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Commuting to Work

I have been doing the daily 11 mile downhill(ish) commute to our Magna premises. And YES that means uphill home.... On a Cold day like today I have testing Softshell jackets, woolly under garments, some wheels, forks, saddles and post. This is the "Hi-Vis" Pivotal Saddle with Pivotal Post. Pivotal is a BMX design however I was looking for a robust saddle that would take the knocks... Perfect for shredding the trails or street. (By shredding I mean crashing like me)

17 February 2010


  • nick

    ehup....can you tell me what front light you have, i don't know much about lights, and don't know where to look for one that hangs under the bars like that....

  • Stevo

    Yes good idea...some suppliers can offer hard anodising, it has a very high corrosion resistance... I have rubbed the XT off my XT HT2's but this can add character... MTBs are made to get dirty, so I am testing the BB really... Snow + high salt content on the road + lack of cleaning + mud + more road salt = Really good test for BB bearings :-)

  • brian

    have you ever tried hard anodising it does limit colours but dependant on alloy some are possible, it is much thicker film, as i remember theres a specific alloy that goes gold without dye this could be more lightfast than dyes (my pedals etc all suffer uv fade which i hate but wearing through the anodising doesn't bother me as it looks like i use my kit.....

  • Stevo

    HT2 but we are looking at a 50mm chainline SS crank like the 42mm chainline.... I like HT2 for the stiffness... but like the SQ taper for Fit and Forget and price...

  • Chris

    What flavour is the BB? Ht2 or BB30? Ceramic? Tbh i'm firmly in the sq taper camp following a brief affair with ht2, which ended very badly!

  • Stevo

    Testing the Red cranks for anodising abrasion...They might be OnOne SS cranks IF the BB's last?? Fork is a Carbon MTB fork... Not sure about it... 26er this is one of 2x Ti Whippets that never made production..

  • carl watson

    what are those red cranks ..........?

  • chris

    Like the traffic light theme. 26 or 700c? what's the fork?