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Brown and Gold Pompino Looks a Million Dollars

Check out these new photos of our do anything, go anywhere classic.

Bike photographer, Ian Nutt of Placid Casual has done a great job on his brown and gold single speed Pompino - he keeps it simple, elegant and fuss free and we think it looks fabulous.

brown and gold single speed pompino

28 May 2010


  • iann

    [url=][img][/img][/url] [url=]that paint finish in sunlight[/url] by [url=]placid casual[/url], on Flickr that paint job in the sunshine - it's lovely!

  • AnD

    "Golden Brown"

  • OlovS

    Thats it, i´m buliding a Pompino for this summer!

  • jamieb


  • MarcusM

    That looks fab (same comment as SiG re the other half)

  • SiG

    Very Nice! The Good Lady will have nothing further to do with me if I keep buying bikes/frames from you guys!

  • DH

    Wow. I want one!