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On-One HQ is buzzing with the Carbon 29er News.... Then we get a delivery of these Ti Samples!!!!! You can tell that these samples have had our mucky hand prints ALL over them already.... ON-ONE will also be at Clumber Park Classic Duathlon Left is the Long Travel 29er, Suitable for 120mm 29er Reba with Maxle... Centre is the smart Splat on the OS Headtube. 11/8" ZS Top + 1.5" bottom cup. Right is our title fighter Ti 456 ... All of these come with a few 2010 changes....

4 March 2010


  • Egil

    Love! that Ti29er When will they arrive / when do you take pre orders? 120mm.. does that mean it wont work with your rigid carbon fork?

  • Tom

    Better yet, can you supply a Tapered 29er Reba Maxle?

  • transientTrys.

    will the frame be available in the matt finish? will you be able to supply seatpost and seatpost clamp? will you be able to supply the adaptor to run a 1 1/8" steerer fork? availabilty? days weeks or months? when i buy one will i crash less?

  • Stevo

    I have seen some REALLY nice M10 Maxle hubs out here.... the "swap-outs" will be machined in Sheffield, so we can get a "low volume" production for Maxle ... I am waiting for answers on dates before posting when they are going to be ready.... Monster X you can use the 29er... but hands up for a Ti X bike?

  • tom

    Or a Monster Cross bike would also be good.

  • tom

    Please say that you're going to be doing a ti CX frame. The Sportive with canti mounts (and a bit more beef) would be great; with disc tabs and possibly a tapered head tube it would be pretty much perfect.

  • Neil

    Yes when can we pre-order!? oh and does the price include both sets of swapouts or do we choose one type? In fact are you just doing the 2 shown or will there be a bolt through/maxle type option?

  • Ray

    So, the big question is... when are they going to be here and when are they available to pre-order? That's 2 questions.

  • Dugs

    Mmm. was going to go carbon but the price of the new Ti 29er is tempting. Are they going to be in the usual 18, 19.5 and 21 inch sizes?

  • Stevo

    Here are a bunch of A's to the above Q's...I put the ISG 05 on both frames as it does not clash with anything and it makes the Ti Frames more versatile... The 29er Geometry has been tweaked to suit a 80-120mm Fork (should call the 29-345).. Riders can run 9 gears at the back with a ISGC up front... It will also fit the Hammerschmitt that needs the ISGC 05 29er have a twisting forces on the front wheel axle, so a 20mm bolt fork will encourage riders to put a longer 120+ fork :-) Cable runs are in OO style - Full cable or Ferrals to run split outers... The bent TT was a love hate thing and yes... the finish is going to be Industrial Polish

  • John

    Does not look as nice as the old TI456 ! I miss that swooping top tube + the rear triangle indents look like they bent them with there knee LOL and kinked the tube. It looks agricultural compared to the Lynskey hopefully they will look better when in production.

  • brum

    Not sure about the ISCG mounts on the 29'r, seems a bit out of the usage it will normally see. Without those it would be perfect really! Can't wait to see the pics of it completely assembled.

  • zed

    Geometry charts anywhere?

  • igm

    It does have the swap outs - I just checked the photo again. Mmmm, loverly

  • igm

    At £699 for a Ti 456 I'm tempted to sign up now - does it have the swap out drop out things? And when can I sign? That said I still like the look of the carbon 456 - when can I have that? Please... Oh go on...

  • Jim

    Hats off to the prices guys!! And Warranty Fantasic value compared to others manufacture's! Keep up the good work and I hope I can wangle another frame!! 29er does sound tempting!!

  • Clink

    Any pics of the 29er build??

  • Stevo

    Clink you want a steel one anyway :-) The bend tube adds to the cost... and there are the new features that you all have spotted.... ISCG05 tabs are Hammermessischmidt compliant.. and the Tapered HT makes for larger bottom HS bearings... I built the 29er up and took it down Blacka Moor.. VERY happy i might be a 29er convert...

  • Clink

    "i think the 29er might be slightly more expensive" that's 29erist that is - you can get in trouble for that!

