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Carbon 456 Graphics - Let us know what you think

We've put a lot of time into the design of our new Carbon frames. Every detail has been carefully considered and with what we've learnt from the Planet X range, we're confident that we've got it right.

How it should look on the other hand is still wide open. Yesterday we talked about the custom paint jobs, but we want the rest of the range to have kick-ass graphics too.We've come up with a few concepts to whet your appetite. We wanted the design to reflect the technology, but it's a very new look for On One.Let us know what you think.

Update 18th May 2010

Breaking News! We've finally arrived at a design for our first wave of frames that we're all happy with - it's a bit of a mix of designs 1 and 2, a gloss black decal on matt laquer and it looks ace. Really stealth.

Watch this space for a sneak preview of the pre-prod sample as soon as it comes in...

Pre-order a Carbon 456 frame now.

Option 1Carbon 456 - Design idea 1

Option 2Carbon 456 - Design idea 2

Option 3Carbon 456 - Design idea 3

Option 4Carbon 456 - Design idea 4

Option 5Carbon 456 - Design idea 5

Option 6Carbon 456 - Design idea 6

Option 7Carbon 456 - Design idea 7

Option 8Carbon 456 - Design idea 8

Option 9Carbon 456 - Design idea 9

Option 10Carbon 456 - Design idea 10

Option 11Carbon 456 - Design idea 11

Pre-order a Carbon 456 now.

23 April 2010


  • DaveE

    11,9, 7, 1 in that order. Bought one at Dalby Forest on Sunday from you, but have not had any confirmation from you yet by e-mail as you said i would. Hope to pick up Whit week when i'm home next can't wait!

  • SAMS

    7 and 9 very nice !!!!!

  • AndrewG

    Just ordered an 18" one and would pick 2,6 or raw. The writing on the head tube is a nice touch on 3,4,5. The stealth look suits such a strong looking frame and I don't think this frame will be confused with too many other bikes.

  • MartinH

    Liked design 1, simple and understated although if I was to have my ultimate frame finish it would be matt black with small black or graphite graphics (less is more). I'd prefer it without the word carbon on the frame, I already know its not titanium, steel or alloy ;-) But my brother and I have ordered a frame each so I'd say non of the designs have put us off.. can't wait for the delivery :-)

  • jamesm

    Hello, 2,7 and 9 look good but How about a black matt rubberised finish like a mojo with black on black graphics? Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee!

  • KevinD

    2 & 9 for me

  • ScottC

    1 and 6 When does the whippett arrive?

  • ChristopherD

    Option 7 for me it does what it says on the bike.

  • NickB

    Great designs, think it should be 9 then 10 and then 7, in that order of preference.

  • leen

    I'm liking 8 or 6. I think the carbon and curves of the frame speak for themselves. Stealth, sweet!!! I like the colours too.

  • TomW

    Definately option 7 for me!

  • leen

    Im liking 8 or 6, i think the carbon and the curves of the frame speak for themselves.stealth, sweet.

  • MRG

    HAS TO BE 10 THEN 9 OR 7 OR 1

  • MichaelG


  • MichaelG

    Just ordered-too good an offer to miss! Could I have mine in 1 7 or 9 please?

  • LukeB

    9 - it takes some of the 'heaviness' of the tubes away in a light colour followed by 7. If the rest were available as sticker packs everyone could choose what they wanted?

  • MartijnV

    the option 10 looks alot like the paint job on my DMR trailstar and I love it :)

  • JingL

    Option 1 4 and 6 for me.

  • craigm

    option 6 for me.

  • EdJ

    Amaazing! This frame is possibly the best I have ever seen! Options 1,2 4, 5 and 8 are sweet! Cannot wait.

  • stuartp

    9 is best followed 10 and 5

  • NeilH

    3 and 7 look the bees knees. Going get some money together to build up a SS :)

  • romainr

    2 and 11, but 2 is dark nice

  • JonB

    Newsletter sign up link is here: Pre-order offer will be sent out later today....

