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Carbon 456 Graphics - Let us know what you think

We've put a lot of time into the design of our new Carbon frames. Every detail has been carefully considered and with what we've learnt from the Planet X range, we're confident that we've got it right.

How it should look on the other hand is still wide open. Yesterday we talked about the custom paint jobs, but we want the rest of the range to have kick-ass graphics too.We've come up with a few concepts to whet your appetite. We wanted the design to reflect the technology, but it's a very new look for On One.Let us know what you think.

Update 18th May 2010

Breaking News! We've finally arrived at a design for our first wave of frames that we're all happy with - it's a bit of a mix of designs 1 and 2, a gloss black decal on matt laquer and it looks ace. Really stealth.

Watch this space for a sneak preview of the pre-prod sample as soon as it comes in...

Pre-order a Carbon 456 frame now.

Option 1Carbon 456 - Design idea 1

Option 2Carbon 456 - Design idea 2

Option 3Carbon 456 - Design idea 3

Option 4Carbon 456 - Design idea 4

Option 5Carbon 456 - Design idea 5

Option 6Carbon 456 - Design idea 6

Option 7Carbon 456 - Design idea 7

Option 8Carbon 456 - Design idea 8

Option 9Carbon 456 - Design idea 9

Option 10Carbon 456 - Design idea 10

Option 11Carbon 456 - Design idea 11

Pre-order a Carbon 456 now.

23 April 2010


  • GiancarloM

    can you tell me what font did you use for option 6 ?

  • ChrisP

    It has to be number 6 for me, keep it simple and follow the lines.


    I think #9 looks the best for production, but if you were doing one offs i'd deffinately go for #10, it looks awesome!

  • AndrewH


  • ShaunC

    RIGHT !!!! Thats it I have had enough now ! Just show me the frame !

  • MichaelG

    The £399 offer was limited to the first 100 pre-orders and has been on for some time BUT On-One seem to do reguler 'specials'.

  • jefj

    Since I opened the page a couple of hours ago the price on the frame increased from £399 to £449. wtf? Graphics look good over all. 7 and 9 look the best but it'd be nice to have a small accent color like red. Nice job guys!

  • MarkH

    No. 6 is my fave 2 and 8 are good too. i like the whole stealth fighter look

  • StuartF

    Option 7, 9, & 10, but i also like option 1 for, its classic design

  • PhilG

    i like 7, 9 and 10. they look the most on one

  • angien

    can't get excited about any of them now I've seen the tiger one!

  • rubensb

    number 3 with a nuke proof fork please!

  • ColinM

    Option 11 is quality 80's style but do you really have to have 456 Crapon on the side as it looks very low budget.

  • reggieg

    7 or 8

  • RichardB

    5 or 10 for me, I'm a sucker for lime green at the moment.

  • nigelp

    7 9 and 10 for me

  • GabeE

    2,7 and 9 are definitly the best

  • ShaunC

    Well whitch one ? I can't find where you have put it up !! from the description it must be 2 or 8, I need to start buying some new kit to match !!

  • NeilM

    3 through 6 are great. I love the downtube decal of #6, but it might have to get covered up by a rock protector or protector film.

  • MarkM

    All look excellent. 9 and 7 my personal favourites.

  • LeeR

    Won't order one until I know the colour as the only ones I like are #10 and #11 (and maybe #3) Still love my Inbred so might wait a while.

  • AlexF

    Got the email saying the design is finalised, so "it's a subtle gloss black decal on matt lacquer frame". Either 2 or 8 , or possibly 6 then? Fingers crossed for 6 still, love the way it uses the angle of the downtube!

  • PaulB

    1, 6 and 9 for me. In that order.

  • JacobS

    i think 10 and 11 look sweet but 3, 4 and 5 also look gd. I also thnk that blue graphics in the same way as 3, 4 and 5

  • JamesB

    6. Definitely. Highlights the twisted tube edge feature whilst keeping the overall effect low key

  • EdW

    I agree with alanp, don't mess with the On One logo. Having said that, I would go for the 7,8,9 graphics, but with the proper logo, or option 2.

  • ArildM

    7 and 9 for me

  • MitchellB

    All looking good, my moneys on 9 or 7. It would be good rather than painting the frame black, the weave is left showing and lacquered. You know, like (gulp) road bikes do :0

  • MitchellB

    All looking good, my moneys on 9 or 7. It would be good rather than painbting the frame black, the weave is left showing and lacquered. You know, like (gulp) road bikes do :0

  • hedleys

    One design...three options...7,8 & 9 make a powerful ON-ONE statement and offer both bling & stealth alternatives This is hot, bring on the carbon 29er.

  • ShaunC

    Just odered mine so please let it be 11 or 10 ! Oh who cares just hurry up and decide !!!!! Can't wait !

  • JamesD

    My vote is 10, 1, 5 in that order.


    1, 7, 8 or 9 would be my choice, nowt to flash guys - I have just ordered so don't make come up there!!! just had another look before I send this and it has to No.1, case solved x PS spelling mistake underneath this comments box ( don't let this person do the graphics else we will all get the hump!)

  • alanp

    The On ONE logo should stay as it is, its a classic, I know things should change, but everyone knows the look of the logo, numbers 1,2,6,7,8,9 are fab looking but I am warming to the look of the logos on 10 and 11, if had had to choose it would be number ONE it looks so sexy,the colour should be black,grey or white, but we all have different tastes, I want ONE. Well done all at On ONE.

  • adams

    cunning - options 4, 5, and 6 3 is good too, but that would have ruined the pun ;-)

  • AdamM

    7 and 9 would be my choice, but still waitin for details on the xc whippit, any forecast?

  • ThomasC

    I'd like 3/4/5 but ideally in properly bright red like the original 456 so it'll match the old one...

  • lucal

    5 and 11 i like!!

  • TG

    6 or plain matt black - ninja.....

  • OliverP

    It has to be numero 6! Fantastic if the final product looks just like the rendering. I'm good for one of those. Like the metallic fluro highlights too but it has to be 6,9,7 in that order for me. Radar dodging mud ninja.

  • MartinB

    I like most of 'em. 4, 5 & 6 are my faves, but dont fancy 1, 10 & 11.

  • MartinB

    Just ordered one earlier today. Option 7 or 9 please ;-)

  • AndyM

    6, 6, then 6. Six sets its self apart from wannabee trendy Carbon frames. That's a 6 then.

  • PaulC

    1,2,6,8 - guess I like the stealth look!

  • RobK

    1 followed by 1 then 1 and maybe 2 Colour wise how abouts British Racing Magenta?

  • hamishk

    6,7 or 9 look the goods

  • gerrj

    Option 8 is best

  • JamesE

    Six, them Two. Then Six and finally Six. I like Six. Class.

  • andrewh

    can i have mine in 1 or 7 looking forward to thrashing it round cannock :-)

  • JeremyH

    Option SIX without a doubt ;)