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FOUND 135mm BLUE Pompino's Med

alfinealpinapompinocombohuoo32bk135_p1 If you are 5'8" - 5'11"... it is your lucky day!! We have FOUND 5 of those RARE (discontinued and never coming back) 135mm Pompino... The Disc Pompetimine has been ordered but is 4months away yet... So if you want a piece of On-One history get in QUICK!!! ::CLICK HERE TO GET A DEAL:: We have 135 Double Fixed Hubs INSTOCK which are the perfect companion ::CLICK HERE:: OR as previously promoted this frame WILL also fit an ALFINE 8speed hub. We have these built up on DT 7.1 700c clincher rims ::CLICK HERE:: perfect for canti lever brakes.... Or get an Alfine 8speed hub and built it onto your own rim to match the front?? ALL Alfine bits are ::HERE::

9 February 2010


  • andypster

    No, blue does not equal 135mm spacing, they did both for a while. I know you are supposed to be able to bend the stays in a bit to suit most hub sizes, but I'd say your method was a bit extreme. After crashing and mending I expect it would be hard to tell just by looking at it which model it was. Maybe the frame number might allow on-one to tell you, if you really care

  • Ross

    I won one of these about a year ago. Does the blue mean that it's the 135 mm spacing? I crashed -- with the frame on my back -- on the ride home and bent the rear triangle. My LBS mended it, but it fits 120mm track hubs perfectly now. Is that right?

  • andypster

    Who else thinks that this is just the perfect colour for the pomp? Very distinctive and much better than the sludgey brown and tacky green that you've got at the moment! Bring it back I say, if only as an option among many

  • Slugwash

    ........ and following on from John's post above is there a pre-order reservations list for the 4 months away Disc Pompetimine?

  • John Upton

    Hi. Not sure if this is the right place to ask a question but... "The Disc Pompetimine has been ordered..." What will the rear spacing be, 120mm or 135mm (or perhaps something else entirely)? Also, any idea of cost?