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Daze 3&4....

Days 3&4 Blurred into one... There was a mix of the wacky and sensible. Lighting on a top tube not so sure about that one?? Most Headset Manufacturers are offering the Mixed 11/8" -1.5 Headset, so these should be easy to find in colour options at a reasonable price... A 2x wheeled suspension fork on an Inbred Frame?!?! good for cornering and heavy loads?? WARNING Belt Drive Singlespeeders if you are hope to get a Rubberband On-One please DO NOT read on.. I have some bad news.... In the past On-One has had requests to do Belt Drive on our frames. Other manufacturers have had show bikes before (Eurobike had loads) very few have made it into actual manufacture. :: NOW... RANT WARNING :: (if you are sensitive please ignore by pressing the back button on your computer) Like a good engineer I asked the pointy questions to the suppliers "can you ride Singlespeed MTB with your belt system?? and I got the ..." we recommend on "city/commuter" bikes only..". Now I had a few ideas on how I was going to split the CS on one of our new frames and pass CEN etc etc, however being a singlespeeder myself, is the rubber belt drive really a replacement for a chain?? There were some other products that DO suit On-One, but I do not think the belt is one of them... I may put it on a commuting hub bike, but not a MTB for the moment.... :: RANT OVER:: Day 2: Best, Worst and Wacky ABOVE: The BEST in order of appearance.... I am pretty sure that Cinelli have won it again. Dave will vouch for me the Cinelli paint work and build looks really good in the flesh... The Look was a little too much of a "Look at me" so gets a close second... and out of the "wilderness" comes a "so bad it is good" custom paintwork complete with safari cat... BELOW: The WORST and WACKY... the 50's laughing maniquin with pierced tongue... The eager Electronic's expert creates some wheels to "pull chicks"... and when you copy a Moulton surely one does NOT copy the price as well??? Day 1: I have left sunny blighty to go to the Taipei International Cycle show... Thunderbirds are GO I will be roving reporter for you all out here, updating you all with the weird and wonderful in the cycling world... I will also be visiting all of the On-One suppliers at the show, so a few spy shots may appear... Day 1: Consisted of emailing from transit lounges and the jet-lagg inducing flight.... I have no idea what Thunderbird 2 was doing at Manc' Int' Airport, possibly hauled out of the hanger to get another coat of Scandal BRG?

17 March 2010


  • Brumsgrove

    I can't see the attraction of belt drives on a mtb - Belt drive frames ARE weaker AND chains can be fixed in the middle of nowwhere ( assuming you've packed some spare links & a tool ) It is also more choice of sprockets / chainrings available.

  • Stevo

    BMac lucky you :-) send me some pics, I was wanting to hear some belt drive riders... I was told that there is only one belt manufacturer Gates that will work for Off-road loading... Drop me some pictures [email protected]

  • Matt

    Rah for the commuter

  • BMac

    What a load of bollocks. If a belt is suitable for single speed road use, it's ok for offroad. Looks like I'm going to continue to have the only belt drive On-One then.

  • Stevo

    Commuting it may get out there... But i know there are an army of Singlespeeders out there waiting for the BELT grail.... :-) One day ... one day

  • Matt

    sorry to hear about the belts.. does this mean the 11 speed Alfine geared, belt driven, disc brake Kaffenback ninja commuter is dead?

  • Stevo

    Rick has the kit... Shanna, Amy and Rick have seen the photos. Momo seems to be hiding, although I have texted him a warning

  • Si G

    Is that the new Scandal orbital vehicle? If so does it come in other colours? And will there be a promo offer?

  • dave

    dont forget to give rick his free kit and show him the photos . if you see momo give him a kiss from me

  • Toby

    That Scandal black Thunderbird 2 looks like a firefighters training platform... Have fun at the show!