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Carbon 456 Graphics - Let us know what you think

We've put a lot of time into the design of our new Carbon frames. Every detail has been carefully considered and with what we've learnt from the Planet X range, we're confident that we've got it right.

How it should look on the other hand is still wide open. Yesterday we talked about the custom paint jobs, but we want the rest of the range to have kick-ass graphics too.We've come up with a few concepts to whet your appetite. We wanted the design to reflect the technology, but it's a very new look for On One.Let us know what you think.

Update 18th May 2010

Breaking News! We've finally arrived at a design for our first wave of frames that we're all happy with - it's a bit of a mix of designs 1 and 2, a gloss black decal on matt laquer and it looks ace. Really stealth.

Watch this space for a sneak preview of the pre-prod sample as soon as it comes in...

Pre-order a Carbon 456 frame now.

Option 1Carbon 456 - Design idea 1

Option 2Carbon 456 - Design idea 2

Option 3Carbon 456 - Design idea 3

Option 4Carbon 456 - Design idea 4

Option 5Carbon 456 - Design idea 5

Option 6Carbon 456 - Design idea 6

Option 7Carbon 456 - Design idea 7

Option 8Carbon 456 - Design idea 8

Option 9Carbon 456 - Design idea 9

Option 10Carbon 456 - Design idea 10

Option 11Carbon 456 - Design idea 11

Pre-order a Carbon 456 now.

23 April 2010


  • GarethP

    Option 11 for me. There's nothing else like that out there, very unique. When can I get one?

  • adriant

    for me its 6 and 7 do you have any ideas on cost of frames yet or am i being daft and not seeing them on the site. The graphics look very slick, was it inhouse or a design company, they would make good t-shirts and you could give the away with the first frames (hint)

  • SimonT

    Smart! 6 works well, using the shape of the downtube nicely, and I like 7/8/9 too. I don't think it needs to have the word "Carbon" on it, though... Maybe it should have it's own name unless the steel 456 is disappearing completely.

  • WayneL

    1 and 10 for sure!

  • timH

    Wow these all look superb, I'm blown away - not a duff design to be seen! Colour coded mech hangers are a nicetouch too. If I had to choose it'd be between 9 and 11 with 9 shading it. When are the 29er carbon frames coming? I'll have in of those with same piant job as 9 please!