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He is ALIVE!! The Inbred Man lives!!

After surviving 10 years as the mini seattube mascot of UK MTB brand On-One the self styled Inbred Man has finally come to life in the form of a series of huge oversized inflatables... Coming at ya in 2010 follow the Inbred..

14 March 2010


  • Stevo

    Simon we do have ALL sizes to suit your lifestyle. I recommend you have the 6metre if you are sharing a flat with others... 8metre if you have neighbour problems...or perhaps the 10metre if you have REALLY annoying neighbours... I thing there may be a 100metre version in the future for those who want to see "Inbred Fred" fight Godzilla in the Peaks... I have been told that Godzilla is "going down" in the 5th...

  • Simon

    Sweet, there seems to be an error....which section of the shop is it in ?

  • karlos "inbred " bingham

    I LOVE THE INBRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • onegearisallyouneed

    lol, looks like he's about to end it all on the electricity cables...

  • Clink

    That's huuuge!