all us people sweet that have per-ordered and been sooo patient. Why not throw in an On-One T shirt with the frame. X-large for me please.

  • danielh (On One Team)

    We currently spec the Ti 456 with a thomson 31,6 post. We also do the On-one twelfty in 31.6. I would recommend using one of these posts rather than a 27.2 with a shim. Currently there are no plans for a ti post but could be ordered through special request.

  • AndrewD

    Can I use an existing Twelfty seatpost with a shim or must it be the correct size? Are you planing of offering Van Nich's or your own titanium seatpost? ps. I do think your geometry chart is misleading because it suggests you measure the effective top tupe horizontally from the centre of the headtube to the centre of the seatpost collar, NOT the seatpost itself. I know you measure it from the seatpost though because the manufacturers' ETT for my 14" 456 and the 17" P7 that it replaced were directly comparable (i.e. the 14" is a few cm shorter despite the seatpost being 2cm from max height!).

  • JonB (On One Team)

    Hi guys pleased to be able to tell you that the new Ti 456 will be here with us by the end of next week at the latest (8th October). The wait is nearly over!

  • simonc

    What date are we looking at for delivery?

  • SteveM

    I've got a bad feeling this two week delay is going to be more like two months. You guys really shouldn't be doing preorders on products when you can't meet deadlines. I was really hoping I'd be able to get a few rides in on the new bike before winter. Not going to happen now :(

  • JonB (On One Team)

    Hi Grzegorz. I've checked the geometry chart for the Ti 456 and it looks correct. Remember, effective top tube is defined as the horizontal measure from the center of the headset to the center of the seatpost. That's the normal way of sizing a road bike and quite a standard measurement. Hope that helps.

  • Grzegorz

    JonB, I'm planning to get a 456 frame, still not sure about the size. Looked at you sizing chart and then the geometry sheet and got confused. Can you clarify whether the 'effective TT length' (dimension 'C') is measured as per your sketch? I have never seen any other companies to measure the 'effective' TT length that way, hence my confusion. For me at first sight it looks like the sketch drawing is WRONG, I mean the dimension 'C' is wrongly indicated. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

  • juanma

    will be mounted with crossmax XL, XT drivetrain, Fox talas 130(2006),,, mmmm,

  • juanma

    I'm planning to upgrade my old Merida alu frame to a Ti one, and I'm in love with the 456, mmmmm

  • JonB (On One Team)

    You may have problems. Stevo's suggesting trying a 180mm rear rotor to bring the caliper as far forward as possible but he reckons it may still be tight. You could run a chain tensioner with vertical drop-outs if the worst comes to the worst?

  • BBoy

    I plan to run it on as a SS using the horizontal dropout. I suppose that dropout should have no issue with the BB7 too right? Anyways, a little delay for good stuff is worth it!

  • JonB (On One Team)

    The rear drop-outs are BB7 friendly, you will probably need to fit the alternative swap-out: On-One Swapout Replaceable Dropout / B2 / Geared / Disc Side Outer. These allow the use of bulky disc calipers. They're showing as out of stock right now but the stock will be updated before the end of the day.

  • JonB (On One Team)

    Hi Ray, unfortunately delivery is running about 2 weeks late. We're now expecting them mid-October. I know it's frustrating but we wanted to be 100% sure everything was completely right...

  • RayC

    Guys, Are we still on for Sept 30th delivery of these beauties?

  • BBoy

    Was wondering if the TI 456 rear mount is BB7 friendly? I hope it is :P

  • JonB (On One Team)

    Hi amaster. The Ti 456 price may go up if absolutely necessary but we will try our very best to keep the prices as they are now.

  • amaster

    Will there be a price change after the "pre-order" period? ie when the frame is available for shipping...

  • JonB (On One Team)

    Yes Rick it is a stunner and would be just the job in 20" size. Or you could hang on and wait for the long travel Ti 29er that's currently in development but the favourite ride of our designer Stevo Olsen. That's a little way off production (you'd be lucky to have it by Christmas) but it will be something special.

  • Rick

    Is the new titanium frame the best choice for larger all mountain riders 100kilos out of all the One-One models? Thanks, the bike loos awesome.

  • JonB (On One Team)

    Sorry for the delay in answering your query Andy... The Ti 456 frame is butted titanium not plain gauge and there is one cable boss mounted at a slight angle on the underside of the downtube. Should be able to fit a Crud Catcher.

  • JonB (On One Team)

    Hi Rob. I'll send you an email regarding your Christmas club type payment idea. Should be no problem. Thanks, Jon.

  • Rob P

    When I was boy my dad would buy my bikes in instalments from the LBS and pick them a couple of days before Christmas. Any chance of a similar scheme i.e. £500 a month for a Christmas delivery. Would help keep the wife happy. Call it your early Santa Special.

  • TheoB

    Dammit I think that's superb - I'd buy one if I didn't already have a Ti hardtail.... however, I am looking for a 29er to supplement my stable, and I'm thinking On-One Scandium....