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New Carbon and Titanium Bikes for 2010

2010 for On-One is all about using the plushest materials available to make the best possible bikes. We're rolling out 3 new carbon bikes and 2 new titanium bikes:

the Carbon 456
the Carbon Whippet
the world's lightest Carbon 29er
the Ti 456
and the Ti 29er LT

For an exclusive first look at all these bikes join us at Dalby Forest, the location of the World's Best Dirty Weekend on the 23-25 April. We'll be there all weekend and we'll have all these bikes and frames with us for you to try out and drool over.


Carbon 456

Ride the whole mountain all day long!

We've been designing long forked hardtails specifically for technical riding for years. The 456 blends all our experience into an unshakeably surefooted, yet stiff and responsive carbon frame with massive tyre clearance for all conditions use.

New international standards in frame stiffness and strength mean our new Carbon 456 frame had to be subjected to rigorous CEN testing. This involved the frame getting mechanically pushed and pulled horizontally, vertically and through the pedals, plus a variety of impact tests. The Carbon 456 sailed through all the tests and is now confirmed and on its way!
Find out more.

•    4, 5, or 6" travel (160mm max fork geometry)
•    Mix Taper Headtube = Large Bottom bearing = Less head set flex
•    Swap-outs for a do everything frame (Replacement hanger and Singlespeed upgrade)
•    73mm bottom bracket shell
•    Huge mud clearance for super-wide 2.4"+ tyres

on-one carbon 456 frame

Carbon Whippet

The legendary Inbred, but carbon.

The original On-One steel inbred was the bike that started it all . It was the frame that blew the bicycle industry wide apart - no more multi-tiered distribution with three or four big fat mark-ups along the way.

Designed in house, bought direct, sold direct - the inbred helped make On-One the cult brand it is today. It was the classic steel inbred that made the mold for others to follow.

New for 2010 is the Carbon Whippet, an XC thoroughbred. Is this bike about to blow the carbon hardtail market apart?

•    Proven On-One RACE geometry for 100mm suspension fork
•    Swap-outs for a do everything frame (Replacement hanger and Singlespeed upgrade)
•    Pressfit 92 for mud shedding bottom bracket
•    Direct mount Front derailleur for lightness and rigidity

carbon whippet frame

Carbon 29er

The world's lightest 29er!

Ooh la la, our carbon 29er has just arrived and with a frame weight under 1kg this has to be the world's lightest, fastest and sexiest carbon 29er.

Click here if you don't believe us!

For an exclusive first look, come and join us at Dalby Forest.

•    Sub-1Kg carbon RACE Light frame
•    Proven On-One Race Geometry for 100mm suspension fork
•    Higher Top Tube for X Terra Racing
•    Mix Taper Headtube = Large Bottom bearing = Less head set flex
•    Pressfit 92 for mud shedding Bottom Bracket
•    Direct mount front derailleur for lightness and rigidity

Ti 456

Want a hardtail that’ll take the game to 5-6in travel full-suspension bikes on the most technical descents, and dive inside them through rocky stepped corners that they’re drifting wide on? Then this is your perfect bike.

•    4, 5, or 6" travel (160mm max fork geometry)
•    Mix Taper Headtube = Large Bottom bearing = Less head set flex
•    Swap-outs for a do everything frame (Replacement hanger and Singlespeed upgrade)
•    73mm bottom bracket shell & ISCGO5 chainguide mounting
•    Huge mud clearance for super-wide 2.4"+ tyres

Ti 29er LT

Keep off the brakes and stay relaxed and it’ll float, skim and glide through the most technical rocky trails with the legendarily silk-road sensation of titanium. Equip it with slicks and a rigid fork and it'll shed minutes off your daily commute.

•    Long Travel 120mm Max Fork Geometry
•    Mix Taper Headtube = Large Bottom bearing = Less head set flex
•    Swap-outs for a do everything frame (Replacement hanger and Singlespeed upgrade)
•    73mm bottom bracket shell & ISCGO5 chainguide mounting
•    Clearance for wide 29x 2.2"+  Tyres

on-one titanium 29er

14 April 2010


  • Andre

    Please make us a Carbon frame under 1kg for 26x4.0" tire Fatbikes!

  • JonB (On-One Team)

    Still in development I'm afraid Chris. It has taken much longer than anticipated, but we really don't want to release anything we're not 100% happy with. Will keep you updated.

  • chris

    Hi its been well over 4 months, is there any news on the Ti 29er?

  • ThomasH (On-One Team)

    Hi Ben, they are going through the rigours of CEN testing at the moemnt and we are hoping to get delivery in about 4 months or so. It may be sooner, but we will announce this in our email newsletter if so.