  • JonB

    Hi Jaques, if you would like to place your order we'll be sending out a link to a hidden web page in an email bulletin this evening. Make sure you sign up for the newsletter! GET READY.........

  • JonB

    Hey up Murray, frame weight is 1500g (about 3 lbs). We'll be offering the standard 2 year guarantee plus a generous crash replacement discount.

  • BenM

    6 stands out for me as the down tube graphics make the most of the lines of the tubes, which is a good thing as they look awesome. I also like the 3,4,5 however the colours would have to not clash with potential suspension fork / components being put on it ! Good stuff, look great.

  • AlexF

    So I crumbled already... roll on June for the large frames :) If raw is an option I'll take that, nothing against the painted options, just prefer the natural look. That is unless the tiger striped photoshop effort becomes reality...

  • JaquesE

    4 and 7. Yellow would be nice, or Orange, the latter seems to be the 2010 Colour, see cotic soul. Please put my order through for (4), many thanks.

  • AdeleS

    Lovin these frames SO MUCH! - I saw them on display at last weekend at the Dalby Mountain Bike World Cup, and seriously considering the XC thoroughbred Carbon Frame. I like paintjobs 8 and 9. Option 9 offers a slightly more girly option! :)

  • ColmB

    5 and 11 for me.

  • MurrayC

    I'm very tempted by the £399 offer. How much does the frame weigh and what's the guarantee?

  • JonB

    We're now taking pre-orders at just £399 for the first 100 frames... Wot a bargain!!! Email us or watch the newsletter space (subscribe below...)- there should be an option set up to buy one of these beauties this Friday. First batch of 18" due end of May, 16" and 20" end of June, any shouts for 14"?

  • JonB

    The On-One gang had a great weekend at Dalby Forest- carbon frenzy... lots of questions, lots of ideas. On the graphics front most people liked our first ideas but were also asking for raw unfinished nude, which we will offer, and a few wildcards up for a 2-tone sunburst paint finish like the old Kleins, which we are toying with. So perhaps 3 potential options plus a full custom option (sublimation dye printing in UK) for frame only... Good?

  • paulb

    has to be 7 & 9.....ying and yang...

  • AlexF

    Option 6 for me please! Oh - and how was one supposed to use that pre-order offer in the e-mail?

  • PeteB

    9,7 1 in that order, but with horizontal dropouts please

  • JohnB

    4 & 8

  • MurrayC

    1, 2, 8, 10. I think 7 looks too close to a Cotic Soul. Personally I'd be up for a bright yellow but that's just my taste. John Major grey is the safe choice!

  • paulh

    1,2,6&8 Look wicked. Any details on price, release dates for the whippet?

  • bruced

    mmmm... I think it's got to be 1 or 10 for me. Will it possible to be sent out in a plain envelope so the wife can't tell what it is?

  • BobC

    Option 11, 10 & 1... in that order.

  • Martinh

    6 looks very good and 10 too. Agree that they don't need the word carbon on them

  • PaulR

    1, 6 ,7 and 11 I like, favouriste is probably 1 or 11, though not that colour of graphics on 11. What's the chances of being able to get custom paint jobs done? I'm retiring a 1998 Trek OCLV 9.8 Team Issue and would like to recreate that classic design if possible. Cheers

  • ChrisJ

    Out of those, definitely number 1. However, I think it would look even better with a nude matte carbon finish with those graphics in glossy black. Very stealth.

  • SiG

    Ok firstly none of them look bad. But I'd have difficult picking between 1,2 and 6 but if pushed I think I'd go for 1. Can I hind another bike from the Good Lady?

  • paoloa

    1 and 7 !!!!!!

  • Jo-AnneM

    7 and 9, first choice, followed by 1 and 3.

  • PaulT

    1 and 7 look superb. When are you accepting orders?! Mind you I can't decide between Carbon or Ti 456 ...

  • GarethP

    Has to be option 10 for me. There is nothing else out there like it, very unique. When can I get one?