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It's mayhem at On-One

A few thoughts from Dave Loughran (the boss)

2010 has been a tumultuous year of change at on-one - new warehouse, showroom, website, operating system, a multitude of new faces, from designer to brand manager to customer service team, not to mention the most important to our customers - a revamped and re-launched product range and surely the least important a 10 metre high inflatable inbred man. Whilst things are now settling down were set for a weekend of mayhem when we’re heading off down to the Malvern hills for the Mountain Mayhem classic where our new team and products are set to be "bloodied' to the mountain bike world.

Here's a quick who's who ranking of 7 man overstaffed on-one team who will be at the event so feel free to pop round for a catch up to keep em busy, get a few world exclusive first previews of some yet to be launched products, some great introductory event-only offers and Race Day promotions:

1/ Danny Holyroyd The Brand Manager

In at number one, the ex-planet x trialsking has recently returned to the fold to take on the mantle of on-one brand manager. He’ll be riding 4 laps of mayhem, 4 laps on one of 4 different bikes and reverting back with his findings as he compares the ti 456, carbon 456, carbon 29er, and carbon whippet. Meanwhile checkout Danny in his pomp -


2/ Denby The Painter

A last minute entry at number 2 "Denby" the custom painter. The big big news for on-one is that we’re going to be looking to set up a UK paint operation to give an improved and wider range of paint options - including accommodating top end custom spray-painting, in theory it’s going to work and Denby will be on hand to discuss all things paint related so if you’ve always dreamed of that custom painted skull encrusted union jack airbrush job then now’s your chance.

3/ Stevo The Designer

He used to design fish tank lighting, and then he became an on-one designer. All his creations are now starting to come to fruition so if you want to discover what happens when an upstart bike company employs a fish tank designer to design its products there’s going to be a whole host of pre-production samples and prototypes on display. From the black wonder material used in our new carbon range of frames and forks , to the steel is real school of the new pompino on drugs - pompetamine and the all new "fat chancer".

4/ Brooksy the Copper

He’s our events manager and the self-styled most disorganised man in the UK, after 35 years in the police force he sold his soul to join the real world cut n thrust of commercial business - carnage follows him everywhere, so it’s make or break time for Brooksy as he's in charge of logistics and organisation this weekend. Let’s just say it’s very likely going to be "mayhem" in more ways than one.

5/ Adrian Logistics

Adrian is our logistics man in charge of goods in and returns, so if you've had a bad experience with on-one returns now's your chance to go vent your frustration and beat him senseless. He's a keen rider and will be out racing as well so if he's lucky hell miss out on a good few thumpings.


6/ Jamie Oliver the New Boy

He bought a headset a month ago, Dave the owner dropped it off cos he’s a tight arse and thought he could save postage, ten minutes later a jobs your uncle and a customer becomes the latest recruit !. He is Adrian's new wingman in logistics and settling in nicely, a bit of a too cool for school fixie freak he's got a whole range of cook books worth reading so for all the latest foodie tips go check out Jamie.

7/ Mike "the van man messiah"

On Tuesday morning we were bemoaning our inability to find a new citec approved wheel building mechanic and how our build queue was getting longer and longer, a mid morning emergency management meeting of the top brass highlighted an urgent need to find an extra expert mechanic to take give us extra capacity - all was looking gloomy as quality bike builders are hard to come by. Cue the messiah with a knock on the door "got any jobs mate" and the good lord answered our prayers and walking straight into a peach job was Mike "sent by the messiah",  not only that he’s got a van so he’s hired and it’s his third day of work. Let’s hope he sees it through the weekend.

18 June 2010