  • Ben

    Hi Guys, Any news on when the Ti 29er short travel is going to be available? The review on mentioned April 11? Any further updates, pre order sizes etc?? Can't wait to my hands on one!!

  • Frank DeFord

    Carbon Whippet - Do I see the brake route along the downtube? What inspired that design??

  • JonB (On One Team)

    Hi Gae. I'll get more Ti 29er info up on the site as soon as I have it... There will be 2 models- long and short travel. They are currently in testing but as soon as we are 100% happy we'll let you know.

  • gae

    news about the ti29"? where can we have a look at geometry charts?

  • Riccardo

    Hi JonB, perfect... I await the test of of Carbon 29er, and then I would order a complete bike "tiger graphic" with double cranckset FSA, XT brake and 10 speed group, and the Reba fork with headset of 1.1/2-1.1/8 .. is fantastic!

  • JonB (On One Team)

    Hi Riccardo, yes, there will be an XL size in the new 29er. And the likelihood is we'll be doing a full XT build as well as frame only. Some sizes will be available towards the end of this year, and others early 2011.

  • Riccardo

    Hi, let me know if there will be XL carbon 29er frame? I'm very interested, will be mounted with the XT group set or another? Thanx

  • BillB

    Ti456 arrived last Friday and the office ground to a halt, looks sooo sweet everyone wanted to take it home. It's been proped up in the lounge by the TV this week while I round up the last few bits for the build. Now then where's my spanners and the big hammer, I want to go riding this weekend!

  • danielh (On One Team)

    Hi there The bikes arent available for pre order just yet. As soon as we have a confirmed date of delivery they will go up for pre order. Sign up to the newsletter for the latest information and offers.

  • darius

    i want a carbon 29er where can i preorder

  • BruceM

    Thanks Jon, (sounds like a cockney rejects song.. so make that: Fanks Jon!... the memories ;-) ) C'est la vie on the delay. I've only just got the Scandal 29er, so I guess a wait won't hurt... My Ti456 is awesome, the Scandal is so similar in handling, that I'm hoping Ti 29er should just be the ideal blend (not that the Ti456 will EVER be replaced...)

  • JonB (On One Team)

    Morning Bruce. You're going to have to wait a bit longer for your Ti 29er I'm afraid. Following extensive testing and R and D we've just now come up with a design that improves on the original that we're happy to go into production with. It will have a tapered headtube like the Ti 456 and will also fit a bolt through long travel fork. The geometry is now bang on. Everything sorted and ready to go. Nearly. Should be with you by the end of the year at the latest (ouch!). It will be worth the wait, I promise.

  • BruceM

    C'mon... When am I going to be able to get my hands on a 16" Ti29LT? It's been years* since you've had any Ti29ers in stock! *slight exxageration...

  • BjørnT

    Hi. The Titanium 29LT looks sweet! Do you have more information about it? Weigth? Price? Availiability?

  • JonB

    The full XT spec Ti 456 (same spec as the Carbon 456 XT Pro including XT wheels) will retail at under £2000. This will be an absolute dream bike that some of us would sell our grandma's for...

  • JonB

    Hi Andy. The wait is almost over! Pre-order on the Ti 456 should be on by the end of this week and the price is going to be very tempting... Check out the newsletter on Thursday evening.

  • AndyL

    Any idea if you are going to offer a pre-order on the Ti 456? I am hovering over the button to pre-order a 16" carbon 456 before the offer expires in 3 days but I would wait and stretch to Ti if I knew there would be a pre-order discount on the expected £799.

  • ColinC

    Thank you Jon. Looks like my other frame purchase plans are on hold until the Ti456 is available!

  • shaunt

    when is the ti 456 full bike coming out, and what price range will it be between. also does the 456 carbon frame feel a lot stiffer to the steel, giving a harder ride on descents.

  • JonB

    Hi Colin. No worries as the Ti456 does retain it's rack mounts. Thanks for your interest.

  • ColinC

    Would it be too much to ask that the Ti456's have retained the rack mounts?????

  • StephenG

    Any update on the Whippet please, i.e. time frame and likely cost? I trashed my Pedalforce carbon frame at the weekend. PF offered me a crash replacement (pretty good of them), but just trying to weigh up my options and I'd rather deal with UK based folks...

  • GarethM

    Count me in on the demand for 14" frames - damn these little legs...

