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Pompetamine: Pompino on amphetamines!

Pompetamine: Our legendary do anything, go anywhere Pompino on amphetamines!

Our legendary on road, off road steel singlespeed has been made disc brake and 135mm Alfine hub ready.

Pure, clean white lines, the Pompetamine in white with old school graphics puts a modern twist on a classic frame.

The Pompetamine features greater tyre clearance so you can fit up to 35mm 'cross' tyres, plus the disc brake mounts are on the inside of the chainstay for clean looks and the option to add panniers.

Perfect for zero-maintenance commuting, you can fit an Alfine hub or a 135mm Fixie or Single speed hub.

Bikes and frames will be available soon.

Check out the new graphics:

On-One Pompetamine Singlespeed FrameOn-One Pompetamine Singlespeed FrameOn-One Pompetamine Singlespeed Frame-ForksOn-One Pompetamine Singlespeed Frame-Rear TriangleOn-One Pompetamine Singlespeed Frame-main

20 April 2010


  • JonB

    News flash! Pompetamine frames now available to pre-order for 26th June. Goto our Frames page to reserve yours. Complete bikes on their way soon...

  • JonB

    Pompetamines expected within a week!

  • MarkJ


  • JonB

    Yep disc only forks on these babies

  • jamieb

    Thanks Jon, can you confirm if the cromo fork will be disc only?

  • JonB

    Just to straighten out a few issues... The new Pompetamines are 135mm rear spaced cro-mo 700c town / trail cruisers. Will be sold frame only, built up on Shimano Alfine hubs or single speed. Cro-mo forks very similar to Pompino but have an IS disc mount (not pictured). Will take a 26" MTB fork but will ride better with 700c. Colours are retro white and "that blue". Available in 4-6 weeks and quite possibly with a pre-order offer. Sign up to the newsletter to stay in the loop.

  • GarethU

    Looks good. Same questions as others... When can I buy it? Can we have some more interesting colours? And PLEASE put a disc mount on the old Pompino forks!

  • jamieb

    has'nt white been done to death too? The pre-prod fluro frame had much more character. Looks like i'll be taking a trip down to the powder coaters with this one, unless there will be colour options?

  • Andrewt

    Looks good, but I just want to get me hands on one (no punn intended)of the old school 135mm frames, canti mounts, Those lovely drop outs! I even have a set of the old Full Monty hube laced into some Mavic CXP-33's, all ready and waiting, now all I have to wait to get one of the frames!

  • ThomasC

    Can i run suspension forks on this frame? if so MONSTERCROSSER

  • TG

    I hope you will be building this with the new 11 spd Alfine hub as an option? If so, any idea when it is going to be available??

  • jamieb

    JonB, does this mean we wont have a disc only fork on offer? please say it aint so... (and a carbon option on the fork would be fab too) Will we be able to pre-order these frames anytime soon?

  • AndrewJ

    hang on - are you saying that this is a frame only and you haven't bothered making forks to match it? that is not quite as appealing, i must say!

  • AndrewJ

    when will the super-bargain-secret pre-order page for these be live?

  • SimonT

    Aren't your straight-bladed forks too long? Have you forgotten to add a disc mount to the steel Pompino fork? Can't see on these pics. Some braze-ons for tying on a hose would be useful too!

  • JonB

    Price will be same as standard Pompino- £150 for the frame, £35 for the forks. Should be able to take our chro-mo straight bladed rigid forks (available in lots of colours)- we'll just need to check that the fork crown steers clear of the down tube...

  • MarkW

    How much for a frame and fork (more pictures of the fork please!) and when are they available?

  • TimothyG

    I bought the pre-prod. Pompetamine sample and it is a thing of great joy. You'll love it. Nuff said.

  • MarkusM

    what about the straight bladed fork? :)

  • SimonT

    Ooh it's disc ONLY! Sweet for a brakeless build ;-) And you've done your own disc fork too :-) I don't suppose you've got a carbon CX fork for discs on the horizon?

  • LaurenceA

    can I run cantis on the back?