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Pompetamine Alfine Commuter / Cross Bike Build

Ever dreamed of a disc braked hub geared Pompino???

Direct from our Rotherham house of Italian couture this one should be coming your way very soon... NEWS FLASH.... NOW AVAILABLE TO PRE-ORDER!


It rides fast and smooth and will be available in vintage white or 'that blue'.

What else do you need???


18 May 2010


  • MatthewI

    JonB: I'd also be interested in a belt drive version. Do you have any plans to produce one in the near future? nc: are you still offering this as a service? If so I'd be interested. Did you ever make a youtube vid of it?

  • Jonathan

    As some have mentioned, I am looking for a belt drive, hydraulic disk brake, 700c bike that is able to take mudguards. This would be perfect. I already own an On One Inbred SS. Take the plunge into belt drive. I have been riding a Schindelhauer Viktor since May. I am glad I bought the bike. Belt drive is fantastic. No noise. No oil. No mess (particularly on clothes). Easy to clean. Take a look at their system. They split the dropout. It is neat. Better than splitting the stays.

  • Vladimir

    Flippin awesome concept! The one thing missing; is a front suspension fork! If it had that, I would buy it instead of a mountain bike. The fork helps with nerve compression in the arms/hands and absorbs some of the shock instead of it travelling through the joints!

  • yvar

    Never mind, just saw what the couplers cost.

  • Yvar

    What is the diameter of the seat stays? Could a S&S coupling be used to 'break' the seat stay to install a beltdrive?

  • JonB (On One Team)

    Hi Paul, I'm afraid we've been told end of January by the Shimano distributors. It's frustrating but there's really nothing we can do but wait, and keep on pushing them. Sign up to the newsletter to stay informed. Cheers.

  • PaulD

    Any news on the 11 speed deluxe? The web page still reads available in Oct. Cheers.

  • JonB (On One Team)

    Not at the moment, Roy. We are looking into the pro's and con's of belt drive but need to be 100% sure of it's advantages before taking the plunge.

  • roy

    Any chance of making that split-triangle mod a factory option? Gotta have beltdrive!

  • piotrg

    Yes, it helps. ;) I ordered one. :D

  • JonB (On One Team)

    Hi piotrg, the Pompetamine forks weigh 1025 grams. Hope that helps.

  • nc

    PaulM, its pretty simple to do and yes, I bought direct from Gates in Germany, have a look at it here.... Heres my belt drive pompetamine which is so anti fixie its been called One Less Fixie. After playing with this project I want to do another one so this frame will be going![email protected]/sets/72157624832192485/

  • piotrg

    How much pompetamine fork weighs?

  • harriN

    I did a belt drive conversion to a Pompetamine, but i don't know how it works because i still waiting belt and pulleys from Vaust.

  • epicyclo

    I did a belt drive conversion to a Pompino. It's dead simple with basic hand tools.[email protected]/4576424142/sizes/o/in/set-72157623985977424/

  • PaulM

    nc - I'm very interested in what you're saying about the bulk-buy discount for the Carbon drive. Who'd you buy it from? Gates direct?

  • nc

    Its a dropout coupling, involves a hacksaw and a drill and tap set but its v simple. Have ordered a few stainless couplings to my design and the belt plus sprockets arrive tomorrow. Thinking of doing this as a service if it works out. It fits alongside a chaintug. I will stick some pics on bike sites and link to them if possible + utube it. Fairly unique to have a belt drive drop bar Alfine (versa shifters) with disc brakes (bb7's) I reckon its the dream commuter.

  • JonB

    Hi Tony, I would agree that you should have no clearance problems fitting 32mm cross tyres with mudguards.

  • MarkW

    P.S there is clearance for conti fighter2 42mm tyres in the frame and fork for anyone who is wondering how large they can go, it's a winner in my books

  • MarkW

    Got mine today and it's now almost completed. There is a slight issue with the fork in that there is very little (as in none) clearance for six bolt front hubs because the bolt heads foul on the fork, it should be fine with centrelocks though. I've fitted low profile shimano bolts and adjusted it slightly with an angle grinder and now it seems ok. Photos here:[email protected]/

  • AndyR

    I'd love to have a belt drive on mine (when it comes) so would be interested to what the prices are first. Would also be interested in seeing your bracket design too - is it seat stay or dropout located?

