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29er Carbon Tool Cutting Spy Shots

29er Carbon Tool Cutting Spy Shots

This is an exclusive spy shot of the 29er Carbon Race Frame tooling being cut by the busy CNC milling machines

Our first 29er Carbon Race Frames are getting made for Richard Ussher World Adventure Race Champion to test. While the CNC machine is busy cutting tools, we are planning our launch at Sea Otter in the US. On-One's UK Launch will include a 29er sample at the XC World Cup, Dalby Forest. We have some more carbon magic coming.... watch this space as the news progresses...

4 March 2010


  • Ben

    I'm hoping to race one of these whippets in August. Any ideas on frame weights as yet :-) What fork travel will they be suited to ? tapered head tube ?! or 1 1/8th.

  • Stevo

    I have been discussing "Dates" with the Carbon manufacturers... Looks like some will be available without decals @ July

  • Rob

    Quite fancied taking this to the TransAlp this year..May be it's just a few weeks too late for that

  • PixelMix

    'Tis mid March. Any info on the whippet samples? Providing the reviews are favourable, and it looks good (black with a simple On One on the down tube and a splat of the headstock, no website address please!), I might plump for an upgrade come July.

  • Brian

    I will only give up my pink scandal for another pink bike, how about it??

  • Nick

    I just went from six to midnight. Can't wait for this.

  • Stevo

    We are getting the Whippet Sample @ Mid March. All going well production should start coming through @ July. We are hoping to get some earlier for the magazines / Bikeradar so that they get reviewed...

  • Kim

    Hi Stevo Same question as above - we need it :-) What about buying a bunch of matching suspension forks and offer a frameset or complete bike option? Cheers Kim

  • Ben

    Hi Stevo, What time could we MAYBE expect the whippet carbon to be going out ? I.E. does my money stay in my pocket...or is it going to be end of the year before we see them ? Cheers Ben

  • Stevo

    Maybe your wallet will push your wife's wallet out of her handbag?? I am visiting the factory and getting some samples arranged... They will black on black - no logo initially...

  • Paul

    "Whooop" My wallet trying to escape into the wifes handbag...