  • dave

    made by van nicholas price maximum 799 , based on exchange rate of 1.5 usd to pound we will have a preorder promo price of 699 for all preorders warranty is 5 years but will check and confirm i think the 29er might be slightly more expensive

  • carl watson

    also what will the warranty be on these frames ? im torn between the ragley ti, lynskey ridgeline lt, pipedream sirius ti and possibly the new 456. when will final specs/pricing be finalised so that i may make a decision ?

  • climbingkev

    Looks like the Ti456 has ISCG tabs?.....does this mean its got the Summer Season slacker angles too? And is it hammerschmidt compliant? That would be awesome....

  • Jim

    Still no idea of 456 ti prices? Is it therfore correct to assume that the prices will be increasing significantly following other ti manufactures this year? Or is the move away from lynsky manufacture this year allowing you to keep prices relatively the same?

  • Tom

    Its good to see the Ti 456 coming out with an OS headtube. ATM, there are virtually no Ti or steel hardtail manufacturers offering these burly 1.5'' front ends. However, might as well do a full 1.5'' headtube on the Ti 456. I would think it would be cheaper to manufacture than a taper and would allow more flexibility - one could then run full 1.5'', tapered 1.5'' or the conventional 1-1/8'' forks. And this frame is all about flexibility...

  • Clink

    What price are we looking at for the ti frames??

  • Mark

    Looks good, as for the cable guides I took a hacksaw to mine and cut a slot into them lenghtways,it is just wide enough to fit a gear inner cable through, alfined bike to complete SS now takes 5 minutes.

  • luca

    Great project! Like very much the idea of matching Ti frame with a 120 mm fork! Any news about the price&availability?

  • John

    another cable guide agree here.

  • carl watson

    i agree with the point about cable guides. the fixed hoops make any type of maintenance much harder. the simple zip tie guides are much better and neater.

  • jake

    liking the new frame, but on another note what happened to the 26" carbon forks

  • Robin

    How about an non feed through cable routing? I.E. use the same braze on's that are on the down tube. Should make for a much neater routing. It will also make fitting/removing of brakes much simpler.

  • carl watson

    also a bolt on iscg guide would be a better solution as not everyone needs one

  • JonC

    We don't all want long travel forks..In fact a large proportion of us actually ride rigid. So can we get a classic steep HA'ed frame too? and some Ti rigid forks?

  • Tom

    I'm very curious about how the Ti2945 looks assembled! Can you post a picture when its ready?!

  • Jim

    Any Ideas of projected price on the 456 ti yet? would be helpfull to know how hard I need to save!

  • carl watson

    you said the new 456 would have a 31.6mm seatpost dia. is this still the case, also will there be an option to run the rear brake hose along the top tube with the gear cables ? i think the down tube routing looks messy and puts the hose in harms way

  • Jon

    Who is building these frames?

  • bnl

    Interesting, indeed. It looks like it will have replaceable dropouts: any chance to see a more conventional vertical dropouts option?

  • Si G

    Ok, now I'm asking myself if I can hide another Ti frame from the good lady? And also do I need another frame/bike from On one or otherwise? (as I have too many already! (according to the said good lady but she has only one pair of feet but many many shoes!))

  • Stevo

    Steel "cough" DN6 is in the pipeline...but these Ti guys are faster at drawing etc Reserve "judgement on the Tapered HT until you see it all built up with some Long Travel Forks... It is NOT all about the looks :-) The Tapered HT allows for larger Bottom bearing = less bearing load problems = shorter HT... Similar to our already loved and proven Smoothie Headsets... More to come tomoz

  • chris

    I'm not a fan of this oversizing stuff but the tapered headtube doesn't look too bad to me :-) Better than some full bean can versions I've seen!

  • Gilhooley

    Eh, that tapered headtube really ruins it for the steel or Ti frames, aesthetically speaking.

  • Clink

    'cough' steel 'cough'

  • Stevo

    Well that would be telling.. Until we are happy with the geometry it is not worth me saying... However I can say it is slacker HA...Steeper Seattube, Shorter Chainstay :-) It will get reviewed in a few magazines... I am sure there will be some chin stroking involved...

  • bungee

    What are the changes to the frame angles to allow for 120mm forks?