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Stolen :: Have you seen this Bike?

Stolen :: Have you seen this Bike? Can anyone help?? Lee Hardy had a lot of items stolen... so if you get offered any of the following please contact Lee on [email protected] or the Police This is one of the items stolen. On One Scandal Single Speed with American Classic Wheels, Avid Elixir Brakes, Thomson stem and seat post, SDG Saddle. All of Lee's bikes and ski stuff stolen on Tuesday 16th Feb.. Would you mind letting anyone in the know that bikes skis etc to keep their eyes peeled. I know there is only a slim chance but the more people know the better chance of possibly getting stuff back More gutted about my On One as this was a really personal build!!!! I was in the process of selling my Ransom and let the guy know where to come to view. Unfortunately he decided to get there before me and help himself for free. This is the bikes that went: 1.Scott Ransom 10 2009 (with Truvativ Team carbon bars, Thomson Stem and SDG Seat) 2.Scott Contessa FS with USE Carbon Bars 3.On One Scandal Single Speed with American Classic Wheels, Avid Elixir Brakes, Thomson stem and seat post, SDG Saddle. Other bits: Scott Snowmobile Boots Scott Black and White Crusade Black and White Goretex Jacket Scott Ace Down Jacket in Blue Scott Cascadia Goretex Jacket in Yellow Scott Cascadia Goretex Jacket in Mandarin (2011 sample) Scott 25 Litre Mountaineering Pack (2011 sample) Scott Karma Mountain Bike Helmet Light in Motion HID Light Set Altura Black Bike Jacket Gore Wear Windproof Jacket. 2 x Plastic boxes full of spares, tools, lubes, cleaners, seats and Rear mudguards. I am sure there is more but just on the off chance you get offered any bits like this please get in touch.

22 February 2010


  • Huey

    To the Bike Thief. I see you are to chicken shit to give your real name. FUCKING PUSSY

  • ?????? ????

    ????? ??????????? ??????????. ???????, ?????????? ? ?????? ???????. ????? ??????????.

  • jake

    Amen to Mike

  • Mike

    Lee - I hope you get your stuff back. Don't beat yourself up about telling him where you live - the majority of people are honest. I personally wouldn't buy a bike from someone other then at their house, otherwise your may be buying off the toe rag that stole these bikes... Bike Thief your comments are quite frankly disgusting. Someone has worked hard to get their bikes and some tosser nicks them. Builds are a personal thing and your insults are unwelcome. If you can't be supportive then go hijack some other site where you and your fellow sceptics can be negative and malicious. Tosser!

  • Bike Thief

    Let's be honest, "what a plonker"...easy pickings mate. Not even that decent build. Are you insured......doubt it.

  • jake

    i agree with carl. my mate had a bike stolen, but he was lucky, her found it on ebay a week later. the plonker that stole it put their adress up so he had the police go round and recover it.

  • Tom

    Sharia law for bike thieves

  • Johan Greeff

    May their balls be infested by the flees of a million camels, and may they grow marshmallow fingers so they cannot scratch... I am from South Africa, and have lost many bikes and personal stuff through theft. It never feels less invasive. (I moved away)

  • Bossman (Dorchester)

    Complete git.....hope he gets a decent illness and then struck by a bus! But not on your bikes...........Huey had the comment just right.

  • Huey

    Motherfuckers should be hung from their testicles.

  • b cragg

    I know how you feel Lee, I just had my garage broken into as well, luckily the dumb t**ts didn't know what they were looking at, and took my kids old 24" bike and a cheapish MTB! leaving my beloved singlespeed! still a pain in the bottom though! pikey scum

  • carl watson

    this is why i never let people come to my home to buy. will keep my eyes peeled on ebay as this is probably your gears destination.