  • JonB

    Hi Ray, just to let you know the geometry for the new Ti 456 will be the same as the steel and carbon 456. Here at On-One we tend towards an 'if it ain't broke don't fix it' approach, although in this case we have introduced a tapered 1 1/8 to 1 1/2in headset for extra stiffness.

  • RayC

    Do you have the dimensions of the Ti456 so that I can while away the weeks buying all the bits for my shiny new frame? Let me know when we can pre-order, can we make it quick before my wife finds my stash of money......

  • SteveM

    That is the answer I hoped to hear. Thanks Jon! I'm looking forward to representing On-One in Saskatchewan. ;)

  • JonB

    Hi Steve. Good question. We work to very strict QC standards and will delay product launch until we are 100% satisfied that each frame is gonna be spot on. Attention to detail can result in us dropping behind schedule a tad and for that we apologise but rest assured that we're doing everything possible to get these frames ready. Hang on in there...

  • SteveM

    Why are there so many delays? I'm getting anxious

  • JonB

    Hi Ray. No date as yet for the Ti 456 I'm afraid but we are working towards full availability beginning in August so pre-order sometime in July. Thanks.

  • RayC

    Guys, Do you have a date when the Ti456 are going to be available to pre-order?

  • JonB

    Hi Bjorn. Yes, like the 456 the Whippet will probably first be offered in 18"on the pre-order, with 16 and 20" (and if we can twist the bosses arm 14" too...)

  • BjörnS

    Hi OnOne folks. Will the whippet be available as a 16" size in pre-order or only 18" like the carbon 456?

  • JonB

    Hi Ray. Tapered headsets are a bit of a tricky one and you're right there's not much choice. We're planning to stock the very affordable FSA Gravity SX (for tapered steerer forks) and Gravity SXE (for standard forks with a tapered headtube). New stocks are on their way. If you have more to spend you can't do better than Chris King. Copy and paster this link for more info:

  • RayC

    Guys, What headset do you recommend for the tapered headtube? I can't seem to find hardly any around. Are the choices really limited, or is it easy? Can't wait until the Ti456 are in!!!

  • JonB

    Angien, the Ti 456 will definitely come in 14". Unfortunately there are no plans as yet for the Carbon 456 although we're hoping to see some small but perfectly formed Whippets born in the second batch. Generally we are keeping tabs on interest and are working towards making all our frames in 14" once there is sufficient demand.

  • JonB

    Hi Simon. Both Ti and Carbon 456's share geometry with their steel cousin. The Ti has a re-designed rear triangle making it stronger and getting rid of the unsightly brace. Swap-outs and an ISCG05 chainguard mount make it more single speed / all mountain capable and the addition of a tapered head tube gives a little more torsional rigidity at the front. As for 10/10 Our web guy took it for a thrashing a couple of weekends ago and came back with a big fat smile on his face, expect some proper reviews soon. Weight is circa 1.7kg, price should be £799 and it will come in 14, 16, 18 and 20" frames.

  • angien

    Hi will you be doing Ti and or carbon 456s in 14" any time for us short-arses out here? Pretty please? :)

  • SimonM

    Are there any geometry or noticeable ride changes for the new Ti456 compared to the 10/10 scoring "old" Ti456? Can I pre-order yet (16" required) and how much does the frame weigh? Will there be a headset option with the pre-orders or should I start looking around now for one? Any news on likely Ti456 pricing? Thanks.

  • JonB

    Whippet weighs in at a swelte 1.2kg. Expected July. Pre-order June...

  • BobA

    Hi. Can you tell us the weight of the new carbon Whippet frame? Also, any buy a bike get a free frame offers coming up? Cheers Bob

  • KristianL

    Hi, when will the Whippet frame be available? Thanks, Kristian

  • JonB

    Tim sorry to let you know the new batch of Ti 29ers are still 12 weeks off... However we have just found 1 of the celebrated Lynskey ones hiding in a corner. 18" Slot Dropout for gears or single speed- very very lovely....

  • JonB

    Hi Bill. The 456 geometry performs well with 100mm to 140mm travel forks and becomes a downhill / all mountain monster with 160's. Essentially, bigger forks give a more laid back the riding position and greater control but there is a penalty on climbs. It depends on what kind of riding you'll be mostly doing.

  • JonB

    Hi Simon, the new batch of Ti 456 frames are due in 8 weeks time. Watch this space....

  • simonl

    hi when are you getting the 456TI frames in

  • BillB

    Want one of those 456 Ti's. I know that the '456' stands for being suitable for 4" 5" & 6" travel forks but what does the different travel options do to the geometry and intended purpose and abilities of the bike? Nearly bought a Lynskey Ridgeline frame last month but I'm holding out...