  • nc

    I've ordered. I'm gonna cut the dropout and turn this into a belt drive. Gates do a BIG discount if you order 3+ sets of items, anyone fancy this? I have a design for a custom stainless bracket to bridge the cut and can get a few of these too.

  • TonyC

    Hello, just wondering about the tyre clearance. In the photos it looks a little tight but poresumably that's with a 35mm 'cross tyre? Would it be safe to assume that you would get a 32mm touring tyre plus mudguard in there? Thanks

  • piotrg

    It's frameset from my dreams :D. Which size is the most suitable for 174cm man with 79cm leg (metered to crotch)?

  • JamesG

    These defo coming Wednesday then ?

  • JonB

    Hi Gerry. Pompetamine is disc only I'm afraid. If you want to run canti's you'll need a Pompino. There are mudguard eyelets on fork and frame, however.

  • GerryM

    as im not a particular fan of Canilevers.. but i could go for the Pompino if need be.

  • GerryM

    oh... and are their mudguard eyelets on the frame & fork as well? I want to use it as a winter fixed gear, with full guards.

  • GerryM

    Are the frame & forks drilled to accept dual Pivot brakes as an option?

  • JonB

    Hi TG. 11 speed Alfine is due at Shimano UK Setemeber 20th. RRP for the hub only will be £375 as apposed to £199 for the 8 speed hub. But all indications are that it'll be much much better and worth the extra money.

  • ArpadL

    Have you seen this: ? This baby gonna be UCI legal! Well done On-One!

  • TG

    Any news on when the 11 spd will be available? Vague idea about price?

  • JonB

    Apologies for pricing / fork availabilitiy issues chaps, will correct first thing in the morning.

  • JamesG

    Is the large Blue Frame meant to be cheaper than the rest of them?

  • jamieb

    Yes, id like to pre order frame and fork, will the fork be available before the price of the frame goes up?

  • KaiM

    What about the matching fork? Didn't see it in your lists.

  • JonB

    News flash! Pompetamine frames now available to pre-order for 26th June. Goto our Frames page to reserve yours. Complete bikes on their way soon...

  • LeoW

    r.e. drop bars It takes me about 20-30 mins with a half-round file to fit a MTB Rapidfire style shifter on a drop bar. I couldn't do that with a Nexus 8 twist grip so used an SJS stubby accessory handlebar to mount that. A Minoura space grip would probably do the job too. Cheers, Leo

  • SimonT

    I want to ride fixed so I have no need for the rear brake, MartinB, so my options for rear hub are restricted. I want this frame which takes a bigger tyre than my current Pompino. What's the max chainring that this would take with a straight chainline (50mm for the 135 fixed hub I think)? My 53T is VERY close on my current frame, although I usually run a 39T.

  • MarkJ

    This would be a perfect SS drop bar commuter. I take it the rear dropouts are 135mm?

  • MartinB

    Why on earth does anyone want ( or need ) a fixed hub with a disc mount??

  • SimonT

    To JamesG: I had the Surly rear hub in my inbred for a while which has threads for fixed (or freewheel) and a disc mount. Not recommended because I got through the bearings very quickly (Google it, it's not just me!). There are some others available, generally intended for trials bikes which have a freewheel on the cranks, but not from On-one at the moment (hint hint).

  • yanf

    So any news on the split dropout for belt drive??

  • jr

    keep me posted on a drop bar BB7 versa vrs-8 version of this bike too. it's my dream tourer. i'll take two. (no BS)

  • JonB

    The Pompetamine is not really designed for suspension forks. If you want to go for a Monster Cross you can build the slot drop-out Inbred frame into an Alfine hubbed bike, with or without suspension. This is a build that we are intending to create in the not too distant future...

  • ThomasC

    what will the axle to crown be? would I be able to get a 29r fox or reba 80mm/100mm fork in there?

  • JamesG

    Has anyone found a suitable rear hub/wheel for this to run disc/fixed? On one's hub is disc/SS

  • KaiM

    Can the frame take a On-One steel rigid MTB disc-only fork? How will it be if it runs on 26" MTB wheels?

  • JamesG

    Am I going to sheer the steerer tube off if I use a 185 though? I'm a bit of a tank at 90kg + rack and paniers, so stopping power is always nice, hence the excitement at discs!!!

  • JonB

    I have uploaded an image of the Pompetamine frame in 'that blue' for your information. As for rotor size we would suggest 160mm as being a sensible size to go for.