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2010 Carbon 29er Weighs in Under 1kg

The world's lightest ever 29er!

Our carbon 29er has just arrived and with a frame weight under 1kg this has to be the world's lightest, fastest and sexiest carbon 29er ever.

Stevo was a happy man when the design spec pointed to a sub-one kilo frame, but he was over the moon and relieved today when the pre-production frame ducked under 1 kg on the office scales.

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on-one carbon 29er and designer Stevo Olsen

15 April 2010


  • JonB (On One Team)

    It's looking like end of the year for pre-order, early 2011 availability. Will be worth the wait!

  • Hugh Jardon

    Yeah, come on, when can we get hold of a carbon 29er, im getting fed up waiting!

  • nige

    Hi do you know when this will be on pre order yet?

  • RP

    I hope it will...

  • RP

    I have a Scandal and I liked its geo, but the chainstay could be shorter..435mm-440mm:-))

  • JonB (On One Team)

    Hello Vito. The long travel Ti 29er is due to come in under 2kg. Designed to take anything thrown in it's path...

  • JonB (On One Team)

    Hi Paola. Your weight should be no problem for the Carbon 29er. Geometry is the same as our other short travel 29er frames- Scandal 29er and Inbred 29er.

  • Vito

    Hi all, what's the estimated weight for the TI LT frame?

  • Mik

    We are waiting

  • paoloa

    weight as 189 pounds, can I use carbon 29er?

  • paolo anello

    I have the geometry?

  • JonB (On One Team)

    When we get a bit nearer to the release date we will launch the product and add a pre-order buy button. Sign up to the newsletter to stay informed.

  • brunom4

    how do I make a pre-order?

  • JonB (On One Team)

    Not too much longer, Paoloa... Expect a bulletin in our weekly email in the next few weeks with a set pre-order date.

  • paoloa

    hello, I'm a happy owner of Scandal 29er, I would take a carbon frame 29er, I waited and now the fair EUROBIKE ExpoBici, you when you give the go for your carbon 29er frame? I have to wait much longer? hello and thanks

  • paoloa

    hello, I'm a happy owner of Scandal 29er, I would take a carbon frame 29er, I waited and now the fair EUROBIKE ExpoBici, you when you give the go for your carbon 29er frame? I have to wait much longer? hello and thanks Ascolta Trascrizione fonetica Dizionario - Visualizza dizionario dettagliato

  • JonB (On One Team)

    Yes, good idea. We are currently working on tweaking the Scandal in similar ways. Watch this space!

  • dblspeed

    It would be nice to have some of these features for an alu scandal "2.0", I'm talking about the swappable drop outs, bb92 and tapered steerer :-)

  • JonB (On One Team)

    Hi Scott, full info on the frame spec will be available when we get the production frames in (should be October-ish). Will keep you posted.

  • Scott

    Info about the geometry-chainstay, TT...?

  • carlos

    I´m also joining the newsletter, and I´ll be preordering one. Looks sweeeet!

  • JonB (On One Team)

    Hi Marcel. The Carbon 29er has been through rigorous and extensive testing both in the UK (by our team) and worldwide by Xterra champion rider Richard Usher. Whilst we were 95% happy with the frame from the outset there were a few issues that needed to be corrected before the bike went into full production. To cut a long story short what this has resulted in a substantial delay in the launch date of the Carbon 29er. In order to get these improvements realised, prototyped and thoroughly tested we are having to delay the proposed launch to the end of 2010. It's a shame, but this bike is really important for us and we need to get the design 100% bang on. We'll keep you posted on developments.

  • MarcelE

    Any news on timing??

  • EdwardB

    Any plans to stock higher spec 29er sus forks to go with the frame?

  • JonB

    Hi Edward, Yes the Carbon 29er will initially come in 18 inch, with 16, 19 and 21 inch to follow.

  • EdwardB

    Will there be different sizes of the frame or are you just planning on a one size fits all?

  • mickb

    Lovely, I want one!

  • JonB

    Hi Lucal the first shipment of Carbon 29ers is due at the end of July. We'll keep you posted as we get more accurate dates. Thanks.

  • JonB

    The £799 price is incorrect! Price is yet to be confirmed but you can expect £600-£700. The £399 price on the Carbon 456 is a special limited pre-order offer only! Retail price on the Carbon 456 is also TBC. Thanks.

  • lucal

    ship? when?

  • MattC

    Why twice the price of the 456??

  • nigels

    I just got a email & they said it will be £799 give or take.

  • MattC

    ...and the price will be???

  • nigels

    Hi do you know when you will have some in & what will the seatpost size be?

  • JonB

    We're planning 2 lay-ups to suit all riders. The sub 1kg we'd not recommend for riders over 80kg, men/women of substance or bulls in china shops. This frame doesn't use swap-outs to save weight, single speed version expected end of the summer...

  • BenD

    That's disturbingly light! What's the rider weight limit going to be on the frame?

  • MattC

    Come on - more news?!? Will it be ss??

  • MattC

    Nothing wrong with rear post mounts! Any more news/pricing on these (especially the ss version!)?

  • paoloa


  • PaulW

    Post mount rear brake? WTF..

  • MrV

    What is the point in making it even lighter, when it already is far lighter than the competition? Wouldn't that compromise stiffness and/or strength? IMO, it would matter more to add useful features, rather than drop (more) weight. I hope your plans to offer custom graphics work out, because I'd like to treat myself to one as soon as they become available.

  • StevenO

    Pressfit92 will fit HollowtechII cranks, so one only needs to buy a Pressfit BB... BB30 has a 68mm BB shell. I wanted to go for BB92 as we can Carbon wrap the whole 92mm width. This gives a lighter stiffer bottom bracket.

  • DougieW

    Beautiful but why press fit 92? I'm a Luddite when it comes to new standards but surely BB30 would allow a stiffer and lighter frame to be built? How long behind for the interchangeable dropout model too?